7 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest (And How To Keep His)

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One of the biggest fears women have when they get into a new relationship is their man eventually not liking them anymore. But knowing why men lose interest can help you prevent it.
Because it’s all a preventative game, really. The more effort you put into keeping his attention on you, the less likely his eyes are to wander.
But it’s not just as simple as that. You have to be willing to work for him because relationships aren’t just a walk in the park.
Both people have to make an effort to keep the other happy and satisfied in order for the relationship to last.
If you’re not sure what causes a man to lose interest in the first place, this is why.

1. Your lack of your own life

This is by far the biggest reason why men lose interest in otherwise really exciting women. It’s not that you didn’t have a life when you got together.
But over time, you’ve given everything up to be with him.
This is just really unattractive in general. You just dropped everything for a man. That’s everything he thought was interesting about you in the first place.
So if there’s no longer anything making you interesting in your life, he’ll lose focus.

How to keep him

The fix is pretty simple: maintain your own life. Just because you’re with a man doesn’t mean you have to give up everything for him.
Keep your hobbies, keep your friends, and in turn, you’ll keep him.

2. Being too clingy

Do you like it when a guy is texting and calling all the time? When he’s annoying you with questions about where you’re going or what you’re doing all the time?
Probably not. It’s irritating and downright unattractive.
Why would he want to stay with someone who can’t go 5 minutes without talking to him? This also shows you don’t have trust in him and that could be enough of an issue.

How to keep him

Just give him some space. Guys need time to do their thing and have their own life, just like you do.
The more time you give him to miss you, the more interested in you he’ll stay. So back off and let him text or call you first every now and then.

3. Nothing’s a mystery anymore

Now, the longer you’re with someone, the less of a mystery everything will be. That being said, you can still maintain an air of the unknown if you try hard enough.
You can be comfortable with him, just don’t let him see every little thing.

How to keep him

Be coy every now and then.
The more you make him wonder about you, the more he’ll want to stay to figure you out. Just remember not to hold back so much that he thinks you’re always hiding something.

4. A bad sex life

If the first few weeks, or even months, of your sex life were amazing and then slowly got worse and worse, he could be on the verge of losing interest.
Guys need excitement and fun in the bedroom. Otherwise, what’s the point?
You both have to be willing to go out of your way to keep things interesting and always impress one another.

How to keep him

Knowing how to continuously spice things up is really important.
One of the best ways to do that is figure out what he likes. A ton of men want some dirty talk during sex but just don’t know how to ask for it.
Give that a try and keep trying new things until you figure out what does it for him.

5. He has commitment issues

This really isn’t your fault. The truth is that some guys just lose interest after the initial chase is over. They get you and then can’t settle down so they leave.
They’re not interested in something serious. So it’s not that he’s not interested in you, but he might not be interested in what you want from him.

How to keep him

There’s really not much you can do with a guy like this. If he has a fear of commitment or doesn’t want to commit in general, it’ll be really difficult to convince him.
The best thing you can do is to back off. Let him see what life is like without you and if he comes back, you know he really wants to be with you.

6. You’re pressuring him

No guy wants to be forced into a relationship or anything else, really. He might lose interest because you’re pressuring him to commit already.
It’s not that he has commitment issues but when he feels pressured to consider you both to be in a relationship, he’ll quickly lose interest.
He’ll wonder what else you could try to force him into and that’s not something guys want to imagine.

How to keep him

It’s simple, honestly. Just don’t pressure him to commit or do anything else. If he wants to, he will. Trust me.

7. He just lost interest

It’s not unheard of for this to happen. Just like you can lose interest in a guy over time, he can too.
You both grow apart and he realizes you’re not someone he can see himself with anymore. You two just aren’t really meant to be in this instance.

How to keep him

There’s not really anything you can do to keep a guy who really doesn’t find you interesting. You can try to change yourself and be as irresistible as possible but if that’s not really you, do you really want to be doing it?
Do you really want to change yourself for a guy whose heart just isn’t in it?
Move on and find someone who thinks you’re exciting when you’re being authentically yourself.
There are a lot of ways you can go about keeping a guy. Knowing why men lose interest in the first place is the best way to prevent him from ever looking to someone else.

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