The REAL Reason why Men Love Anal Sex

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What is it about anal sex that has men so intrigued and willing to go to extreme lengths to tick it off their list?

If you’ve been asking yourself that particular question, perhaps it’s time to explore the REAL reason men love anal sex.

As a woman who needs to be on the receiving end of it, you may be wondering why it’s so important for your man or any man for that matter to experience anal sex when you have a perfectly fine working vagina – taking into consideration that it feels just as good as any other body part.

Although it may be somewhat frustrating to hear about anal sex on a regular basis, it’s definitely worth figuring out why men like anal sex – perhaps allowing you to see a different side to it that you would never have considered in the first place.

To say that they’ve done it.

If it’s there to try, why not go for it? Some men simply want to say that they’ve been there and done it as opposed to being one of those men sitting on the side-line wondering what it’s like.

If you’re trying to figure out why do men like anal sex, perhaps it’s simply because it’s something to tick off the list.

It makes them feel masculine.

Think about it, a man that feels strong and in control will feel masculine. What better way to feel like a man in control than by performing anal sex with a woman.

Of course, every man wants to feel as masculine as possible. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anal sex is the answer, but it’s an option.

In order to feel dominant.

couple playing sex games

For some men, it’s a simple power trip. By performing anal sex with a woman, the man is in complete control of the situation.

He goes on a strong power trip and simply can’t resist the feeling of having control over someone else.

However, you can tell whether your sex life will result in anal sex by simply recognizing these 8 definite signs you’re dating an alpha male – knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into before continuing on with the relationship.

It provides more pressure.

With forty-six more muscles than a vagina, the man is bound to feel more pressure – which is the ultimate sexual experience for most men.

Besides, if you can choose between average pressure (depending on the woman) and extreme pressure, why not go with what feels better?

Lack of pregnancy fears.

There’s always the fear of getting a woman pregnant if you’re not in a committed relationship or even interested in having a child to begin with.

However, with anal sex, neither party has to worry about falling pregnant. You can have an orgasmic experience without the fear of conceiving a baby.

Perhaps due to boredom?

Although you have to try the following 101 best places to have sex before you die in order to keep things fresh and exciting, it’s also important to try different ‘positions’.

Why play on the sidewalk when you can play on the grass every once in a while?

For many men, anal sex is simply a newer, more exciting means of experience sexual pleasure. The last thing you want is having a boring sex life simply because you’ve been doing the same things for years. Besides, a change is as good as a holiday.

Simply because it’s taboo.

Anal sex is as taboo as can be. It’s a dirty little secret that shouldn’t be shared. It’s something that everyone talks about under the table but no one really admits to because of the technicalities involved.

However, just because it’s taboo doesn’t mean that it’s off-limits. It’s more of a temptation.

It’s a good second option.

For some men, having sex with a woman who’s experiencing ‘that time of the month’ is often gross and unacceptable, but they do it anyway because they need the release.

However, anal sex is a good second option to still experience sexual pleasure without added bodily fluids.

Some individuals simply can’t stand blood which makes anal sex the next best thing in times of need.

Because you’re not supposed to.

Human beings are interesting creatures. We want what we can’t have and we tend to shy away from things that are easy to find.

Why do men like anal sex? Because you’re simply not really supposed to have it.

Thus, if you can’t have it, it becomes something you really want to try – even if you don’t like it in the end.

You simply can’t feel more connected.

When a woman is willing to give absolutely everything of herself to a man, it shows that she’s completely invested in the relationship (even though there are other ways to prove your love).

However, from a man’s perspective, a woman who’s willing to endure a little bit of pain and discomfort at first in order to please her man is a woman who truly loves him. She’s willing to go the extra mile to ensure that he’s happy within the relationship.

Why do men like anal sex? It isn’t so difficult to figure out once you take the above-mentioned reasons into consideration.

Although for some men it’s all about having control, for others it’s simply another way to give and receive pleasure. Yes, it’s definitely risky, somewhat taboo, and even convenient.

Some women really enjoy it, but it’s important to emphasize lube. At the end of the day, trying something different with a committed partner will only strengthen your bond.

Remember, you can’t slam it if you’ve never tried it. Who knows, you may end up enjoying it more than you think.

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