7 Weird Places Where Guys Like To Be Touched While Kissing

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When you’re having a nice makeout session with your man, don’t you sometimes struggle about where to put both of your hands? I mean, just where do guys like to be touched while kissing?

I think most of us have been in this awkward situation. We didn’t know where our hands should be as we get hot and heavy with our boyfriends.

Personally, I think it sucks and that I should probably know by now how to understand men.

We all know men like to be caressed down there while we kiss them…but that shouldn’t be the only place where our hands should be.

And if it’s something you think makes sense, read on.

Weird Places Your Man Want To Be Touched While You Kiss Him

Let’s face it. Your guy wants his manhood caressed while you kiss him. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want you to explore the other parts of his body.

So, if you’re wondering where do guys like to be touched while kissing, you’re in for a hot treat.

We’ve rounded up the 7 weird places your man would want you to touch as you kiss, lick, and nibble him.

1. Hair

No matter how much hair your man has, running your fingers through it while you’re kissing is a definite way to send shivers down his spine.

Start by pulling gently. This will send him the message that you’re as in the moment as he is.

If he’s bald or isn’t into growing his hair long, who cares? He’ll adore you for it.

2. Ears

Said to be one of the most sensitive erogenous zones for men, the ears come second in the list if you’re asking where do guys like to be touched while kissing.

Both the outer edges and the back part of his ears deserve your hands’ warm touch and attention. Make him feel good then drive him wild with desire by using your hands to play with his ear lobes.

When he has set your lips free, don’t kiss any part of him without whispering in his ears how bad you want him using your most sultry, sexy voice. The warmth of your breath will be enough to tell him you want more.

3. Beard

If your man sports a nice, full beard, I’d guess it’s one of the reasons you were attracted to him in the first place.

Who can resist a hot, bearded man?

Remember to caress his thick and magnificent beard during your private moments. Fondle it as you exchange some sweet dirty talk if you really want to take your game to the next level.

Trust me. It will make him feel hot for his physical attributes more than any raunchy tongue action ever can.

4. Neck

If you want to get your boyfriend’s blood pumping, then your hands should be on one of his pleasure zones: his neck.

Gently caress the front. This area has many sensitive nerve endings; you’ll get him hot and bothered in no time.

Once you’ve showered it with enough love, give his Adam’s apple some light stroking.

5. Nipples

Are you aware of how sensitive some guys’ nipples are?

You might be surprised to learn that many guys’ nipples contain just as many nerve endings as the average woman’s.

Gently tease around his nipple and your thumb and index finger, and check for his reaction.

Some men LOVE nipple play, but for others it’s uncomfortable. If you find that your guy loves having you touch his nipples then it’s a great way to discretely get him hot and bothered when you’re in public.

And if that’s a first step, who knows what other kinky sex ideas you’ll progress on to?

6. Butt

Your man probably grabs your butt a lot whenever he can. It’s just what guys do.

Now, I’m suggesting you grab his, too. Yes, and I mean that sincerely. So before you raise your eyebrows at the thought of grabbing your boyfriend’s sexy behind, hear me out first.

When he grabs your ass, whether in private or in public, how does it make you feel? Don’t you feel hot, sexy, desirable, and loved? Yes, of course, you do.

Allow me then to ask you another question. Don’t you think doing the same for your man will cause him to feel the same way or even better?

Not all men will have the reaction you’re hoping for but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it with him. Go ahead and see if it works.

7. Belly Button

Do you want to see if you can create goosebumps on his body while you kiss him? If so, all you have to do is combine your superb kissing skills with some gently touching around his navel.

For some guys, the belly button is another sensitive area that craves your fingers’ attention. You can start by making some small circles around his navel using your index finger.

Just remember to go slow with your touching in some of these more unusual places. It might make him feel uncomfortable, but it could also make him feel very aroused.

And if you’re out and about and he gets revved up, you want to make sure you know how to deal with his excess energy…

Remember, the key is in learning about his anatomy and knowing how you can use it to your advantage.

By regularly experimenting and learning about your man’s own preferences and likes, you’ll develop a unique physical connection with him.

Something he can’t get anywhere else.

As you explore his body, and connect with him, he’s also going to want to reciprocate.

Before you know it you’ll have a strong physical bond that can help to form the foundation of your relationship together.