What Makes a Man Stay in a Relationship

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Topics about relationships have been hitting the internet and all social media platforms for decades now. Some want to know what it takes to find someone for an exciting 1 off while others are interested in a perfect long-lasting relationship.

Everyone has a different idea of a relationship in mind. 

No one wants an ugly breakup or divorce but how do you make that perfect relationship happen for you?
Since we already know our own wants and needs in a relationship, we also have to know what makes a man stay in a relationship, because it takes the two of you to make it work.

We will look at some of the factors that make a man stay (and stay committed) in a relationship. 

What keeps a man in a relationship?

Just like us, men also want to be pampered in a relationship even if they act tough or don’t show it.  They want to feel like they’re being taken care of just like women do.
Well, not exactly the same but still… 

Unlike us, men often have a hard time speaking their mind or voicing their emotions and feelings. 

These are all things that can bring additional stress into your relationship.  How do we fix that?
Right here, these are key things that impact men and how they feel in a relationship.

woman taking a bath, washing her hair with her head above the water

Taking care of your appearance 

Sounds shallow but we all do it, judge based on appearance. It’s the first thing a man sees in a woman and vice versa. The way you appear to him will reflect and influence what he’ll see in you as a partner. Your appearance and attraction are a part of why men want to be in a relationship with you. A man won’t put any effort into approaching you if you are dressed in dirty, worn-out clothes, and you are unkempt.  

How you dress in public gives a man a general impression of who you are at home as well.
You don’t want to give the impression that you don’t care about your looks and hygiene, And you wouldn’t want that from your potential partner, right? 

Men feel confident that a woman who knows how to take care of herself can also help take care of him.  

Man thinking when his female partner is talking to him in bathroom while brushing their teeth

Men’s Peace of mind

It’s almost a cliche, a man needs peace of mind to settle into a long relationship.
They don’t want a woman to “nag” him when he’s feeling stressed. You’re not actually nagging him but he’s just going through something and feels stressed. He wants to cool down OR talk about it.

Men can have trouble opening up, learn how to communicate with your man and find the solution. Fighting  about it won’t help anything but drift you two away from each other.

Support your man

Men are under constant pressure to provide, stay strong, support their partner etc’. 
They often completely disregard their own feelings and wants by doing so.
This is some macho crap created by society. You should learn how to support his goals, dreams, and feelings. Just as much as you’d like to feel that support from him. 

When you’re his supportive system, he can de-stress knowing he can share his troubles and problems with you.

Your man feels most comfortable with YOU.  If you can’t support him through his tough times, who will?  Be there for your man.

couple holding each other sitting on rock, in front of a lake with mountains in the background

Understanding your partner

Understanding! Yes, everyone needs someone to understand them. Understand their worries, fears, and their faults. Don’t judge your partner for his troubles, whatever your man is going through, Be it in his work stuff or emotional issues

Do not rush into conclusion when your man asks for “me” time. He may be asking for that time to focus on what’s going on through his min. When he is ready, he will be more likely to share with you.

Showing mutual appreciation

This is something that goes unnoticed for most couples. Your man will need you to appreciate anything they do or achieve. Although he might not say it, he needs a woman who will appreciate his efforts. No matter how big or small they are.

When he buys you a gift, say thank you, tell him how blessed you are to have him in your life. The little appreciation you give makes him feel how important he is in your life.

Here are some valentines gifts ideas to help you be more creative.

Couple sitting on a bench, man holding his girlfriends hand

Respect in the relationship

On respect, it is not a matter of discussion or debate. No one wants to be with a person who treats them badly. When you get into a relationship with a man, he will expect you to respect his feelings, aspirations, and the fact that he is in love with you.

A sense of respect is important to any man, his ego and where he stands within the relationship. They’re feelings can get deeply hurt by what we say even if they don’t show it at all.

Being in a relationship does not give you permission to abuse your partner. 
Obviously, this goes both ways.



When you decide to be in a relationship, you have to be accepting your significant other’s flaws and all traits that make him who he is. 

Being in a relationship does not mean you have to change who your partner is. Though you can change some of his attributes, that’s a normal give and take in any relationship.

Some things are not changeable, and as a woman, you need to learn to accept what cannot be changed.

Accepting who he is does not mean you have to admit to an abusive behavior to keep him by your side. Know what to accept in your partner.

Do not compromise your safety or peace of mind for any relationship.

Love and care

A relationship needs love to exist, and where there is love, caring is a guarantee. Your significant other needs to be loved and cared for. It all comes down knowing about his needs and willingness to attend to them without seeing it as a burden.

When you love a man, you will care about how he dresses, what he eats, and what makes him happy. Be there for your partner and he will be there for the long run.

man holding light with far away fireworks during sunset

Even though these days life demands both of you to make ends meet, it’s mostly our job to do most of the caring to your home. I know… it’s always up to us to hold it down for both of you. But try not to drift all your attention to your work. Back at home after the long day at work, your man will need your attention.

If he also takes interest in your life, Ask about his work.

PRO tip: Sexting during his work day is a fun way of getting his attention and mind off work even before he gets home.
He will not only miss your presence but yearning for your physical attention 😉

couple sitting together holding each other and talking during sunset

Communicate with your partner

It’s not about taking your man to class and lecturing him about everything you want from your relationship. This is about teaching your man how you want him to treat you.
Tell him of places in your body that, when he touches, makes you feel AMAZING.

We always forget that you two are strangers that met, and because of the same interest, you decided to be together. It doesn’t mean that when you’re in a relationship, your man knows every little thing that makes you happy. This is where most couples fail. A lot…

If you don’t teach your man some of these things, you’ll end up blaming them for not satisfying you. The same way you ask him about his interests, wants and needs, you need to teach him yours!


In wrapping things up, ANYONE would benefit from having even just 3 of the points we just talked about going well in their relationship. 

Everything we talked about here goes both ways. Love your man and teach him how to love you to the fullest!


This will not only make a relationship enjoyable, it will be healthy, long-lasting, and admirable.