What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Misses You?

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​There’s nothing more comforting than being in a committed relationship with someone you adore; being missed by someone you care about who loves you in return.

It’s the stuff that fairy tales, happily ever afters, and butterflies in your stomach are made of. However, as obvious as it may seem, things aren’t always as they appear.

Depending on the stage you’re currently in within your relationship, missing you could mean quite a few different things.


Sure, there are the fuzzy explanations and the stories that make you want to be head over heels in love forever, but there are also the disappointing, needing-you-because-there’s-no-one-else-around type of explanations that make you want to stay clear of any kind of love for as long as possible.

What does it mean when a guy says he misses you? Keep the following possible explanations in mind in order to accurately decipher what isn’t being said:

He can’t imagine life without you.

Whether you’ve been gone for a few days or it’s been an extended period of time since you last saw him, telling you that he misses you could simply mean that he’s realized how empty his life is without you. It’s caused him to re-evaluate his entire life whilst seeing a definite future with you.

You can easily tell by simply following your gut and being sensitive enough to notice the small hints of true love. You’ll know whether he’s being genuine or taking you for a ride. Remember to keep your mind right by listening to 17 best songs to survive a long distance relationship.

He doesn’t enjoy being alone.

It’s important to consider his daily habits and the number of people whom he normally surrounds himself with. Is he happy to spend time by himself or does he constantly need to surround himself with others? Him missing you could simply mean that he’s missing any presence around him.

He’s simply bored.

Are you the one person with whom he always spends time? Do you keep each other busy on a regular basis? You may be wondering what does it mean when he says he misses you. Always evaluate his activity levels to determine if he’s genuinely sad or simply bored and not what to do on his own.

He’s hinting for seductive photos.

It could be that he’s only thinking about sex. Perhaps he’s trying every trick in the ladies man handbook to make himself happy–ever thought of that? Depending on the type of guy and the nature of your relationship, misses you could simply mean that he’s horny, seeking ‘help’.

Remember, men are highly sexual creatures, even if he’s truly in love with you. Missing you could mean many different things; ranging from innocent love to hot and horny needs. Then again, it never hurts to send him a ‘gift’ when you’re out of sight but still in mind.

He’s showing off.

Does he always proclaim his love for you when surrounded by others? It could simply mean that he’s showing off in front of his friends–showing his friends that he has someone in his life. Then again, proclaiming his love in front of others could also mean that he’s proud to be with you.

Remember to always keep these 11 signs he’s proud to be with you in mind if doubt crosses your mind.

He misses your personality.

Men are simple to figure out. If he’s spending time with you, it means he’s getting something beneficial from you, whether sex, nurturing, or genuine love. The minute you leave for whatever reason, you’re removing the one thing he became used to getting from you.

If it’s genuine love, he’s missing your personality and everything that goes along with it. He misses your laugh, the little things you do that make him fall more in love with you, and your overall personality. He’s a keeper and he most likely thinks you’re one too.

He’s in love with the idea of you.

Some men love you and others love the idea of you. What does it mean when he says he misses you? He could simply be saying that he misses the idea of you. As disappointing as it may be, it’s easier to figure out reality from fiction early on than dragging it out.

Turn this dilemma around by figuring out what makes a man emotionally attached to a woman.

He wants you back.

Missing you doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in a relationship with him. Things go wrong in relationships all the time. People go their separate ways. However, if he still misses you after being apart for an extended period of time, he definitely wants you back.

Whether you choose to give it a second go is completely up to you. At the end of the day, if he misses you and you can’t get him out of your mind, you might as well explore old feelings to see what is real and what could be leftovers from the previous relationship.

When wondering what does it mean when a guy says he misses you, it could translate into an array of warm and fuzzy explanations or massive disappointments.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the amount of time you’ve been together or the circumstances that would result in him missing you, you can easily figure out what he’s actually trying to say without saying too much.

It’s important to recognize the truth for what it really is instead of seeing only what you want – possibly saving you plenty of wasted time either moving forward with your relationship or moving onto someone else with true intentions.

Regardless of the reason, you deserve to be missed and feel wanted by the person you love. At the end of the day, absence can either make the heart fonder or cause two individuals to drift apart.