What Does It Feel Like To Have A Guy Come Inside of You?

Making love is one of the most amazing things you’ll experience when you’re in a relationship.

If you’ve been with your boyfriend for a few weeks now and you’ve made love already, you’ll know what I mean.

Having sex with your boyfriend is one of your relationship’s milestones.

But let’s face it. If your relationship is quite new, you may be hesitant about letting him finish inside you.

It’s normal to wonder what does it feel like to have a guy come inside of you.

To help answer your question, the following are some of the feelings you’ll have when you let him come inside of you.

1. Warm and cozy

When your man ejaculates inside you, his breathing will be heavy at first.

After that, if he comes forcefully, you’ll feel his load being shot out into you like a liquid bullet.

It’s normally followed by the kind of warm feeling that you’ll be unable to explain.

2. Sticky and slippery

Yes! You’ll feel as if your insides have something that’s sticky, slippery, and wet.

That is his semen making its way to the innermost part of you.

The sensation may feel kind of weird at the beginning but if you make love without him using a condom, you’ll get used to it sooner or later.

3. Exciting

There are men who will come inside of their partners so discreetly that you won’t be able to feel anything at all.

Your boyfriend could be one of them. If so, pay attention to his facial expression and to the weird but sexy “ooohs” and “ahhhs” he’s making.

That’s how you’ll know he’s coming. I’m positive that there isn’t anything that’s as exciting as seeing him as he comes inside of you.

4. Damn good

There’s that sense of satisfaction you’ll feel when your man finishes inside you. It’s something that you won’t be able to describe with words but you know it’s a satisfying feeling that no other activity with him can provide you.

5. Less messy

One of the perks of letting your boyfriend let go inside you is that there will be less mess to clean up after.

Yes, you’ll have to use the bathroom after intercourse and you may need to wash out your vagina so you can get rid of any bacteria before jumping back into bed.

6. Nothing at all

It doesn’t happen often but there will be times that you won’t know he’s already come inside of you.

You won’t feel his dick pulsating. You won’t feel his sperm squirt into you.

But if you look at his face, you’ll know what’s happened.

7. Special

There’s nothing that can make your union more special than when both of you climax at the same time (or at least one directly after the other).

It’s as if your souls are intertwined in a way that you’ve never before experienced.

Now, it’s important to note that there’s nothing wrong with having your man pull out and then come in your mouth or over your breasts.

If you’re more into that rather than him ejaculating inside of you, it’s all good and more power to you.

Sex is all about fulfilling your own desires and preferences as well as keeping your man happy and satisfied!

Talk To Your Boyfriend About Sex

Now that you know what it feels like to have a man come inside you, I bet you’re thinking about giving it a try the next time you both have sex.

If so, that’s great! But before you let him, you need to discuss some of the following important points with him.

1. Sexual health

Talking about your sexual history with the man you love can be a little awkward and even uncomfortable.

Even so, it’s essential to have an honest conversation about this as it’s vital to building a foundation for a stronger relationship.

So go ahead and lay out all the cards on the table. Ask him if he has or has had any STIs.

Talk about STIs and getting tested. This way, you can both save yourself from unnecessary anxiety over each other’s sexual health status.

2. How frequently you’d like to have sex

Spontaneous quickies are seriously hot. But disregarding this, it matters to have a “sex schedule” as it can build excitement and anticipation in your relationship.

When discussing how often you’ll have sex, be open to new ideas and suggestions.

It’s also crucial to focus not just on your needs but on his needs also.

Lastly, both of you should be willing to have sex and no one, at any point, should feel sexually coerced.

3. How to explore the unknown with him

Have you ever sat down to think about what your specific sexual likes and dislikes are?

If you have, great! You obviously know what you’re comfortable and uncomfortable with.

Communicating these needs, especially the intimate sex positions you love most, with your boyfriend is crucial in building trust and confidence in your relationship.

Not to mention providing you with intense sexual pleasure on a regular basis.

If there are things you want to try that could be physically or sexually dangerous, it’s best to talk about it before exploring the unknown.

Better safe than sorry.

4. Safe sex and birth control

Since we’re talking about letting your boyfriend come inside you, this means that you’re engaging in unprotected sex.

While there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re both consenting to it, it can cause STIs or pregnancy.

STIs and pregnancy affect both parties. That’s obvious to all.

And that’s why it’s important to talk about each other’s sexual history and birth control methods (if he comes inside of you during intercourse).

By taking responsibility, you’ll both get the end result that leaves you feeling satisfied and, most importantly, free from anxiety.

The Last Tip

Having your man come inside of you when you’re making love means you both get to experience sex without the barrier that condoms create.

It’s also one of the easiest ways to make him obsessed with you.

Be mindful and continue to have an open line of communication with your boyfriend. And always respect each other’s preferences and likes and dislikes when it comes to physical intimacy.

Of course, you can add to the intensity of your sexual experience by knowing how to talk dirty with your man.

And, no, it doesn’t mean you have to turn yourself into a cheap slut.

It simply means that you discover the secrets of connecting with him in a way that makes him obsessed with you; even addicted.

You’ll be shown how to use these secrets to your advantage, and make him focus on you, 24/7.

But don’t wait around. Take the first step today.

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