11 Traits Men Find Attractive In Women

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Get your pencil ready.

I’m about to share with you some life-changing tips.

And yes, I know what you’re thinking…


I’ve heard many of these before


But how many do you actually use on a daily basis?

That’s the important thing.

Either way, let’s look at what men find attractive in women and the expert way of applying this advice (right at the end).

Creating Tension

Do you want to get your man addicted to you?

Do you want him to be confident enough, but with just enough self-doubt so that he is always questioning whether he’s good enough for you?

Learn how to apply tension to your daily life with your partner.

Answer unpredictably, leave out details, emphasize other details…

There’s too much to write in detail about here, but don’t leave this one out.

Never Arguing


This might seem a little crazy.

I mean, who doesn’t argue? It’s all part of a normal relationship, right?


But you don’t want a normal relationship. That’s why you visit our site each day.

Men hate arguments, unless they are constructive, and serve a purpose.

So take a few minutes if something is pissing you off.

Then come back at it with a clear head, and calmly express yourself.

He’ll be amazed at your composure, and eternally grateful for your ability to compose yourself.

Giving Less Than You Receive

Another counterintuitive point, right?

But that’s where the gems lie hidden.

Have you ever considered that he’ll learn to take you for granted it you always give?

He’ll condition himself to stop caring about pleasing you if he always receives from you, regardless of what he does for you.

Learn about how to even the playing field, and even tip it in your favor

Being Feminine

feminine woman

It’s time to cut the crap with so much of the mumbo-jumbo you read about online.

Healthy men like healthy, natural women. Period.

It’s good if you want to be a strong woman, playing to your natural strengths.

But ladies, please stop trying to be men. You’re bad at being men.

So learn to compliment his masculinity with your femininity. This will be different for each woman.

And man.

Experiment with your clothing, makeup, speech, movements, and expressions. See what kind of response this generates in your man.

Pushing Us

Sometimes we need a kick in the butt.

We need someone who understands us to give us a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Or even a violent shove, if it’s required.

Men are as imperfect as women, and we need guidance at times too.

You often see things your man will miss, and he’ll be forever yours if you help him realize his potential.

Giving Us A Pass

giving us a pass

And related to #5…

Yes, sometimes you need to give us a break.

We can get worn out with life too.

So we’ll never stop loving you if you’ll give us the occasional pass.

And not bust our balls every time we know we messed up.

Connecting Sexually

Do you know your boyfriend or husband’s deepest, darkest sexual fantasies and thoughts?

Why don’t you?

The key to getting a man addicted to you is through his largest sex organ:

His brain.

If you don’t already know how, learn the art of dirty talk.

You’ll be amazed at the power you’ll have over him.

Being There For Us

being there for us

We like being strong for you. It comes naturally to us.

Yet we experience moments of weakness in our lives too.

When you’re there for us, we never forget it.

Knowing that there is someone to catch us when we fall is a powerful thought for men.

But remember, we don’t want you to mollycoddle us.

We’re grown men, and you’re not our mothers!

So try to strike a balance and sense when we need your help, and when you think we’ll manage by ourselves.

Giving Us Space

You know that absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

So stop trying to dominate his space.

And you, also, need time apart from your boyfriend or husband if you want to maintain a healthy balance in your relationship.

It’s just not going to last if you’re always on top of one another.

Likewise, even though we want you to be there for us, like in #8, sometimes we need to solve our problems in our own space, and by ourselves.

Don’t take it personally if he tries to distance himself from you at times.

He could be trying to shield you from unnecessary emotional harm.

Being Honest


It may be difficult to hear the truth, but without it, we live a life of lies.

Lies that will come back to haunt us, after they’ve weighed us down unnecessarily over time.

Never forget the importance of being honest.

Men need the perspective of the woman in their lives to help guide them.

We can’t see life from every angle and with your input, we can become better men.

Even if the truth will hurt us, we need to hear it.

And it may take time for you to be proven right, but ultimately we will realize and never stop thanking you.

This is possibly one of the biggest traits that men find attractive in women.

Now that you’re armed to the teeth with knowledge, Get yo’ man! Hehe.