Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

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After the initial excitement of getting to know your man wears off, you’ll need some stuff to talk about so we are here to give you some ideas on things to talk about with your boyfriend.

You can’t continue your relationship with roundabout conversations that cover your typical, “how was your day?”

Sure, you care about that stuff but you need a bit more if you want your relationship to deepen and grow stronger. This not only keeps things interesting, but it also fosters a healthy, happy relationship.

Plus, having some great discussions helps ensure your man stays satisfied outside of the bedroom, too, because a great relationship is about far more than just getting it on.

But what do you even talk about with your boyfriend after you’ve already covered the bases?

We’ve got some topics that’ll help spark tons of interesting conversations.

Table of Contents

Cute Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

When you’re feeling flirty and intimate, you might want some cute things to discuss with your man.

You won’t always catch your boyfriend in an affectionate mood so you should take advantage of it when you can and get him to open up over these cute topics.

Your future together

It’s always good to know where you stand with each other. Are you both on the same page?

A fantastic way to tell is to just ask your boyfriend about it. Discuss your future and the state of your relationship. Does he want to be with you long term?

Can he see the two of you together for a long time? Cozy up with him and get to talking.

Your favorite date together

Everyone has that one special date that stands out in their mind. Talk to your boyfriend about what his is and why.

You might learn a lot about what he most likes to do with you. It’ll be fun and adorable to relive that memory and maybe you can even make plans to do something similar soon.

What you thought of each other when you first met

This is always fun. You might know what he likes about you now, but what about when you first started dating?

What was it that drew him to you? You might get a kick out of his answer. You’ll learn quite a bit about the things he likes most about you. Plus, it’s a really cute discussion to get into with each other.

Be prepared for a little shyness when it comes to this topic. Some people can be embarrassed about what they initially find most attractive in a person.

What type of family you both want someday

You don’t really have to discuss a family together, especially if you’re not that deep into your relationship yet.

However, it could be really cute to talk about the type of family you both want in the future. If you even want a family, that is.

Not only will you find out what type of family he’ll want, you’ll also be able to see if you’re compatible in that sense.

What your favorite things about each other are

More often than not, we usually don’t tell our partners what we like most about them. Sure, you’ll give them compliments but do you ever discuss why you like them so much?

My guess is no. Not many couples sit and talk about their favorite part of each other. But sometimes it’s necessary.

Plus, you might be pleasantly surprised by what he has to say.

Why you started liking each other in the beginning

This is a little more in-depth than why you were initially attracted to each other. It’s that one thing that really made you like them on your first date.

Do you remember what it is for you? Tell your man and then get him to open up to you.

Knowing what made him like you on a much deeper level will tell you a lot about what he probably still admires about you and vice versa.

What you like most about your relationship

Not enough couples talk about the state of their relationship. No relationship is perfect. However, your relationship might still be great.

Cuddle up and ask your man what he likes best. This will help you pinpoint your relationship’s strengths while also highlighting some weaknesses you can work on together.

This conversation can be had multiple times so you always know your boyfriend is happy with you.

Random Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

woman man talking picnic

If you’re bored or need a few things to talk about over a dinner date, these will help get the conversation rolling.

They might seem random at first, but that’s the fun of it, right?

You never know where one of these topics can take the conversation. Get talking about some of these things and you might learn things you never knew about your man.

The most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you

You may have already had this discussion but if not, you should.

Some of us have gone through some really embarrassing things. Those stories can make for a good laugh and you can also learn more about your man.

The things that might’ve embarrassed him at one time might not do anything to him now. Or those things imbedded even deeper fears within him.

You’ll never know unless you talk about it.

What you’d both do if you won the lottery

This topic is amazing for a number of reasons. Firstly, it shows you a great deal about who he really is.

Does he pay off debt and buy a comfortable home of his dreams or does he splurge and get a mansion with eight cars and possibly a jet?

Knowing which he’d do helps you see if you’re deeply compatible. It’s also just really fun to think about having that much money.

Where you’d both like to live if you could live anywhere

The world is a huge place and you’ve likely only seen a very small fraction of it. Regardless, where would you want to live if you had the chance?

And what about your man? Do you both have the same idea about travel and the potential to live somewhere else?

This topic is super fun to daydream about and it can lead to a lot of other fun discussions.

What you’d both like to be famous for

This isn’t necessarily a topic of if you’d like to be famous. It’s more geared toward getting you two to talk about things you’d like to accomplish.

If either of you were to become famous, what would it be for? What’s the one thing you’d both like to be remembered for?

Although this seems like a light-hearted discussion topic, you’ll actually learn quite a bit more about your boyfriend’s complexities depending on his answer.

What your dreams were when you were kids

This isn’t about what weird nightmares you’d woken up terrified of. This topic is more about what you wanted to be when you were a kid.

Did you want to be a doctor or a firefighter? This is a little general but it can be really fun to discuss how far off your ideas were as children.

An embarrassing hobby you still love to death

Some of us have very odd interests. Does your boyfriend have any? Some people might be really embarrassed to admit when they have a weird hobby they still love.

However, getting him to open up about it can bring the two of you closer together.

You can also get on the topic of odd things people enjoy in general and laugh about some of the things people do.

Strange insecurity you had as kids that went away

Kids are odd. When you were younger did you ever have this super weird insecurity that seems silly now that you’re older?

I bet your boyfriend did. It’s an entertaining thing to talk about and you can both laugh at how silly you were when you were kids.

Things like this create a deeper emotional bond between you and your man even though it may seem like a pointless discussion. Trust me, it’s not.

What you’d wish for if you had three wishes from a genie

Again, this is a classic conversation topic but it can lead to some really fun discussions. It helps you understand him better because you’ll learn where his priorities lie.

It’s also fun to think about a life where genies existed and to put rules in place for those wishes. Overall, it’s a great thing to talk about with your boyfriend.

What your band name would be if you started one

Sit together and brainstorm band names that would perfectly describe your relationship in a funny way.

Who cares if you’d never start a band? Do it anyway! You’ll have a great time laughing and listing off all the insane names you come up with together.

What food you would choose if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life

This is tough. I mean, it’s really difficult to choose just one food you’d eat for the rest of your life.

However, it’s also really interesting to see how your boyfriend answers. He could go with the typical answer of picking his favorite food. But he also might be the type to think it through logically.

Serious Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

You can’t always just talk about fun things.

In order to build a stronger connection and create a healthier dynamic, you’ll need to discuss some serious topics.

If you really want to get to know him well, these are the best things to talk about with your boyfriend. They’ll also help you determine whether you’re a good match.

Your stances on current controversial issues

Talking about this is extremely important. Even if it’s a touchy subject, discussing it with each other only helps you grow as a couple.

Controversial topics can be hard to talk about when you don’t agree but you still should. Knowing your boyfriend’s values and morals is essential for a healthy relationship.

How you think world peace could be achieved

If it’s possible, what does your boyfriend think of world peace? Does he think the world will ever get to that place?

This is a very serious topic that can also help you see what issues your boyfriend pays most attention to in the world today.

The struggles you both face in your relationship

Your relationship isn’t perfect and while this might not be the easiest thing to discuss, it’s essential that you do.

Too many couples don’t talk about the things they dislike about their relationship. And there’s bound to be something that’s causing friction.

Talk about it. Don’t be afraid to get serious and talk about these serious issues so you can fix them and have an even better relationship as a result.

Things you’ve learned from past relationships

Here’s another touchy topic that not too many people like to discuss.

Your ex is your ex for a reason and while you might think forgetting about him is best, you could actually improve your current relationship by talking about him.

Talk to your man about what you’ve learned in the past and the mistakes you’d like to avoid making with him. Opening up about this and learning more about his past will also bring you closer together.

The type of relationship you both want to aspire to have

I know you’ve heard of “relationship goals” but, usually, it’s directed at some picture of a couple doing something cute together. It’s not really relationship goals.

What makes your relationship amazing isn’t going to be an adorable picture of you two. It’s what you both decide to be to each other.

Think about the type of relationship you want to have. Ask your man what type of partnership he wants. This will help you have a goal to work toward.

Your biggest regrets

We’ve all got regrets. The reason this is great to talk about is because it’ll show you how your boyfriend got to be where he is.

Most of the time, the things we regret teach us something very specific. Perhaps he has a regret when it comes to a past relationship.

Learning about this will help you understand why he is the way he is.

Secrets you’ve never really told anyone else before

Sharing secrets is always a good thing. Obviously, they’re secrets for a reason but opening up and sharing something really sensitive with your boyfriend will help you to become much closer.

It doesn’t have to be anything super serious either, because secrets are already a big deal.

He’ll feel special simply because you’re telling it to him and that’ll help him feel comfortable opening up to you too.

Religious or spiritual beliefs

This is probably something you’ve talked about to a certain extent already, since you are in a relationship. However, going a little deeper and discussing why you believe what you do can be really helpful.

You might have super similar thought patterns when it comes to religion and spirituality. Knowing where your man stands on these things is super important for a healthy relationship.

Why you both think some relationships fail

Now, this doesn’t have to be about why your past relationships failed. Instead, talk about why you think most relationships end.

What are the main issues you both think cause couples to grow apart and split up?

This is one of the best things to talk about with your boyfriend if you want to know how to avoid breaking up with him. What he talks about will be things he personally would end a relationship for.

What you’d each do if you only had one week to live

If a doctor told you that you only have one more week left, how would you spend it? Ask your boyfriend the same thing and get a feel for what he truly wants out of life.

And focus on getting him to give you a serious answer. Not only is this an interesting discussion but you can also follow it up with questions about why he’s not doing what he truly wants right now.

Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend Over Text

woman texting her boyfriend

You won’t always be able to be right next to your man.

In fact, many couples nowadays are long-distance and the bulk of their communication happens over text.

Some topics should still be discussed in person or while video chatting but we have some that are just easier to talk about over text and which also keep your man engaged in the conversation.

Play the “Would You Rather” game

If you haven’t heard of this game, you must be living under a rock.

Basically, you present two different options to your boyfriend and ask which he’d rather do. They can be silly or they can also be serious.

An example would be: “Would you rather win a million dollars right now or be remembered for something incredible you did forever?”

The goal is to make it really difficult for him to choose.

Your biggest fears

For this topic, don’t just stop at things you’re scared of, like spiders or ghosts. Take it a level deeper and discuss things you both are truly terrified of happening.

Your biggest fear might be dying before you’ve accomplished anything whereas your man might be terrified of failing at something he wishes so badly to succeed in.

Either way, you’ll learn a lot more about him.

Childhood shows and movies you loved

We all have very specific shows we watched as kids. Ask your man what he loved the most and you’ll get some insight into his childhood.

Certain shows could actually shape little bits of his personality and it’s fun to see whether they have.

Your family dynamic and if you like your family

We’ve all got complaints about our family. Some people love theirs and others would rather be part of another family altogether.

Discussing this with your man is very easy to do over text. And since it can be a more sensitive subject, he might feel comfortable talking about it over text instead of in person.

The last time either of you cried and why

Again, sometimes this is a touchy subject – especially for a man. However, it’s also a good thing to talk about so you both know what affects the other in such a major way.

Because it’s sensitive, your boyfriend may feel better talking about it over text than discussing it in person. He may feel a little emasculated otherwise.

Your parents’ relationship growing up

The relationship your parents had when you were younger can really affect you as an adult. Because of this, it’s awesome to know how your boyfriend’s parents were.

You might be able to tell how it was by whether or not they’re still together. However, hearing what your man has to say about his parents’ relationship might give you an inside look as to what he truly wants in a partnership today.

How your exes would describe you if someone asked now

Asking this over text is just the best idea because your man might be embarrassed to tell you otherwise.

You’ll really be able to tell what his previous relationships were like by discussing how his exes would describe him. Would they say he’s kind and caring or would they be really mean about him?

Depending on what they say can tell you how he left those relationships.

Strange addictions you’ve had or still have

People can become addicted to very strange things. They can be addicted to substances, sure, but this is about odd little addictions like a certain hot sauce or a specific type of tea.

Figure out if your man has something he just needs to have no matter what. Then you can be certain you always have that thing around. He’ll be grateful for it.

Don’t let your relationship fall flat just because you can’t think of things to talk about. In order to woo your boyfriend and get him to open up, these topics will help spark those enticing conversations.

And when you learn about the secrets of the unbelievable His Secret Obsession program, you’ll also have the tools you need to make him as interested in you, as you are in him. The best advice we can give on things to talk about with your boyfriend is give it time. As you become more comfortable things will flow more naturally.

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