Text Your Ex Back: 13 Texts to Get Him Back

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After splitting up with someone, there’s always that lingering feeling of wanting to get back together.

If that’s strong for you and you’re ready to give it another shot, you’ll want to text your ex back with something that’ll get his attention.

You really want to show him how much he means to you and also intrigue him with the idea of reconnecting.

But that’s not as easy as it sounds. If you bombard him with message after message begging for him back, you’ll do nothing but push him further away.

The idea is to get back to a great place where you two can spark the romance and get back to a place of happiness.

These text message ideas will help you get him back without appearing needy or desperate.

1. “Remember when we did this and that. That was so much fun. We should do it again soon.”

This is a perfect way to not only bring up a happy memory, but also let him know you want to get together again soon.

When you show him a happy memory and get his mind thinking of you in a fun way, he’ll want to see you again.

So talk about a really great time you had and prompt him to accept your invite to hang out.

2. “Our show is back soon! Are you as pumped about it as I am?”

Firstly, you’re referring to something as being “ours,” which tells him you still consider it special in terms of your relationship.

Secondly, this is also a great way to reconnect and chat about something you both like.

And chances are, you watched it together. That means the thought of the show alone can help bring back thoughts of you two cuddling and watching something together.

3. “I can’t believe we used to fight over ________. I’d never get upset at something like that now.”

This is a great text to use if you’re already talking to him.

Bringing up a topic you used to fight about might not seem like a good idea – but it is if you tell him how much you’ve changed.

The thing with this is that he’ll be picturing a relationship dynamic where those issues are no longer there. That can be really exciting if he still has feelings for you.

4. “This meme is SO you! Lol!”

If you want to start off in a better light, go with something like this.

Sending a funny meme that reminded you of him is not only a great way to break the ice, but it shows him you’re still thinking about him.

He’ll laugh along and agree, which can prompt another discussion and even lead to you two talking about getting together.

5. “Do you remember that night we had together? I can’t stop thinking about it lately.”

This one is pretty straightforward. Appeal to his sexual side by reminding him of a certain special, kinky night.

By telling him you can’t stop thinking about it, he’ll imagine how turned on you’ve been lately and it can help him get to the same place.

6. “Do you think we made a mistake splitting up?”

Don’t just send this one out of the blue. It’ll come as a shock to him and won’t be nearly as effective.

Instead, get to a great place in a conversation where you’re joking and laughing and then send this text his way.

It’ll show him you’re thinking about how good things were as a couple.

7. “I just saw the funniest movie and wish you were there to laugh with me.”

It’s cute, simple, and sends a very clear message that you’re not done with him just yet.

Prompting a conversation this way will tell him just how much you miss those good times.

8. “I never really thanked you for being as good to me as you were. Just thinking about you.”

This is just as it sounds. But you do want to make sure he was actually good to you. If he treated you poorly, this will confuse him.

But if he was always great to you, this will serve as a means to open the door back up.

9. “Hey! Do you remember the name of that one restaurant we went to?”

It’s subtle but can remind him that you’re still there. You can even describe which one it is and what time you went.

Ultimately, he’ll be curious to know who you’re taking there and he’ll be reminded of a better time.

10. “I just tried the best whiskey I’ve ever had. You’d love it!”

Obviously, do this with the alcohol he likes best. It can be anything.

The point is that you’re trying stuff he would’ve liked and telling him about it. It’s a great way to keep a connection alive even when you’re apart.

11. “Is it crazy that I’m still thinking about you?”

Once you two are in a good place, this is a sweet, subtle text you can send that will really let him know you want to get back together.

Chances are, he’s still thinking about you too. Send this and you’ll be able to tell where his mind is at in terms of a reunion.

12. “Okay, tell me one thing you’d do differently if we could redo our relationship.”

Only send this one after you’ve been chatting for a little while. It can be an uncomfortable topic unless you’re both in high spirits.

You can even go first and tell him what you’d do differently so his mind can start imagining a relationship that’s better than it was before.

13. “I’m not ready to give up on us.”

It’s blunt and straight to the point. If you’re seriously ready to get back together and need him to know, send this text.

It’s the perfect thing to text your ex back with and, assuming he still has feelings for you, it’s also the most effective.

Knowing what to text your ex back with is super important if you want to get him back.

As long as the two of you are in a good place and chatting again, these texts will make him realize that your story isn’t finished just yet.

Final Verdict

There are so many ways of texting your ex back, It all comes down to creativity and depending on the situation.

Sometimes, you will have to use what you found online or recommended by your friend. and sometimes you will have to speak your feelings and be authentic and vulnerable.

It’s not an easy battle my friend…

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I’d say it’s the ace in the sleeve…

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