Should You Spit Or Swallow? Here’s the Real Truth

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Many sexually active women have faced this dilemma at one point of their lives. Should you spit or swallow is the common question I’ll attempt to answer today.

Let’s face it. No two women are the same. Each has their own preferences when it comes to giving their man head and spitting or swallowing afterwards.

Generally, each woman’s decision to spit or swallow largely depends on their personal beliefs and what their boyfriend or husband likes best.


8 Reasons Why You Should Swallow Your Man’s Cum

Here’s the thing. When you give your man a blowjob, it means more to him than you’ll ever know. This is because while you’re giving him head, you’re focused on providing him the pleasure he craves.

When he finally comes and he sees you wholeheartedly swallowing his juice, he’ll feel like he’s arrived in heaven.

Swallowing your man’s cum is crucial to your sex life and relationship in general. So if you’re looking for a definitive answer to whether you should spit or swallow, the answer is a definite yes.

Here are the major reasons why.

1. You make him feel special.

By swallowing his cum, you’re sending him a powerful message. You’re telling him that he’s this important and special to you and that’s why you’re doing this. When your man receives such a message, it turns him on a lot, resulting in him desiring you even more.

2. He finds it hot.

For a man, there’s something very sexy about a woman giving him a blowjob, and swallowing his cum like it’s her favorite thing.

It just blows his mind and drives him wild. And if your man is feeling wild in bed you’ll end up getting pleased by him in return.

3. You look hot when you take control.

When you’re playing with your man’s private parts, he’s under your control. While no man would want to be subject to any woman’s whims, it’s different when it comes to the bedroom.

There are times when your man is just more pleased when you take control with fellatio.

4. It’s the polite thing to do.

Let’s say he’s gone down on you. After having a taste of your vagina, he runs to the bathroom sink and washes his mouth out afterwards. How would you feel?

Needless to say, that’s the exact feeling you give him when you give him head and then spit out his cum.

5. It makes the finale less messy.

When you’re torn between spitting and swallowing, think about how messy it would be if you spit. So to avoid unnecessary mess, look into his eyes as you swallow his cum. It helps you avoid having to cleanup after.

6. It brings you closer to each other.

Giving each other pleasure through oral sex builds intimacy and a stronger bond. You grow fonder for each other when you’ve shared intense moments of intimacy like this. You’ll never look at each other the same afterwards (in a good way!)

7. It’s weirdly romantic.

If you truly love your boyfriend, things like swallowing his cum can be as romantic as receiving flowers and chocolates from him on your anniversary. Both acts are romantic and hot and they lead to a stronger relationship.

8. It’s good for your health.

When you swallow his sperm, you ingest protein, calcium, zinc, vitamin C, and other essential nutrients your body needs.

Aside from that, sperm is rich in serotonin and oxytocin, hormones which combat anxiety. And it also contains melatonin, a hormone that allows for better quality of sleep.

Considering all these awesome health benefits of semen, spitting his cum is just wasteful.

How To Make His Cum Taste Better

I get it. Even after reading and realizing how much swallowing his cum can help your relationship, you’re still hesitant to swallow.

Your man’s juice is not the best tasting juice in the world. But hey! There are ways to make it taste slightly better.

Have him drink fresh pineapple juice an hour or two before you give him head. This way, his ejaculate will taste less sour.

You can also suck on a peppermint while giving him a blowjob. When he comes, the strong properties of peppermint will help mask his semen’s natural smell and taste.

If you’re not fond of peppermint, have a strong drink handy so you can drink it right after swallowing.

Your man will appreciate it when you swallow because he believes the act shows you accept him, semen and all.

More importantly, your eagerness to swallow his cum shows him to what lengths you’re willing to go so you can keep him happy and satisfied.

Closing Thoughts

To spit or not to spit, that is the question. To be quite honest, there is no right answer. But if you consider the numerous benefits of swallowing his cum, it then becomes the more sensible choice.

Just be sure to first have an open and honest dialogue about each other’s sexual histories to avoid the risks of contracting STIs in the process.

While swallowing his cum is something you’ll come to enjoy, have you given as much thought to actually giving good head?

But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself!