29 Signs He Wants To Commit But Is Scared

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​Men are complicated creatures.
We don’t make it easy for women.
But I’m here to make this easier for you.
So don’t worry.
It can be very difficult to know whether he wants to stay with you, or whether you’re just meeting his needs in the short term.
Usually, he’s just a bit afraid, afraid of hurting you by committing to you and then deciding he made a mistake.
Let’s uncover the signs he wants to commit but is scared to:

1. He hasn’t used the Love word

Seems pretty basic, huh? Your man has been around for a while and still hasn’t uttered those magic words. Maybe he’s just waiting for you to say it?
There is advice out there for men that tells them the woman should say it first.
If you really feel love for him, tell him and gauge his reaction.

2. He’s afraid of losing the chance to date other women in the future

love triangle
This all depends on his age. If he’s a younger guy, you might have to sympathize with him a little.
But your focus has to change so that you subtly convince him that you’re the best woman he’ll ever get.
Not an easy task but we’ve made it easier with our exclusive Dirty Talk Secrets program. This is the guaranteed way to get your man addicted to you – and obsessed with you when you’re not around.

3. You notice him becoming jealous around other guys

You might have to pay close attention to catch this one. Watch his behavior when you’re around other guys.
Do you detect a hint of jealousy? He might give away more than he intends when he makes it clear he doesn’t want other guys looking at you or talking to you that way.

4. He’s a slick operator in the bedroom

man woman having sex
He knows how to push your buttons and how to make you all hot and bothered in all the right ways.
But you know what this means?
That’s right, you guessed it.
He can do the exact same to every other woman.
You’ve got to match his skills with yours, so the tables are turned.
You want to make him commit to you, and not even think about another woman?

5. He doesn’t like to compromise

Relationships are about give-and-take. It’s our ability to meet in the middle that makes things work.
But he knows that too. He could be trying to be difficult so that you get the impression he doesn’t want a relationship.

6. He had his heart broken in the past

Relationships are not all roses. You know that pain when they end?
He does too, but even more so if he was cheated on.
The scars of his last relationship might run very deep and he could be acutely afraid of experiencing the same with you.
It’s up to you to be the woman his last girl was not.

7. He’s got trust issues

man not trusting a woman
Directly related to #6 is how he might not have the best history when it comes to trusting romantic partners.
But let’s look at how you behave. Do you inspire trust in him?
It could be that you do some things that make him think twice about you.
Try talking to him so that he opens up about the bad experiences with trust he had with his ex.
Then do your utmost to never do the same.

8. The moment of silence when you bring up the R-word

Picture the scene.
You’re both relaxing in bed after a passionate and intimate time together.
You bring up the Relationship topic, and as soon as you do, silence envelopes the room.
In fact, it is so quiet, you could practically hear a pin drop.
That silence from him is not a sign that he doesn’t want to be with you, but rather that he just doesn’t know what to say.
Give him some time to think before attempting this again.

9. He keeps you out of the loop

It seems everybody else in his life knows about something happening in his life.
Except for you.
Try not to take it personally.
It could be that he’s actually not proud or happy with it, and he wants to keep you out of it.
It could complicate things between you two, and it’s the lesser of two evils to keep you in the dark.

10. Making sure you don’t meet his parents

You know that he wants to move things forward in your relationship when he arranges for you to meet his folks.
And you also know how he tries to avoid this too.
Maybe he is not proud of his parents and thinks they’ll let him down in front of you.
Make sure he knows that you don’t judge him based on things like that and see if he changes his mind.

11. He’s in a good place in his life

man happy at work
He could be in that sweet spot in life, where everything is going well for him.
Maybe he’s afraid to make any changes in case he upsets this delicate balance.
Let him subtly know that committing to you will make his life even better.

12. He doesn’t know if your relationship will be a success

Are you doing things that you know annoy him?
You’re killing the chances that he’ll commit to you.
Identify your irritating habits and work on changing them.

13. He’s not big on labels

Perhaps you’ve heard him talk about how using girlfriend/partner/wife nomenclature is not important to him.
He’s really telling you that he wants to be with you but he doesn’t want the extra work involved in making it official.
Let him know how important this is to you if you want to change his mind.

14. He sends you mixed signals

Have you noticed how his behavior changes sometimes? It’s like hot and cold and it leaves you in a confused mess.
Is the hot behavior tied to sex?
If it is, you’ve found your power.
Learn to steer him towards sex and commitment to you, or you can play him at his own game.
You’ll go cold when it comes to intimacy with you.

15. He’s unsure of himself

insecure man
This may come across a little crazy, but some guys are plagued with self-doubt.
He may be great at keeping this hidden but these feelings could make him dread giving you his word.
What if he messes up? What if he doesn’t have what it takes to make it work?
It’s on you to reassure him and remind him that commitment isn’t a burden.

16. He’s weighing the risks

Your man might be worried that he’s settling down too soon in his life. He could be afraid that he’ll have regrets if he doesn’t play the field a little more.
So it’s up to you to make sure he thinks about you, and only you.
He needs to become obsessed with you, and his only fear of regret is if he loses you.

17. He’s been a romantic, but not for you

You’ve heard him tell a story or two about his romantic ways in the past.
And you wonder if you’ll ever be on the receiving end.
This means he’s a relationship guy, but he’s still not sure about creating a future with you.
Are you doing something that is putting him off?

18. Other commitments are weighing him down

He could have a busy job that requires high levels of dedication and energy.
It’s only natural that you’ll come second place at times.
But don’t take it personally. Be there for him, and remind him gently how you’re here to help him.
He’ll come to rely on your support, and when the timing is better, he’ll be yours forever.

19. You’re his first

Girlfriend, that is.
If he’s dated a few women in the past but never had a serious relationship lasting over six months, you should know that he has commitment issues.
Or maybe he’s just a bit inexperienced and life has taken him this way.
Either way, become the center of his universe by subtly showing him what he’s been missing his whole life.

20. He changes the topic

wife listening to her husband speak
When the subject of relationships comes up, he changes the discussion onto something else.
It’s happened a few times now so you know it’s deliberate.
Next time he does it, ask him about the relationships he’s had previously.
There could be a genuine reason why he’s afraid to talk about them.

21. He gives you mixed signals

Sometimes he seems keen on the idea of committing to you.
Yet at others, it’s like he’s evading.
There’s something holding him back. Something you’re doing, or something he’s afraid of.
Get to the bottom of it.

22. He’s not prepared for the responsibility

Was his last relationship a disaster, where he shouldered a ton of responsibility but got none of the rewards?
He’s been left with a bitter taste in his mouth.
Your job is to play down the responsibility side and increase the reward side.
Make him see that a relationship with you is going to be fundamentally different.

23. He’s not that into you

relationship problems couple
You’ve got to think about this possibility also.
Maybe you’re meeting his needs right now, but he’s waiting for something better to come along.
Some guys are like this, and you have to look out for it.
But did you know that you can tame even the wildest player and make him yours?

24. He is comfortable bringing you to family events

You’re very close to securing his commitment when he brings you to meet members of his family.
Perhaps he’s testing you, to see how you behave in front of them.
Be your best self, and watch how he’s filled with pride.
Men love the idea of being with a hot and intelligent woman and showing her off to friends and family.

25. He doesn’t want to frighten you

Always remember, he could have misread the entire situation, as could you.
He could really want to enter into a relationship with you, but he’s worried you don’t want that.
Rule this out before considering the other possibilities.

26. He doesn’t leave after sex

man and woman in bed happy
If he remains with you, and stays the night, it’s a great sign that he’d consider being in a relationship with you in the future.
He feels a natural connection to you, and it’s not all about the sex for him.
Just give it a little time.

27. He doesn’t make plans with you

Apart from hanging out and bedroom time.
He could be afraid to plan exciting and intimate dates with you, in case you think he wants to take you and him to the next level.
Surprise him by planning a fun date and taking him on it.
Show him what he’s been missing.

28. You’ve met everyone, except for…

His best friends.
You’ve even met his parents. It seems a little crazy, right?
For some guys, meeting his parents is not a big deal. They’re more worried about what their close friends will think of you.
Whatever you do, don’t push it. It has to happen naturally.

29. He’s just bad with people

men arguing with other people
He could lack interpersonal skills and this will carry over into your relationship too.
Maybe he’s bad at taking hints, and you have to spell everything out for him.
Find out if he is this way. Watch how he behaves around his friends and other people.
By now we’ve looked at all the possible signs he wants to commit but is scared to.
Check them out, and learn about how to take control of your man’s largest sex organ – his brain.
All with the power of proven techniques, and with guaranteed methods.
What do you need?
Your words.
It’s that simple. You’re going to make him addicted to you, all with the power of your words.
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