15 Subtle Signs a Male Co-worker Likes You

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Workplace relationships tend to be a bit more complicated than usual relationships. That might be because there’s less of a “buffer” between work life and relationship life.  Coworkers at the office spend a lot of time together and it is not unusual for one to develop feelings for their colleague. A general rule of thumb is: If you notice someone at work giving you more than the others, chances are they are interested in you. 

You might have questions about whether a male coworker likes you.


You might even be interested in him yourself but you do not know how to interpret his actions and signals. Is he just being helpful or is he genuinely interested in you…

 Well, this article is exactly what you need to help you find out if he likes you.

He goes out of his way to help you

Your male coworker will go out of his way to help you when you need it. You don’t even have to ask… Let’s say you are unwell and you need help completing your office duties, he will go out of his way and decide to do your duties as well as his until you feel better ready to return to work. Or, you need to print something and the printer is out of ink. He will stop what he’s doing to come over and change out the cartridge for you. That is a sure indication that your male coworker likes you.

He notices when your patterns change

A coworker that likes you will notice when there is a change in your behavior or patterns. If you are a person who always gets to work on time and then you suddenly start getting late to work, other coworkers might not care – But a guy who likes you will approach you and ask whether or not everything is okay with you.

Your coworker will remember little details about you

If he’s interested in you will make sure to remember little details about you. When your birthday comes around, he will organize something like a dinner or a surprise party at the office. Maybe even get you a gift of something that you wanted. 

people cheering and clinking champagne glasses at office party

that guy always finds excuses to hang around your workstation or your desk

Do you have that one male co-worker who always seems to find himself at your workstation even if there is no reason for him to be there? Well, you may have yourself an office crush. Office crushes can be fun sometimes if it doesn’t go against the office code of conduct for employees. Or does it make that even hotter? Hehe.

That guy who has a crush on you is frequently “losing” his stapler or highlighter from his desk… and the only desk from which he can seem to get stationery is your desk. He’s just looking for small reasons or and excuses to come and hang around you.

Does he often offer to take you out to lunch?

Your male co-worker will often ask you to join him or ask you to join him during lunch breaks. He does this to get your undivided attention. In a cute way.

He might also be hinting at the possibility of an office romance. If you like him back, you are free to engage him in a little flirtation. However, if you notice him asking other women around the office out on lunch dates too, there is no need to read too much into it. If it is just you that he asks out to lunch, well then there’s definitely an interest to be more than just coworkers.

He likes to just look at you

You have this coworker who you always find looking at you, regardless if it’s a seductive type of look or a shy look away… That guy likes you. You might be busy working on your computer and when you look up you find him just looking at you with a smile on his face.

To be completely certain, when you find a male coworker just looking at you, and he looks away when he notices you looking at him, he likes you. A different scenario might be that you’re in a meeting, and he is paying very close attention to what you are saying without taking his eyes off of you… He is definitely smitten by your wits and beauty.

co workers sitting next to each other next to books discussing things on laptop

He finds reasons to just sit next to you

If you have a coworker who will always try to sit next to you every chance he gets, he most certainly likes you. It can be in a staff meeting or just when all your colleagues are having a break. This guy does not sit anywhere else but close to you. If he only does this with you, then he is very much interested in getting to know you more as an individual and not just as a coworker.



That coworker is interested in your personal life

If you notice a guy coworker asking you questions about your personal life, he wants to know you on a more personal level. He may be asking you questions about your childhood, your interests, and hobbies as a person. Asking for your opinions on things that are not related to work. As he gets to know you, you might get interested in getting to know him as well, leading to an interesting and exciting office romance or relationship.

He tries to be your hero around the workplace

Things do not always go smoothly in the office. Sometimes you get yelled at by your boss and sometimes you may not be able to get things done for an upcoming deadline. A male coworker who likes you will make the effort to give you support or even a shoulder to cry on in situations like that.

He will even try to jump in and help you do your tasks, even if he has not done his own tasks yet. It is important to keep people like that close, even if it’s just as friends, they’re usually good people. (Do not exploit them)

That guy will compliment you on everything

This is a very obvious sign that your male coworker is interested in you. He will never miss a chance to compliment you on anything. You might have just changed your hair or bought a new outfit. He will notice these things and he will make sure to compliment you. He will even go as far as acknowledging the good work you do at the office. This just goes to show how much this coworker likes you.

He wants to hang out with you after office hours

We all eventually get to become close/er friends with our colleagues in the long run. That is why we hang out with them after office hours. But if you notice that you and a particular male coworker hang out alone after office hours, there might be something more between the two of you.

It can be a coffee get-together, a casual meal or even movie nights on weekends that he mostly invites you to. This a clear indication that he likes you and would like for the two of you to have something more than a working relationship.

He shows respect and admiration for you as a person

He will mention attributes of you that he likes. These attributes can be either work-related or just the attributes that make you who you are. It can be your courage, resilience, wit, humor or even the fact that you stand your ground when you make up your mind about something. You will know he admires you if he mentions that you have played a part in helping him become a better person or do better, generally speaking.

You have inside jokes with each other.

Do the two of you laugh at things in the office that none of your colleagues would understand? Is he always trying to make you laugh? This is an obvious sign that the two of you have a special bond. A guy that likes you will always try to make you laugh. So, if he’s always trying to make you laugh or just smile, that is a clear sign that he likes you.

Your co-workers will also tell you that he likes you.

couple at a restaurant

A lot goes on in the office setting. Hardly anything goes on without your colleagues hearing about it one way or another. They might have heard him talk about you, in a good way of course. They might even start teasing you about how good a couple you would be if you got together. He does not even have to tell it to anyone at the office… If people in the office can see it, you will most certainly hear about it. 



He is terrified at the thought of you switching jobs

He has gotten used to you being around the office most of the week. He is used to seeing you all the time so he freaks out when hears that you want to switch jobs. He knows he will miss you and that the office will not be the same again if you left, at least for him. He will try to convince you to stay in your current job and not switch. This is one of the most common signs that a male coworker likes you…

But the best way to know if your coworker likes you is to just ask the guy… 

I know this may not be your style, and it is not for many people. You don’t have to…

So, if you want to know if your co-worker likes you, pay attention to the way he treats you, and the way he acts when he is around you. If you are still not sure, feel free to check for any of the signs we talked about. Good luck!