17 Sexual Tension Signs From A Man To Look Out For

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One of the best ways to gauge man’s interest is by reading the sexual tension signs he’s putting out there.

You’ll know very quickly whether a guy is into you or not just by the way he acts and how his body responds to your presence.

But if you’re not the type who’s ever paid much attention to that before, it could be a little confusing at first.

Most of us don’t just analyze the way a man is standing in order to determine if he likes us.

But you can do this in order to tell if he’s giving off any sexual tension signs he wants you to pick up on.

The next time you’re out with a man and want to know if he’s giving you that special vibe, watch for these signs he’s into you.

1. Lots of eye contact

You might be thinking this doesn’t work if the two of you are talking, since most people make eye contact when having a conversation, but it is. The type of eye contact in this sense is extremely important.

And yes, there are different types. Making eye contact is pretty standard when you meet someone and are talking but when there’s sexual tension present, it’s far more intense.

It’s like his gaze is locked on yours and he’s probably making an effort to keep it that way. The more we like someone, the easier we find it to maintain that eye contact.

Plus, he’s trying to read you. Men tend to like girls who can hold eye contact too who can hold eye contact too.

That deep eye contact is a huge sexual tension sign and you want to make sure you watch out for it.

A great way to tell if it’s really sexual tension is to look away and then look back. If his eyes never leave yours, he’s definitely feeling it.

(Still confused? Check out our other article on what does prolonged eye contact mean from a man to a woman.)

2. Smiling

This is just an overall sign that a guy is into you. Beware, though, because some guys can easily fake a smile in order to make you think they like you.

A genuine smile, however, makes a huge difference in the sexual tension because it’ll be contagious. When he smiles and really means it, you won’t be able to help but smile back.

As humans, it’s an automatic response to something we enjoy. Smiling is our way of showing we like something, or in this case, someone.

So when a guy is smiling at you while showing the rest of these sexual tension signs, he wants you.

3. Laughing

It’s not just about the laughing though, it’s about when the laughter is happening. When we like someone, we think they’re funny–even if they’re not super funny to everyone else.

Our minds kind of skew our perception and we’re left laughing a lot more often in their presence than with other people who might say the same things.

The point here is that when a guy is laughing a lot around you when you’re normally not that funny, it’s a surefire sign he’s into you.

The sexual tension sparks when there’s laughter because the mood immediately lifts and you’re drawn into him.

Just like we laugh more when we like someone, we also tend to like the people who think we’re funny.

That kick starts sexual tension immensely.

4. Innocent touches

I’m not talking about a guy who’s grabbing your butt or anything like that.

I’m talking about the guy who touches your shoulder when you make him laugh and the guy who puts a hand on the small of your back as he guides you through the crowded bar.

Those little touches make a big connection. The sexual tension will basically ooze out of both of you when the gap between you is closed.

The closer you get to each other, the smaller that gap will be and even the most innocent touch will feel amazing.

This is a major sign of sexual tension to keep an eye out for that often leads into intense flirting.

If you like their innocent touch more than you would if he were someone else, the tension has settled in.

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5. Leaning in close to talk

This is an especially big sign of sexual tension from a man if there’s no real need to move in closer.

If it’s not particularly loud and you can hear him just fine from a short distance and he’s still leaning in closer, he’s into you.

Doing this really creates a lot more intimacy than you think and guys find that irresistible. It ignites the sexual tension because of the proximity.

People who lean in really close to talk to you are often already on good terms with you. It’s just proof that there’s something between the two of you.

And that something is sexual tension.

6. A low, quiet voice

What better way to get you to lean in closer and increase the sexual tension than for him to talk in a very low, quiet voice?

Not only does this immediately thicken the air with intimacy, but it’s just sexy all on its own.

You have to admit: a guy speaking so low only you can hear him is something special. It makes you feel like the only person in the room and that will make sexual tension extremely strong between the two of you.

Keep an eye out for this shift in the way he talks. It could indicate he’s looking to get a little closer to you.

7. Not an awkward silence

That’s right! One of the biggest sexual tension signs you’ll notice is that the silences aren’t awkward at all.

There will be some moments where the conversation dies down but instead of feeling weird about it, you’ll probably maintain eye contact and take a sip of your drink.

These silences only build on the sexual tension that’s already there. The comfort of just looking at each other thickens the air a little more until you realize you want that man.

So if you realize you’re comfortable with the silence, it’s definitely sexual tension.

(And if you want to continue the conversation, here are some tips on how to keep the conversation going with him.)

8. Wandering eyes

No, I don’t mean his eyes are finding other women. When his eyes wander, they’ll be looking at you and you only.

The only difference is that instead of maintaining eye contact, his eyes might linger on your cleavage, your lips, and anywhere else he finds appealing and attractive.

The way you’ll know this is sexual tension is if he doesn’t try to hide it. He’s not embarrassed by it. He wants to let you see him checking you out.

Not only does this make you feel really good, but you know just what he’s thinking and knowing that increases the sexual tension.

If you catch his eyes all over you, he feels it too.

9. He faces you the entire time

You really want to pay special attention to his body when you’re talking. Does he face the bar the whole time or is even turned toward the crowd?

That’s an indication that he’s not all that into it and there’s no real sexual tension present.

On the flip side, if his entire body is facing you and even follows when you move positions, the sexual tension is ripe.

Think of the tension like a thin line from you to him. The more there is, the tighter it gets. Therefore, if you move and he follows, there’s a lot of it.

10. Knowing smirks

You might be wondering what the difference between smiling and smirking is. How can you tell which is which and what they mean?

Well, a smirk is pretty obvious and usually accompanies compliments or a joke with a naughty meaning. It’s his way of seeing if you’re thinking in the same way he is.

And if you are, sexual tension is running deeply between the two of you. When he’s smirking while flirting and leaning in close, it’s a clear sign he feels something and he’s happy.

If you feel it too, sexual tension is definitely there.

11. Subtle compliments

Sure, he could be giving you very obvious compliments too but overall, if his goal is to create some sexual tension, they’ll be subtle. It’s like a test.

He’s trying to see if you’re picking up on the vibe he’s trying to put out there. By giving you very subtle compliments, it causes you to read deeper.

That’ll help you pinpoint what he’s trying to say without really saying it, which will help the sexual tension thrive.

12. Close proximity

It’s not just about leaning in close in order to tell if sexual tension is present. It’s also about how close he is to you throughout your entire interaction.

Does he stand further away so you wouldn’t be able to touch him even if you tried? Or is he right next to you while increasingly getting closer?

The closer he is, the stronger the sexual tension will build to be and the more he’ll want you. It’s like you’re both anticipating touching one another the entire time.

That tension grows and grows until you both really want to touch one another.

13. Jokes with naughty undertones

This is a huge part of flirting and signaling sexual tension.

The jokes might start out innocent and could even sound innocent later on, but they’ll develop an undertone that’s all about naughtier things.

Plus, the more the sexual tension grows, the more you’ll pick up on those more intimate cues.

And the more you do that, the stronger that tension grows. Basically, if you’re noticing more and more of his jokes are sexual in nature, the sexual tension is pretty strong. You can keep the questions going by asking him some dirty questions as well.

14. Long pauses accompanied with smiles

Once again, long pauses in the conversation–as long as they’re accompanied with a smile–are a really good sign of sexual tension.

People who are enjoying the conversation and more importantly, enjoying each other, are okay with sometimes being silent. In fact, it might even feel nice to just sit with one another.

The one thing that’ll make this even more intimate is a smile directed at you when the silence takes over.

It’s even better if he smiles, looks away, then makes eye contact again. This shows he’s drawn in by you and it’ll increase the sexual tension between you both.

15. The conversation is extremely flirty

If flirting is what your conversation is all about, then there’s definitely sexual tension there. The entire point of flirting is to create a connection.

The biggest thing to look out for is how easy and natural that flirting feels. This really shows how compatible the two of you are.

And the more compatible you both realize you are, the stronger the sexual tension will be. You’ll feel this connection almost immediately when you flirt and you won’t help but flirt back.

16. You hope he leans in and kisses you

This is really a major indicator that sexual tension is present and has been there for some time.

You have this feeling inside of you wishing he will just come and kiss you like there is no tomorrow.

The second you find your eyes lingering on his lips, hoping he’ll inch forward and touch his to yours, sexual tension has worked its magic.

The entire purpose of sexual tension is to make you both want those naughty feelings. It’s all about your connection and that spark.

If you feel like this, it’s there.

17. You can just feel it

Sexual tension is a very unique feeling. It’s when you look across the limited space between you two and just want to close it.

You’ll recognize sexual tension the more you realize there are some pretty obvious signs of it.

You may even realize that you’re great at recognizing what it feels like and might even be instigating those naughty feelings. Now you have proof of when it’s there or not.

Feeling sexual tension is easy and natural if you know when it’s there. The desire to close the gap and connect with him is proof that it’s present.

Sexual tension signs aren’t hard to miss if you know what to look for. Guys have a way of showing you all they really want to say with their bodies.

Keep these signs in mind the next time you’re chatting with a man you think might like you. They’re a clear indicator he’s got some naughty thoughts on his mind.

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