Sex Toy Buying Guide for Women – How to Pick The Right One for You

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Sex toys are no longer the taboo items they once were. But all the options and choices you face may seem a little overwhelming. I’ve got you covered here with my sex toy buying guide for women.

Women host parties and introduce their girlfriends to popular new sex toys in the same way that their grandmothers held Tupperware parties and their mothers sold beauty products. Masturbation is practically mainstream now.

Picking out your first toy is the only tricky choice you have to make, and that’s in no small part due to the sheer variety of options. The market offers choices beyond the traditional, like clitoral vibrators shaped like lipstick for discretion, and hardcore sex machines that penetrate with power.

Expect to pay a decent amount of money for any high-end items, but quality toys and starter kits are easily affordable. You can get a fabulous vibrator for less than $30, for example.

First, familiarize yourself with what’s available, then focus on finding the perfect match. Every woman experiences pleasure differently. Your bestie may love her rabbit, but that doesn’t mean you will. Maybe you’re all about clitoral stimulation or anal play. Like what you like and love yourself for it.

Understanding Your Body And Needs

Women can experience two types of orgasms: clitoral and vaginal. Some women have only ever experienced one type. Some women can’t achieve a vaginal orgasm by itself and require clitoral stimulation, as well. The only way to learn what your body enjoys is to experiment with various types of stimulation.

Start out with a sex toy that invites exploration. This is probably the most important piece of advice I’ll offer in my sex toy buying guide for women.

A small, unassuming vibrator that doesn’t intimidate you is ideal because you can apply it to your clit or penetrate yourself with it, but your progress is entirely up to you. When you come across something that tickles your pickle, you’ll know it.

The Types Of Toys

The dizzying array of toys you can choose from may leave you reeling from sensory overload. Just remember that there’s no shame in your game. Ease into the toe-curling world of masturbatory aids, but don’t be closed-off or resistant. Your pleasure centers are capable of so much more.


Dildos are simple. They resemble the male anatomy, at least in most cases. There are plenty of fantasy dildos, as well. Thanks to an endless variety of shapes, sizes, lengths, and colors, you can play around with the prick you’ve always wanted. Just go with the dildo that ignites your imagination.

Although you can rub them against your clitoris, plain dildos are best for penetration. You have to think about whether you want a dildo for vaginal penetration or something designed for butt play. Prices start lower than $10, and you’ll rarely pay more than $50. You should expect to pay nearly that amount for dildos with special features, though. You see, some of them even ejaculate.


Vibrators are a lot like dildos, in that many are phallic-shaped and ideal for insertion. However, you don’t have to pick a dick. There are slim, cylindrical options, little clitoral vibrators that fit over your finger, and intense massage wands. You can even find attachments for those vibrators, but they range around $125. Other vibes cost between $20 and $60, more or less.

Their versatility makes them among the top-selling sex toys. While certain models focus specifically on the clit, many penetrate vaginally or anally. You can also look for G-spot vibrators. That’s highly recommended if you’ve never really gone looking for that cataclysmic sweet spot.

Thrusting toys

Women who love to be penetrated but crave a more powerful toy than a dildo need to explore the pleasure of thrusting sex toys that go deep and hard.

The majority are adjustable, allowing you to control the force. You can opt for a slow, sensual session or a fast and furious quickie. There are handheld thrusting toys available, as well as stationary machines that you can mount in your preferred position. The price point varies, with some thrusters as low as $75 and others as high as $375.

Pulsating toys

Pulsating toys reach places you never imagined and leave your nerve-endings exquisitely sensitive. Browse pulsing toys that affix to your panties. Using the remote control to adjust rhythm and speed, you can indulge in sneaky orgasms all day.

Other pulsing toys deeply penetrate and massage your walls from the inside out. They start out at around $25 but climb all the way to $150.


Beads and eggs for anal or vaginal insertion are all about pressure and friction. Vaginal beads are adept at rubbing your G-spot.

Simple Ben Wa balls are usually less than $10. Others are closer to $50. Yoni eggs are rarely more than $30. Begin with beads just for the ease. They help you to get accustomed to the toys that come after.

Rabbit ear models

Rabbit ear vibrators are a breed all their own. They have a penis-shaped rod for insertion. It vibrates at a variety of speeds and rhythms.

However, these models also have a clitoral stimulator, usually shaped like a rabbit to trap the little nub. The rabbit ears have their own vibrator controls so that you can stimulate your clit and your vagina perfectly. Rabbit vibes are like Sleep Number beds in that way. These are among the most expensive vibrators, but most fall between $50 and $70.

Rings & Wearables

Wearable sex toys are fun and frisky. Prices vary depending on the ring or wearable in question, but they’re usually less than $30.

From stimulating panties to nipple clamps, you can wear a world of secret kink beneath your clothes.

Play With A Partner

Once you’re ready to experiment with sex toys, feel free to invite a partner. Sex toys can spice up your sex life like nobody’s business. Just talk it over with your lover first. It’s essential that everybody consents. The whole goal is to enhance the pleasure for everyone involved.

Use a toy during foreplay at first. Gradually incorporate it further. Your partner can stimulate your clit with a vibrator as you make love. Who knows? Maybe your lover will want to experiment, too.

Putting All This Into Play

Life is too short to let yourself be shamed out of enjoying your body. No one knows what pleases you the way you do. Take your time and discover what your body wants. Let your desires unfold beneath your fingers, then move forward with baby steps.

Begin with a dildo, vibrator, or beads. Once the thrill dies down, get more adventurous with an intense toy, such as a massager, thruster, or rabbit. You deserve all the pleasure life has to offer. Never be shy about reaching out and taking it.