9 Sex Tips For Women That Really Work

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It’s not easy to get it right every time.

And we’re always trying to avoid making a fool of ourselves.

But sometimes you’ve got to go back to the drawing board and reflect on what you’re doing.

Whether it’s good or bad, right or wrong.

Luckily, I’m here to help with some great sex tips for women that actually work.

1. Be Confident

A woman who is sure of herself is incredibly sexy.

It’s not just sexy; it also inspires confidence in us men.


Because we know that she will tell us when it’s not working or we need to do something different.

So we can ignore that voice in our head that distracts us by worrying about her enjoyment.

Allowing us to get more into the moment and being more present with our women.

And our confidence inspires more confidence in you.

A truly virtuous cycle, with heaps of passionate intimacy.

Cheerful pretty young woman proud of herself

2. Be Open-Minded

You know what kills intimacy?

Shame about our natural desires and fantasies.

It takes us away from the present moment and we usually drift off into our thoughts.

If you feel like your man zones out during sex, try to get to the bottom of what he’s fantasizing about.

Let him know that fantasies are just sexy thoughts and it doesn’t mean you have to enact them.

Let him know you accept them, no matter what they are.

You’ll form a deep sexual connection with him that no other woman ever has ever been able to.

3. Be Generous With BJs

blowjob with a banana

Blowjobs are the perfect way of demonstrating your sexual desire for your man.

Our friend Jack has put together a highly popular advice guide for just this.

BJs are also an incredibly powerful gesture that showcase your submissive side to him.

But, please, learn how to do it properly.

And ask him if you’re doing it right, and how you can improve.

And along with this, make sure you maintain eye contact with him as much as possible.

Trust me when I say he’ll never, ever tire of this.

And for top level bonus points, wake him up with a blowjob.

And watch as that smile doesn’t leave his face all day.

4. Be Good At Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is just another way of saying intimate communication.

You’re speaking a language tailored to him and his deepest, most erotic fantasies.

You become the woman in his life.

And no, you don’t need to act like a street-walking whore.

You’ve just got to spend a little time getting to know what buttons to press.

All men wish that their women would be able to connect with them in this way.

Check out our comprehensive advice guide for everything you need to know.

5. Be Willing To Masturbate In Front Of Us

Nothing demonstrates your confidence in your sexual prowess and body than your ability to pleasure yourself in front of us.

It may be as we watch or as you are giving us a sensual blowjob.

Whatever it is, show us that you trust us and are comfortable enough around us to be so open.

As we mentioned in #1, confidence in a woman is highly attractive to men.

6. Be Energetic

energetic woman

Sometimes we don’t know whether your lack of energy is because of a long, stressful day, or whether it’s being caused by a sense of underlying boredom.

Either way, it causes us to turn our focus inwards and worry.

This anxiety causes us to do or say stupid things because our pride is wounded.

Needless to say, it makes for terrible sex.

If you are truly not enjoying intimacy with your man, tell him and try to fix it.

If you’ve had a long day, explain this to him.

But just don’t make a habit of having low energy in the bedroom.

Life’s too short to waste precious moments with your lover.

7. Be Clear About What You Like Down There

Listen, your pleasure is highly important to us.

So give us a hand when we try to satisfy you.

When your guy is down below, and attending to your most intimate parts, gently guide him.

It can be a soft movement of your hand to pinpoint the right spot, or some whispered words of encouragement as he starts to do it right.

Whatever it is, communicate.

You only have to do it a couple of times.

He’ll remember and your future moments will be all the more intensely pleasurable as you can relax into it.

8. Be Adventurous With Positions

doggy style

I feel that this doesn’t need to be said, but for those of you who keep forgetting, you must pay attention to this.

Keep him guessing by introducing new ways of making love together.

It’s not that difficult, and you could end up finding a novel way of achieving that perfect state of sexual satisfaction.

And when he suggests a new position, be open and eager to try it.

Indeed, any time he comes up with something good, make a habit of praising him for it.

Whether it’s positions or ideas of raunchy roleplay, praising him will encourage him to continue innovating in the bedroom.

And you’ll reap the rewards.

9. Be Able To Build Tension

You’ll drive him crazy if you can learn how to slowly create sexual tension in your relationship.

He will, step by step, become so sexually energized and frustrated that he’ll literally be begging you to relieve him.

Being able to build tension effectively requires a few skills such as texting the right way, whispering the perfect words in his ear, or simply teasing him discretely in public.

Our Dirty Talk program goes through these processes as well as the mindset you will learn to adopt.

The program also comes with a comprehensive Sexting Guide, turning this technology into a powerful tool in your sexual arsenal.

But don’t take my word for it.

Try it yourself and join the thousands of women who have learned to subtly wrap their man around their little finger.

Just promise me that you’ll use it for good…