5 Naughty Sex Moves To Surprise Your Man

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That was my reaction to most articles on this topic.

Google “ sex moves to surprise your man ” and you’ll be severely disappointed.

Most articles you’ll find talk about various sex positions you can try out, or using pillows and other props.

While all those things are fine and dandy, they won’t really make your man go “Wow!”

Here’s what men really want you to do in bed, but will never tell you.

Stimulate His Largest Sexual Organ

Quick question:

What is the largest male sexual organ?

No, it’s not that.

It’s not that either.

I’ll clue you in:

It’s his brain.

Men like women who are nice and sweet… but they obsess and lust over women who are nice, sweet, and can stimulate his mind by talking dirty to them.

Unfortunately, saying you should talk dirty to him is one thing; doing it is completely different.

Most women don’t do it because they think they’ll sound stupid…or they feel silly by talking dirty at all…or they have absolutely no idea what to say.

I get it.

And explaining all you need to know would take a lot more words than I can write in this article.

That’s why I’ve created Dirty Talking Secrets – your ultimate guide to learning how to talk dirty to a man.

If you want to make your man obsess over you – and only you – be sure to check it out.

Bring Dessert To Bed

whipped cream sex

The more senses you can stimulate in a man, the better the sex will be.

One easy way to do this is to bring food to bed.

And no, I don’t mean pizza or Chinese.

Here are some good things you can use:

  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Honey
  • Caramel

And so on.

Now, there are two things you can do with this food:

You can either let him lick it off you…or you can be the one to do the licking.

Either way, it’s a fun and easy sex move that will bring a lot of excitement into your bedroom.

On a related note, if you don’t like giving blowjobs because you don’t like the taste of his dick, a good way to start is to cover it up with whipped cream or chocolate sauce and then lick it.

He gets an amazing blowjob and you get chocolate – that’s a true win-win situation.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Why do men watch porn?

Well, there are many reasons, but one of them is that men, in general, are very visual creatures.

We need to see hot stuff happening to fully enjoy it.

While porn addiction is a very big problem, this does present you with a great opportunity to rock his world – by making him a star of his own personal sex movie.

The only thing you need for this is a big mirror.

Get naked and kneel in front of him so the mirror is behind you – that way he sees your naked, sexy body in the mirror.

Start by giving him a long, juicy blowjob. (See the next point)

Experiment with changing angles and positions.

Once he’s primed and ready, start having sex in front of the mirror.

You can even add some dirty talking lines – the easiest ones would be to ask him if he likes what he sees.

Think of this mirror as an amplifier – everything you do, from blowjobs to sex, will be ten times better.

Be His Blowjob Queen

blowjob queen

It’s a sad fact that most men are lucky enough to get a blowjob only on their birthday.

The remaining 364 days of the year they are silently suffering and fantasizing about a woman who will satisfy their needs happily and without a question.

You need to be that woman.

Now, you might think that blowjobs are gross and demeaning to women.

That’s bullshit.

There’s nothing demeaning about pleasuring your partner and seeing the joy and happiness that he experiences…and knowing that you’re responsible for that.

Regular blowjobs turn men into more caring, devoted partners.

Yes, I’m serious.

If you are still queasy about giving a bj, or don’t know where to start, my buddy Jack has you covered.

Just check out this link and thank me later.

Location, Location, Location

Here’s a little secret I want to share with you:

Where you’re having sex is as important as how you’re doing it.

Be honest with yourself – when was the last time you had sex outside of yours or his bedroom?

And no, getting adventurous and doing it in the shower doesn’t count.

Young woman in jeans sitting on her boyfriend man on sandy ground on summer day with green nature at background

You have two options here:

You can either scout and try to find suitable locations beforehand, or you can wing it and be spontaneous.

It depends on your personality really.

Personally, I am a planner by nature, so when I did this I made several trips by myself and found several secluded places.

Next time I was on a date with my girlfriend, we oh so casually ended up there and had some of the most amazing sex.

The thrill of doing it outside, the danger of getting caught – it’s a real aphrodisiac.

Even if you’re very risk-averse, I highly recommend you try this out at least once.

Here’s a list of places to get you started.

P.S. If you really want to learn how to make a man obsess over you (and only you), there is one skill above all others you need to master.

Talking dirty.

Luckily, I’ve created Dirty Talking Secrets – the number one guide for women who want to learn how to become a sexual goddess and learn how to talk dirty to their man.