11 Sex Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

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Thank the internet that sex as a discussion topic has been thoroughly exposed.

Making love (or just plain getting it on) is becoming viewed less and less as an act that has to be perfect and impeccable.

Sex is clumsy, spontaneous, sometimes lacking, and sometimes embarrassing. And once the seriousness is gone, you realize how intimate and personal it can become.


If you find yourself in a rut with your SO (significant other), I’m here to offer my personal favorite sex games.

Not even the grouchiest grouch, insecure man, or a serious John will be able to keep a straight face and a stern composure after this list.

sexy couples game dice with sides that say, kiss, lick, tease, boobs, body, etc

For the hopeless romantics, I think I have a tip or two…

1. Leave a breadcrumb trail of your clothes for your SO, strewn strategically all around the house or the apartment. Start everything off with a post-it saying: Wanna play hide and seek?

And if you want to vary the clues, include texts, post-its, and voicemails that hint where you’ll be waiting for him. Guaranteed to make him smile!

2. Another lovely little game is called don’t give in. The goal of the game is to subtly and affectionately tease one another throughout the day, without either one of you giving in and instigating sex.

Now we know how difficult it is for men to keep their hands off us when the heat is on, so place a wager that, should you lose the game, you get to do what he wants.

For those who like to try out something new

3. Skinny dipping has to be one of the best, nerve-wracking experiences. Especially if it’s in an exposed body of water where you can easily get caught.

Bring your man for a romantic walk by the water, and when he least expects it, tempt him into the water like a true nymph, bonus points for a sensual striptease.

4. “Doe hunting.” Threesomes can be loads of fun and highly stimulating. When you decide on experiencing it, turn it into a hunt for that Jane Doe.

Dress in your finest, go out to a bar or a club and scan for the perfect one like two lions on a prowl. Give into the sensation, and even if you end up coming home as a duo, you’ll still be all over each other.

5. Less of a sex game to be played–and more of a challenge–get a vibrating toy that you can both use. Have one place it down their pants, while the other holds the remote, and go out for drinks.

With your SO in control of your stimulation, you’ll probably end the night early and get it on in the taxi home.

Woman sitting at restaurant with her boyfriend holding her smartphone and smiling

And you, digitally “inclined”, I haven’t forgotten about you…

6. Sexting is a thing of the past with the “what are you wearing” and “where are your hands now”. Up your sexting game by texting your SO something tame, and give him two-three options to choose from.

Something like… “I just got back from the store, exhausted… and missing you.

What should I do first? Take a nice hot shower? Change into something more comfortable? Or try out the underwear I just bought?”

And when he replies, your next action will give him two new choices, and so on.

Bonus points if you start the game just before he gets off work and you’re in for some lovin’ straight from the door.

7. Close distance sexting is also a more fun version of the traditional one, as you get to be naughty and lewd all you want, but in a public place together.

What makes this game fun is being able to maintain some kind of eye contact, sneaky smiles, and body language to accompany the texts, while still trying to go unnoticed by everyone else.

8. The third option is going to the Google or iPhone app store and digging through hundreds of fun and sexy apps.

From kama sutra to games of truth or dare, and the like, you are bound to find something you’ll both like.

illustration of a hand reaching out of a phone screen and holding a bra

For those who are more into the entertainment value…

9. You might think that beer pong is reserved for frat boys and girls who want to impress each other.

Well, that’s where you’d be wrong because the sexy variant of beer pong takes out the element of alcohol to include some fun nude times.

Arrange the plastic cups in a triangle, like you would in a regular game, and take turns trying to toss a ping pong ball into each one.

Start fully clothed, and with every cup scored, the losing party has to take off an article of clothing.

10. Movie night has got to be my favorite one. You get to watch a great movie with your SO, and you get the hot make outs without interrupting it. So what’s the deal?

Every time there is a commercial break, you use it for some intimacy.

Start with kissing, light touching, until you reach the fourth commercial break and you’re nearly ripping off each other’s clothes.


Stopping the sessions abruptly when the movie is back on ads to the excitement and the anticipation is spine-tingling, trust me.

11. And for those of you who like traditional games, but don’t have the creativity to make up or bend traditional rules, there are sexy games available online as well.

Card games, like Ardor, created by a couple, for couples is one such example.

Couple having some netflix and chill, cuddling on the sofa with popcorn, candles and a bottle of wine

To sum up

Take your SO, and sit him down beside you while you browse the internet for something that could be tailored just for you. Makes the whole experience way more fun.

When all is said and done, the real challenge is to establish what kind of couple you are when it comes to sex.

Your expectations and views of sex can really affect the kind of games you will like.


Who is to say you can’t try them all out and see which one suits you best? After all, you only live once, so you might as well have some fun.

Serious sex is so overrated these days. Laughs, mishaps and good old fun is what makes for the best memories.

And to take your sexual intimacy to the next level, you’re got to learn how to communicate intimately with him.

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