39 Relationship Goals To Strive For

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Relationships are tricky and when it comes to relationship goals, there are far too many unrealistic expectations out there.

When you have those types of expectations, you don’t go into the relationship with the right mindset. Relationships are meant to be difficult at times and not everything is perfect.

You see so many relationship goal social accounts and read a bunch of lists that have goals that are simply not reality.

In order to set things straight, I have some real relationship goals for you to strive for.

Table of Contents

1. Great Communication

This is pretty standard in any relationship but many couples often ignore it. Without having amazing communication, your relationship just won’t be healthy or happy.

2. Trusting Each Other

Trust is vital. That means you don’t care when his phone goes off or he comes home a bit late. You don’t just to crazy conclusions when he doesn’t call you exactly the minute he said he would.

You trust each other wholly and never assume anything.

3. Having The Same Morals

Matching morals are required. You simply can’t have a good relationship (for very long, at least) without having the same morals.

It’s one of the major things you both need to have in common and is a real relationship goal.

4. Having The Same Values In Life

This is just like your morals.

If one of you values mainly money and materialistic objects and the other values learning and exploration over money, you will have problems.

Even if you have other things in common, it just won’t work unless your values match up.

5. Wanting To End Up With Similar Lifestyles

Lifestyle is so important in a relationship. This has more to do with the future than the present.

If you want to grow old in a very hot climate and you’re not really the type to go outdoors and exercise much but you’re with someone who is the complete opposite of that, it will be very hard to make the relationship work.

6. Wanting The Same Things In Terms Of Family For Your Futures

These are relationship goals. When you both want the same types of families and futures together, it just works.

7. Being Each Other’s Strongest Support Systems

We all need great support. If you can’t count on each other to root and cheer when you’re trying to accomplish something, your relationship will be very hard to deal with.

You both need to always support each other and be each other’s biggest cheerleaders!

8. Traveling The World Together

This really only matters if you both like traveling.

If you do, this is definitely a relationship goal. Being so in sync that you can travel anywhere in the world and still be happy together is major.

9. Experiencing New Cultures Together

This has a lot to do with traveling the world but you can experience new cultures from home too.

The food you eat and just being adventurous when meeting and talking with new people does a lot for this. Being open to learning is what will strengthen your bond.

10. Becoming A Part Of Each Other’s Family

This is what relationships are all about.

Feeling as though you’re part of his family is what tells you that you’ve made it; your relationship is as good as it will get.

11. Going To Each Other For Advice About Your Problems

You can’t build a life with a man if you don’t even want him to have input on your life and decisions – and especially your problems.

You should trust their judgment above others and want to ask them for help.

12. Being Best Friends

Your significant other should be your best friend.

You should want to be with him and genuinely enjoy his company. This is another no-brainer when it comes to relationships that many don’t actually look for.

Make sure you do.

13. Laughing So Hard You Can’t Breathe

If you want to enjoy a life full of happiness, this should be one of your main relationship goal.

14. Going To Amusement Parks For The Whole Day

This is all about being able to have fun doing something interesting together.

An amusement park puts you front and center when it comes to fear, excitement, adrenaline, and, let’s be real, a bucketful of fried junk food.

If you can handle that together, you’re good.

15. Making Pillow Forts And Watching Movies For The Weekend

Who doesn’t want to relive childhood and lose themselves with their best friends for a whole weekend?

This is definitely a relationship goal and you should always work to keep your childhood alive.

16. Becoming Each Other’s Friend’s Friends

You can’t be with someone forever and not be a part of their friend group.

If you can seamlessly become their friend’s friend, you’ve made it and are at the epitome of relationship goals.

17. Having Amazing, Satisfying Sex

Sex is important in a relationship. Being able to please each other and keep that pleasure alive is invaluable.

18. Being Able To Talk About Sex Openly

And if you can’t please each other all the time, talking about ways to make it better is essential.

If you can’t openly discuss your sex life together, something is wrong.

Fix it if you want to maintain a strong bond together.

19. Talking Through Arguments To Solve Them

This isn’t about yelling or fighting. You can’t scream at each other and expect your relationship to last.

All couples fight. Being able to discuss the issues at hand and actually solve them together is so important.

20. Ignoring Negative Outside Influences On Your Relationship

There will always be people or other influences trying to pull you apart.

What makes your relationship strong is being able to ignore it because you’re genuinely happy where you are, together.

21. Taking Care Of Each Other When You’re Not Feeling Well

You need to be able to count on one another to pick up the slack when you’re sick.

It happens. You can’t always be 100% healthy and you need a partner who can maintain the house and make sure you have what you need when you’re feeling ill.

22. Relying On Each Other To Stick To Your Promises

Broken promises lead to resentment, unhappiness, and usually the demise of a relationship.

If you can both rely on each other by sticking to what you say, you’ll end up in a happy place together.

23. Building A Good Life Together

Your life will not look the same 5 years from now. Being able to work together to build a life you’re both happy with and proud of is one of the major relationship goals for any couple.

Have patience and make sure to do some compromising to make it happen.

24. Being Able To Be Your Goofy Selves Together

Life is too short to spend most of it pretending to be someone you’re not.

You want to be with someone who allows you to be crazy, silly, and just be yourself. You can’t truly let go and love your life without being able to do this.

25. Not Feeling The Need To Check In 24/7

This has a lot to do with trust.

When you don’t trust each other, you worry about him all the time. Real relationship goals is knowing that no matter what, you don’t need to worry.

They love you and you love them.

26. Being Comfortable Talking About Anything With Each Other

This can be your relationship, what you want in life, your health, your passions, and even being your weird normal self!

You have to be comfortable enough to open up about literally anything at all with your significant other. That’s what relationship goals are all about.

27. Never Judging Each Other For Anything

Being secure in your relationship is also about being secure in yourself.

And that’s really hard to feel if you both judge each other. You need to be all accepting – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Flaws bring you together so embrace them.

28. Being Loyal Because You Love Them THAT Much

This is something you probably already know but loyalty is obviously one of the key relationship goals.

You can’t have a great relationship if one of you is stepping out – even if the other doesn’t know it.

Be loyal and love each other.

29. Planning For The Future In Serious Ways

It’s easy to say, “hey let’s get a house like this in the future!” and it’s a whole other thing to actually make plans and start saving for it.

Having strong, serious plans for your combined future is what makes a relationship strong.

30. Learning Each Other’s Boundaries With Specific Topics

Everyone has certain sensitivities. You have to be able to continuously learn about each other and steer clear of upsetting one another.

The best way to do that is know your boundaries, and his.

31. Respecting Each Other’s Boundaries

Respect is so important.

This isn’t just with topics of discussion either. If your man is uncomfortable with something you do or are interested in, discuss it.

And then respect his opinions going forward.

32. Always Wanting To Do More And Be Better For Each Other

The man you’re meant to be with will always make you want to be a better woman for him.

It’s not that he tries to change you or ask you to do more. You just want to because you want him to have the best – so you become the best for him.

33. Learning His Love Language And Working To Make Him Feel Loved In His Special Way

There are 5 love languages out there and you might not have the same types.

Being able to learn how he feels the most loved and doing those things the most for him makes the biggest difference.

If he feels loved most by hearing words of affirmation, telling him how great he is and how proud of him you are is a highly important relationship goal.

34. Having Hilarious Inside Jokes That Leave You Bent Over In Giggles

Doesn’t everyone want this? Laughing so hard because of something you both remember from years ago is what love is about.

35. Knowing How He’s Feeling Without Even Having To Ask

After a while, you can just tell.

The way his face looks or the sound of his voice will be more than enough for you to understand what’s going on in his head.

36. Being Genuinely Interested In Each Other’s Passions

Your significant other’s passions are everything to him.

You have to be interested in what’s going on in that department of his life and show him just how much it means to you too.

37. Unconditional Support For Each Other

We all need support. And sometimes we need it unconditionally.

Being that for each other means more than you might even recognize. It’s a true relationship goal.

38. Only Wanting What’s Best For Each Other

No matter what, you want the best for him.

You want him to be happy, healthy, and safe. You will do anything you can to make sure he has the best, even if it’s not necessarily the best for you.

This is the type of relationship goal you need to have if you want to make it work.

39. Unconditional Love With Everything You Do For Each Other

Whatever you do for him, it has to be done with unconditional love.

Loving someone no matter the circumstances is a real relationship goal. You have to put aside your own feelings sometimes and show him that no matter what, you’re on his side. You’ll be there for him through thick and thin.

Some of these may seem very simple and even no-brainers when it comes to relationship goals but in all honesty, these qualities are what make relationships healthy, happy, and last a long time.