Is Your Ex in a Rebound Relationship? 8 Signs to Watch Out For

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The reality of watching your ex move on is never a fun one. But is your ex getting serious with someone new or is it just a rebound relationship?

Understandably, both situations would hurt, especially if he jumps into bed with someone new right after the split.

It’s hard to deal with the idea of him being with anyone new, but it can be easier to accept that he’s in a rebound versus a serious relationship.


It hurts less. A rebound relationship might be his way of moving on. Knowing the difference, however, isn’t easy to figure out.

Watching for these signs he’s in a rebound relationship will be sure to put your mind at ease.

1. It happened right away

This is especially true if your relationship was long-term and very serious. People can’t realistically get over it fast enough to start something real with someone else.

So it’s a great sign that he’s just with her for the rebound.

The quicker he’s with someone else, the more certain you can be that it’s not something serious.

Serious relationships take time to form and you have to get to know each other before diving right in.

You can also think back to when the two of you got together and how long it took to become “official.”

If it took longer than what it did for him to hop on board with someone else, it’s safe to say it’s just a rebound relationship.

2. It’s someone who’s clearly not his type

The guy you go for post breakup isn’t someone you’re going to actually want to date. That’s kind of the point.

And in his case, that could be completely accurate. The girl he’s with probably isn’t the type of person he’d end up dating in the long run. She’ll be a lot different than you.

That might even be his plan. He could just want to defy you and your relationship by being with someone who’s the complete opposite of you and any girl he’d truly be interesting in.

So pay attention to the girl he’s dating. She’ll be able to tell you if they’re in a rebound relationship or the real thing.

3. He’s flaunting it

This is usually done as a means of upsetting you. He’s purposely trying to get back at you by posting pictures and updates about the new girl he’s “smitten” with.

If he really jumps into a relationship after the breakup with someone he really likes, he wouldn’t really be boasting about it because he wouldn’t feel a need to.

The fact that he’s advertising this new relationship shows how much he wants you and everyone else to see him happy. And that’s probably because he’s honestly miserable.

4. He’s acting shady toward you

He could be avoiding you or your questions or he could just be acting mean in general. This shows his resentment and anger toward you.

And that means that if he’s with someone else and trying to tell you how much he’s happy with her, he’s probably full of it.

It’s likely that he’s trying to get back at you and acting shady toward you is just one way of doing that.

He wants you to see all he has, but he doesn’t want you to question it because then you’ll figure out the relationship isn’t real.

5. It seems their relationship is moving fast

This one is easy to tell just by his social updates and pictures. What does their relationship look like and how long has it been since they got together?

It’s easy to determine because you know how fast he typically moves in a serious relationship. You were with him at the start of yours so you understand him.

So think about what that looked like. Did you two move really fast or did you take things slow? How long did it take him to confess he wanted to be in a real relationship with you?

If it took him a long time with you and almost no time at all with this new person, it’s just a rebound relationship.

6. He’s doing things with her you always wanted to do

If you think about all the plans you two had together and see that he’s doing those things with this new person, it’s definitely a rebound.

Not only is he trying to get your attention and even get back at you, but he could also be coping in his own way.

By getting with someone new and accomplishing those things, it might serve as closure for him but it also serves as a distraction and a rebound.

7. He’s still making contact with you

If he were in a serious relationship with someone else, he wouldn’t feel the need to keep in touch with his ex.

The fact that he’s still talking to you shows just how not serious the relationship he’s in is.

Most likely, he wants to keep the connection with you open while also finding a way to either make you jealous or satiate his need to be with someone.

So if he’s calling you up and texting you randomly, yet claims this new girl is a serious partner, he’s full of it.

8. Their relationship is all physical

This is really the basis of most rebound relationships. He might be with someone else, but if it’s only physical, it’s not serious.

Many people use physical relationships that are all about sex as a means to get over someone and stop thinking about them.

It’s hard to think about an ex breaking your heart when you’re in bed with someone else.

You can tell whether this is the case if he’s posting pictures of them kissing or he’s not really posting them on dates or anything at all.

If it seems like they only spend their time together in bed, they probably do.

Knowing whether or not your ex is in a rebound relationship can be reassuring. It’ll help ease some tension and pain if you know he’s not getting serious with someone anytime soon.

Watch for these signs and you’ll know if he’s just with her to get over you.