How to Protect Yourself from Serial Cheaters on Dating Sites

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One of the best things about online dating is also one of the worst things about it:
There are thousands of men for you to meet, so even when you have found a great match, there are still numerous alternatives out there to consider!
Unfortunately, many men are never just satisfied with one relationship. They take full advantage of what these platforms have to offer ‘committing’ to as many women as they can.
If you are all about monogamy, then this might be a problem for you.
Here are a few tips and tricks that should help you identify serial daters and avoid them.

How to Spot Serial Cheaters on Online Dating Sites

They give dodgy answers to important questions

Every time you try to get deep and ask serious questions, you never get a straight answer. That is common with serial cheaters who do not want to give up too much potentially incriminating information. 

You will experience this mainly when you start asking about things like past relationships and current social life.

They’re always avoiding offline dates

If your online partner keeps canceling or straight-up refusing to go on physical dates, then that’s a red flag. 

It could be because:

  • They are not actually who they say they are (that’s called catfishing).
  • They’re not actually interested in anything serious.
  • They are already in a relationship with someone else.

That’s the type of men you want to avoid.

woman shocked by phone

They keep their friends and family out of the loop

Sometimes, the man may agree to meet you for dates, but they refuse to let you meet their friends and family. When someone goes out of their way to keep you a secret, it is not a good sign. 

While they may not want you to meet their close social circle because they are not ready for a serious relationship, it could also be because their families have already met another current lover.

They have lots of active online dating profiles

No one serious about their relationship still keeps an active online dating profile. And forgetting to deactivate it is not a legitimate excuse!

If you find out that your partner still has one or more active accounts on different dating sites, then that is a sure sign that you’ve been played.

man takes mask off

They call or text at weird times

Unless you are in different time zones, calls or texts at weird hours of the day are suspicious. This means that the person not only has another active relationship but is probably also seeing these people offline. So, you are not only getting cheated on, but you’re also a few steps behind your competition.

The relationship is moving too fast

Serial cheaters on online dating platforms usually only want one thing:


They also tend not to waste any time asking for it. They may ask for phone sex, raunchy photos, or to get together for a hookup. 

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about a little fun! However, if it all happens too soon, there are chances that he/she is also trying to get the same elsewhere.

couple on bed intimate

Excessive use of pet names

There is no denying that it’s super sweet when they call you ‘sweet pea’ or ‘pumpkin.’ Unfortunately, some people use these pet names as a way to avoid mixing up names of all their current dating projects. It is not a 100% sure sign, but it is worth investigating.

There’s a history of cheating

The best indicator of future cheating is the past. It is always important to give people a second chance but not to disregard their history completely. That is especially the case if they do not seem particularly remorseful about their old ways.

They don’t post about you on their social media

It is another one that is not 100% accurate but is still worth considering in a day and age where if it isn’t on social media, it doesn’t exist.’ When investigating this clue, try and distinguish between a cheater and someone who likes to keep their personal life private. 

Your gut says so

If you feel that something just isn’t adding up, then it is best to end things fast. Trust me – you do not want to wait for proof that you were right all along.


These ten red flags in a new relationship are ones you should constantly look out for. It doesn’t matter whether you just started talking or you’ve been in an online LDR for months. 

Remember, the most important thing is that you protect your heart. And constant vigilance is a great way to start.