101 Best Places To Have Sex Before You Die

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​You’ve heard of having a bucket list.

But let’s be honest.

Most bucket lists are boring.

So here’s a thought…

Did you ever think about creating a second, more sexually adventurous bucket list?

And instead of bungee jumping or sky diving or swimming with dolphins…

You created a list of some of the most adventurous places to have sex.

And before you start scratching your head trying to come up with some great locations, I’m here to let you know I’ve got you covered.

I’ve put together a list of the 101 best places ever to have sex.

And we’re not talking about a list full of only the most popular or common locations.

We’ve also got public, crazy, fun, strange and dangerous places to have sex.

So pick and choose which ones are right for you, and get working now on your new bucket list.

pen on an open and empty notebook

Table of Contents

Before We Begin…

Let’s agree on one thing.

Great sex requires the trust and intimate knowledge of your boyfriend or husband.

Yet building this connection takes time and a degree of familiarity.

Here’s an ugly truth:

No matter how much you love each other, or how good your relationship is, you’re going to fall into a predictable routine.

It’s an inevitable part of every relationship. A period of absence can help.

But do you want to know the best way to break the routine?

Have sex in new and crazy places.

You’ve heard the old saying in real estate:

Location, location, location.

Well, the same applies to sex.

But before you rush off out the door with your man, read on…

There is more to it than showing up at your chosen venue.

You want to make sure you don’t end up in jail, or injuring yourself or others as a result of your thrill-seeking behavior.

So take the time to prepare and research your location.

You want to find that balance between highly arousing, and highly likely you’ll get caught.

Because while dangerous, unusual, or public places can be a great way to relive raunchy memories from your adolescence, please make sure you don’t break any laws or injure yourself or others.

Public Places To Have Sex

sex in public

Sex in public can be the most exciting way to experience a sexual connection with your partner.

But be warned, the chances of getting caught are high with these suggestions.

And remember, you’ll need easy-access clothing to make your chances of success high.

1. Back of a police cruiser

In 2014, a Wisconsin couple managed just this, after they had been arrested for drunk driving. The officers put them in the back of their police cruiser, but the couple were soon at it, and quickly discovered.

2. Office cafeteria

You’ll need to scout out the quiet times, most likely towards the end of the day. Or maybe having to work on the weekend might not be such a painful proposition…

3. Gym sauna

Keep one eye on the door, and watch through the glass for someone who could potentially interrupt you. Either way, it’s not going to last long because of the heat.

4. Laundromat

Watch out for surveillance cameras, and find a space beside a large machine in a corner of the room.

5. Bouncy house

Just make sure there are no kids around, please!

6. Ferris wheel

Discretion is key here. A couple in Las Vegas were not so lucky.

7. Bank safety deposit vault

You’ll need a safety deposit box before you can even contemplate this location.

8. Subway

train hand holders

An early morning train is your best bet. Late-night trains are going to be full of commuters returning from bars.

9. Public library

The larger the library the better. But keep the volume down!

10. Park bench

Some parks close at night so you could find a way to sneak in. Otherwise, find a suitable bench after dark.

11. Movie theatre

Many movie theatres lie empty for afternoon screenings of average movies. You’ll often find yourself alone on the right day. Either way, the darkness and sound of the film will help you.

12. Elevator

Bring your A-game for the elevator location. Position yourself away from the security camera, and be prepared to quickly halt if the elevator stops.

13. Phone booth

If you can even find one these days, they’re often in very public places. You’ll need to locate one in a less-crowded locale and consider a late-night attempt.

14. Under a busy overpass

Probably one of the less high-risk spots, you can find a suitable spot with good knowledge of the city around you. Darkness will cover you but beware of vagrants and drunks.

train overpass over a road and forest pedestrian trail

15. Dorm room of a hostel

This will be harder to pull off if you’re past the age of most hostel-goers. In my experience, it’s not too uncommon for drunken travelers to engage in this, even with 6-16 others sleeping in the same dorm room.

16. Parking lot during daylight hours

Timing will be of critical importance as will finding the right location. You can get into serious trouble with the law if you are caught.

17. Dressing room of a clothing store

If you haven’t tried this before, go for one in a large department store. There are fewer store workers around. When you have graduated from this, try a small boutique store on for size.

18. The balcony of your hotel room

This could be the least risk or the highest risk, depending on where the balcony is situated. Still, try it, and feel the air pass over your body, while staring down at the traffic below.

19. Public pool

pool sex

Aim for after-hours with this one, as children and families could notice during the day time. Even at night time though, be wary of guards, or alarm systems around the fence. You get bonus points if you use underwater sex toys at the same time.

20. Underneath the bleachers at a crowded game

In the right spot, this will be exhilarating. The sound of the roaring crowd and the adrenaline rush at the fear of being caught. Research is essential with this one.

21. Ski lift

Your ski clothing will make this one difficult. However, some lifts can take a significant amount of time to reach the peak. Make sure you leave enough time to get everything buttoned back up.

22. Disneyland

Again, any spot that could risk children or families noticing must be thoroughly scouted to avoid the risk of this happening. But if you are successful, you’ll grin every time you see a Disney movie on TV.

23. University lecture hall

If you know the lecture schedule for each hall, you could time this well. However, take precautions for timetable changes.

24. Fire escape stairwell

Find the right location for an indoor stairwell and you could have the perfect spot for you to sneak into his building for some afternoon delight.

25. Rooftop bar

Definitely one of the more challenging locations. Timing is key here. It’s likely that you won’t have long when you do finally get a moment.

26. Car hood by the side of the road

Not just a great public sex location, being thrust over the warm hood of his car is a hot way to take a break from all the driving.

Crazy Places To Have Sex

crazy sex

If you get tired of risking everything for a quickie in public, see if anything in this section catches your eye.

And yes, I agree with you.

Few of these ideas are traditionally sexy.

But you’re here because you want to mix things up with your lover.

Predictable is boring. Try something new.

27. Paddling pool full of K-Y Jelly

Possibly the most appealing of all the suggestions on this list, and the most tried. Just try to source some big tubs of K-Y to make the preparation a little easier. And if you want to try something other than K-Y, we’ve got some great food suggestions here.

28. Stony beach

By now you’ll have had sex on a sandy beach, so why not try a less comfortable but more challenging environment?

29. Carwash

And I mean a mechanical carwash, as in within the machine. But don’t try to be a hero – wait until it’s inactive before you move near it. And get the hell out of there when you see a car approaching to use it!

30. In the mud at a music festival

Music festivals come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll want to attend a wild, drug-fueled event if you want to get down and dirty (literally) here.

31. Amtrak train restroom

Probably not the most sanitary sex location, but the rocking motion of the train can make for an intense experience. Just watch out for the train conductor.

32. Port-o-Potty

Feeling a little shy about getting muddy at the music event? Sneak into an outdoor toilet for a quickie. And, of course, this is not for the faint of heart for reasons we don’t need to discuss. Still, it’s another one to tick off your list…

33. Animal feed shed at a farm

Visiting a local open-farm? Wander around and see if you can find a barn where the animal feed is stored. It’s the last place anyone would think of looking.

a large wooden barn in the middle of a wheat field next to large rolls of straw

34. Waste disposal site

You’d need to be seriously determined to want to try this one, yet the thrill of the unexpected drives many couples to explore. Something about a dirty environment to make you feel naughty and dirty for having sex there.

35. Horse stable

Even better if the horse is there to watch, and if it’s just been mucked out. Just make sure the horse is calm, and not easily frightened.

36. Abandoned warehouse

Keep an eye out for squatters who might use this location for their own reasons. It otherwise makes a great place for safe out of the house sex.

37. Pile of autumn leaves

The drier the better. And the thicker the pile the better. Something romantic about the auburn colors and rustling.

38. Hospital laundry room

Get the timing right and you’ll have found a warm, clean spot. Just keep watch for hospital staff and surveillance cameras. Also, make sure you have an escape route planned.

39. Truckstop restroom

It may not be the cleanest place but you’ll be sure to feel his intensity after being cooped up in the car for hours.

40. Foam party

Maybe a little more difficult to find a suitable party at a convenient time, but if you can find deep enough foam at the location, you could end up seriously enjoying it.

41. Back of a taxi

Consider tipping the driver beforehand and just hope he’ll be ok with it. There’s no way he won’t notice.

42. Horse trailer

Seize the opportunity as it arises. While the owner is out with the horse, the trailer will lie empty.

43. Desert

Definitely one of the harder locations. Serious thought will be required to get this one properly planned. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.

big sand dune at coral national park

44. Dark alleyway

Everybody knows at least one dark alleyway in their neighborhood. Check it out during the day and make sure it’s safe for a return visit at night.

45. Dark, wet cave

Finding the cave will be difficult, and you’ve got to make sure it doesn’t flood when the tide comes in. But it will prove a memorable experience.

46. The restroom of a nightclub

Make sure you are familiar with the club, its policy, and its security staff. Some places are laxer than others.

47. Behind the dumpster at the gas station

If you don’t mind the smell of the trash you’ll find a discrete spot here for a quickie. Watch out for staff members though.

48. In the shell of a burned-down home

If somebody died in the fire, this one would belong in the Strange Places To Have Sex section. But otherwise, this location provides great cover and unique, dark surroundings. Be careful not to injure yourself on any debris.

49. Long, wet grass

Your only real hazards here are insects. But you’ll know the likelihood of them bothering you. Long grass, just after rainfall, will ensure you are both soaking afterward, but there is something primal about having sex in such a natural situation.

Fun Places To Have Sex

fun places to have sex

Perhaps this section should have come first in this article.

But that would be a little predictable, right?


Now just because these locations are easier than the other ones I’ve selected, it doesn’t mean you should skip over them.

And even though we already explained how to get a guy to like you, take him to one of these places for a sexual adventure and you’ll blow his mind.​

50. Deep in the woods

If you get the weather right, this trip will be one to remember. Bring a thick blanket to lay over a soft patch of woodland. You can use it to lay back and lose yourself in the sight and sound of swaying trees afterward.

51. On top of the washing machine

Would the inventor of the washing machine have conceived of this use for his creation? Maybe not. The height and vibration of the machine are just perfect for most couples.

52. Back of the car in a quiet parking lot

Even though this is one of the easier ones, you’re still going to get a kick out of it.

53. Over a pool table

The height of the table may present a problem, but get him to stand on some books or something suitable to make it more comfortable.

54. Hot tub

Make sure the tub is clean and the water is filtered properly. Hot tub water is perfect for microorganisms to grow in.

55. Office filing room with the door locked

When the boredom, the stress and the tiredness of work get too much for you and your partner, strategically sneak away for a few minutes. Just make sure no colleagues are going to interrupt you.

56. Your childhood bedroom

As a teenager, you used to dream of the man of your dreams. How much nostalgic romance could you create with a trip home? Don’t put it off for too long – your old room won’t be around forever.

57. Strip club

You need to check with club policy but the highly sexual environment could make a great location for you and your man.

private back room at strip club, with arm chair a dancing pole and velvet curtains

58. Barn

The smell of the hay, the fresh air, the peace and quiet of the countryside… it’s no wonder that barns have always made great places to have sex.

59. Bent over the back of the car on an old quiet country road

How about that for a mouthful? Spend a moment picturing the scene and feeling the sensations…

60. Kitchen table

Have him interrupt you while you are busy preparing dinner. Of course, not too busy. Try keeping the table clear as much as possible to avoid accidental damage.

61. The public park at night

Select your entry point carefully. Many park fences are easy to get injured on. Once you’re in though, it’s all yours. Choose a night with a full moon to make the experience even more memorable.

62. Yacht

You may need deep pockets to experience this one. But it will be worth every penny.

63. Cheap motel

Sometimes dirty, nasty sex is what you both need. You could incorporate some sexualized roleplay into this one. Plus, your costs are kept low.

car pulling into classic 70's motel drive in. With neon signs that say "motel"

64. Camping

Making love in a tent is an experience everyone should try. Whether camping in the wild or at a campground, you’ll feel close to nature, making for an animalistic experience.

65. Garden shed

Wander down the garden together and slip into the dusty old shed. The smell of old paint, rusted metal, and oil will be a welcome change for your senses.

66. Limo

Check with your driver about ensuring privacy. He’ll oblige if you tip well. And don’t worry too much about the cost. Hiring a limo is not as expensive as it once was.

67. Airplane

This location is difficult to pull off these days. Everything is highly regulated on airplanes and security is paramount. Still, it is possible to slip into the restroom together on overnight flights. Just be wary of the airline staff.

68. Park picnic table

Remember those childhood times when you’d be gathered around the park picnic table with your family? Well here’s another use for the picnic table. You’re likely going to have to wait until nightfall and watch out for joggers.

69. Shower

Probably the most popular place to have sex, outside the bedroom. Still, there’s a reason why it’s so common. Don’t leave it out.

70. Under the stars

It could be your back garden, the local park, or even nearby school grounds. Wherever you go, check the weather forecast in case of sudden showers, and bring a thick blanket to relax on afterward.

Strange Places To Have Sex

strange place to have sex

We all have a dark side.

But not everyone wants to go down that road.


If you do, read on.

If you want to push the limits of your tolerance for the creepy and weird, try a few of these locations.

71. Church confessional

Most of these are very small compartments or rooms so you’ll need to be inventive with your positions. Get to know the service schedule so you don’t get caught out during the day. Remember that most churches are locked at night too.

72. Deserted house

And I mean deserted as in war zone or disaster zone. Not only are you risking life and limb being in the area, but you’re also entering a place that was once home to real people.

73. Hospital restroom

Hospitals are places where the diseased, dying and suffering go. But it’s also where new life is delivered. I guess it depends on which floor the restroom is located!

74. Funeral home

The creep level is increasing… It would need to have been a person you didn’t really know or care about what brought you there in the first place.

75. Prison cell

It would have to be a visit to a prison museum because it’s going to take a lot of effort to get inside a real one. Unless, of course, you’re a guard or an inmate.

76. Parents’ shower

Definitely not the most romantic of places. Good luck keeping thoughts of your folks out of your head…

rain shower head

77. School bus

Perhaps the least strange on this list, but one of the more easy ones to tick off your list. Find out where they’re parked when not in use.

78. Cemetery

Maximum points if you pull this one off on a dark winter night, under a full moon. It’s likely you’ll be watching out more for the dead than anybody living.

79. The holy site in Jerusalem

Churches are one thing, but attempting to have sex in the epicenter of Christianity and Judaism is another. Local knowledge is essential.

80. Crime scene

The longer after the crime, the easier. The area will likely be subject to police presence too. Check that you’re not violating any laws (of the land or ethical) before you try this one.

81. Tanning bed

It’ll be uncomfortable but it’s another unique location to cross off your list. Obviously don’t try anything until the machine is inactive.

82. Storage locker

Assuming you can avoid the surveillance cameras, and close the door over, you’ve got the perfect location for some quick, hot sex. Just watch out for passers-by.

83. Morgue

This one is a little too twisted for my taste but you might be the type to push the boundaries. You’re going to have to research this carefully to avoid getting caught. And that’s assuming you’re not there because of the passing of a loved one – which would hardly put anyone in the mood for sex.

84. Igloo

couple having a date insade an igloo in their backyard

Be careful of exposure and any candles you might have burning. It might be a little awkward with your heavy clothing too. Still, if you somehow find yourself in an igloo, at least give it a shot!

85. Coffin

For me, this is the strangest one on the list.

Why would you even?

But I’m here to give you ideas, not judge you…

86. Pirate ship

The only pirates these days dwell off the Gulf of Aden so unless you want to get involved with them, you’ll have to settle with a historic/museum ship. These abound so find one close to you and visit it to see what’s possible.

87. Your parents’ bed

Perhaps a little more creepy than your parents’ shower but it’s your choice, not mine.

88. Back of a hearse

Right, I promise this is the last of the truly strange location ideas. But if you manage to pull this off, please write to me and explain how on earth you did it.

89. Chernobyl

The site of a devastating nuclear accident in the 1980s, the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl is open for tourist excursions these days. It’s still a ghost town and many parts are unsafe due to radiation, but you may find a suitable spot.

90. Retirement home

Sex is about youth and energy. So good luck getting horny in a place where people go to live out the last days of their lives. Be wary of vigilant staff.

Dangerous Places To Have Sex

austin powers live dangerously

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You’re risking serious injury to you or your lover by attempting to have sex in any of the following places.

And while the extra risk can make for even more adrenaline-fueled sex, only you can decide what is worth it, and what is not.

91. Small fishing boat

You’re far out on a lake in a little fishing boat. Far enough that nobody can see you. Just be careful that you don’t rock too hard and capsize the small vessel. Help will be quite some time away.

92. Horseback

Having sex on the back of a horse would prove not only logistically difficult but also dangerous. Make sure you know the nature of the horse and that it won’t frighten easily.

93. On top of a bridge

You’ve seen the crazy videos of the people who scale incredibly high buildings? Well if you and your lover have a taste for heights and daring adventure, choose a suitable bridge. Just remember that you’re likely to get in trouble with the law, and you should utilize suitable safety harnesses.

94. Condemned building

The building is scheduled to be demolished – can you enjoy one last romp before it no longer exists?

colorful balconies and walls on the side of a condemned building

95. Old childhood treehouse

The treehouses I’ve known have become death traps over time. They’re just not built to last. So take your chances. Yours might be more sturdy.

96. Busy construction site

Moving machines, heavy loads swinging about on cranes, dirt and dust everywhere – and not to mention the leering eyes of the workmen. If your man is working on the site, he’ll know the best place – and the safest.

97. Father’s home office

Of course, this will depend on your dad. Think Meet The Parents. And multiply his rage by your invasion of his home study, his sacred space. But there’s nothing to worry about (if you don’t get caught).

98. Movie set

Not as dangerous as a construction site, but movie sets are full of flimsy props and backdrops, lighting, wires, and expensive equipment. Not to mention all the people running around.

99. Skydiving

Before you dismiss this as impossible, a French-Canadian man achieved this with the receptionist of the skydiving company.

100. While he’s still driving the car

All I’ll say is, drive slow and carefully. You’ll have to trust in his driving skills. But you’re guaranteed a thrilling experience. Try it on a disused or private road to minimize the chances of a crash.

Man driving a red convertible with hands in the air, wife bent down in passengers seat

101. Beehive

Not in a beehive, but next to it. Protective clothing is optional but recommended. This is one you do to say you did it, rather than truly enjoying the experience.

Final Words

You’ve got no excuse not to try at least a few of these best places to have sex.

In fact, you’ve got to.

Want to make it even better?

There is one last STRONG tip you must take with you on this journey to make it so much better.

Yes, I’m talking about taking the art of dirty talking with you to those places to have sex.

It’s crucial to bring it to your sex life.


Because it’s the missing element people are missing in their relationships mostly.

What do I mean?

How many times you had fun with your partner, and then you got bored after a while?

How many times did you hear your friends breaking up because it’s not working anymore?

Now imagine this, you made all the effort and found unique places to have sex and now you whisper the right words in his ear.


Your partner won’t be able to realize where it came from.

You will bring so much more to the relationship…

It will open him up, make him feel more desired and he will realize that he has to catch up with your language and desires.

When that happens, he is going to go out of the comfort zone and try even harder.


Words are our strongest tool to communicate as humans. Putting the right words in the right energy at the right time, will not just make it feel better. It will make a HUGE impact on your (sex) life, and your relationships (not just with your boyfriend…)

But be careful…

Using the wrong words at the wrong timing can turn it into something cringy…

This is a weapon that must be used wisely.

That’s why I wrote ALL you need to know about dirty talking, and how it’s done STEP BY STEP.

So, before you go to your next place to have wild sex. Make sure to grab your weapon, and shock his world and get what you desire.

Dirty Talking Secret book cover