11 Fun New Things To Try In Bed With Your Man

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Doing the exact same things day in,  day out can quickly become tiresome, to say the least.

It often leads to relationship difficulties which is exactly the one thing you want to avoid, right?

As with anything, mixing in a little bit of fun makes things so much more pleasurable, including what you choose to do in the bedroom, or in your bed for that matter.

Remember, you don’t always have to play it safe.

Often, moving out of your comfort zone in order to please your partner allows you to discover a side to you that you didn’t realize even existed.

There are times when it’s necessary to try new things in bed in order to rekindle the flame, making your steamy bedroom sessions interesting again.

Thus, don’t be afraid to add these 11 new things to try in bed in order to add a little bit of variety to your bedroom shenanigans.

close up on woman's mouth biting her lip

1. Throw in some dirty talking.

It may not come naturally and for some women, it’s even a little bit awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s important to initiate sex by introducing a little bit of dirty talking.

If you’re brand new to it, why not add the juicy Dirty Talking Secrets to your reading list?

2. Add a feather or two.

The mind is one of the most powerful tools you have in your possession.

By incorporating a feather into your foreplay sessions, you’ll be surprised at what you can do with a simple tickle.

Besides, if you’re not quite ready for blindfolds and handcuffs, trying a gentle feather is perfect.

3. Learn to cuddle again.

When was the last time you simply cuddled with your man?

When it comes to new things to try in bed, learning to cuddle again maybe one of the most basics things you can incorporate.

It boosts your immune system and releases much-needed endorphins.

Couple Laughing In Bed Under Blankets

4. Laugh!

Laughing and having fun in a non-dirty way can be just as enjoyable as having full-on sex.

It’s important to be happy in your relationship if you plan on having a healthy sex life. So, learn to laugh, even if it’s in bed when you wake up in the morning.

5. Did anyone say bondage?

If using a feather simply won’t cut it, why not go the extra mile and add a little bit of leather and a whip?

You can be either submissive or dominant, depending on what he prefers more, as long as you’re willing to show him that you’re ready for anything.

While you’re at it, add a little bit of role play, incorporate chains, and be daring in ways that he has never seen in you before.

You may blow his mind to the point where he simply won’t be able to leave you alone.

6. Remember the handcuffs.

Who said adding furry handcuffs to your bedroom play won’t make a huge difference?

Trying new things in bed with your man often means having to introduce things you never thought of. Tie him to the bed and take full advantage of him.

whip, leather hand cuffs and lace underwear

He’ll enjoy it, guaranteed.

7. Back to basics by making out.

There’s simply nothing more fun than making out with the person you desire.

Sure, things may not stay there for long, but it’s important to do the basic things that made your relationship blossom from the start.

Besides, who doesn’t enjoy kissing?

8. Explore different locations.

Although the bedroom is the norm, exploring different locations can often change the mood completely.

Thus, if your bedroom has become quite boring, why not explore these 101 best places to have sex before you die and become quite the adventurer outside of the bedroom.

shower sex

9. Good and honest lovemaking.

When was the last time you actually made love the way you’re supposed to, without any sex toys or positions where you’re unable to look at your partner?

You simply can’t replace good and honest lovemaking that enables you to fully connect with the person you love.

10. Learn to massage.

With various heated and flavored oils on the market, massaging your man can be just as fun and exciting as having sex.

Not only does it arouse him, but it also enables him to fully relax and get into the moment when he’s had a rough day at work.

11. Introduce sweet things.

If you suffer from having a sweet tooth and enjoy sex, why not incorporate both into your steamy bedroom sessions by introducing honey or whipped cream.

When searching for new things to try in bed, often adding small basics can make the biggest difference.

Woman hand holds strawberry with whipped cream on top of the berry. Pink background

Bonus tip: Share a meal.

Practice a little bit of foreplay, have rough sex, eat pizza, and watch a movie in bed. It’s simple and sweet, yet definitely something fun that you may not do on a regular basis. Remember, it’s all about trying new things that allow you to be yourself with someone else.

When it comes to new things to try in bed, moving out of your comfort zone is often the key to success. Remember, no one wants to do the exact same thing in bed for years, not even those who enjoy having a set routine.

It’s boring and can result in one or both parties searching for a little bit of excitement outside of your relationship–which is the last thing you want to see happen. You’re still young at heart and have needs of your own, right?

Thus, it’s important to add a little bit of variety by introducing fun, new things to try in bed, whether it’s learning to cuddle properly or exploring new ways to touch your guy during sex.

It’s all about team effort and being invested in change.

Besides, what do you have to lose except old, boring habits?

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…his brain.

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