Why Is My Husband Ignoring Me And What Can I Do About It?

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That sinking feeling.

That feeling of indignation that follows.

What else do you experience when your husband ignores you?

But, more importantly, what can you do about it?

Before we look at what action to take, let’s try to understand why this is happening and how your husband is ignoring you?

Time For Them, But Not For You

Most of the women who contact me talk about three main issues. But they all ask the about the same problem: why my husband ignores me.

The first issue involves general activities. It seems their men only want to spend their free time with their male friends.

And you also know that this is not necessarily a bad thing, right?


But where do you draw the line?

Before you were married you used to enjoy exciting dates and adventures together.

Now it seems that he just ignores you when you suggest doing something – just the two of you.

The thing is, it’s important for your husband to spend time with his male friends.

But not all of his time.

Male friends are great for helping each other out, solving problems, and getting things off their chests together – saving their wives and girlfriends the stress of trying to help or getting involved.

However, when it seems that’s all he wants to do, you know something is not right.

Next, it’s communication.

Why Don’t We Text Anymore?

wife texting

You remember those days, early on in you and him.

The excitement when you received a text message, and the nervous anticipation while you waited for him to respond.

Now you can only wonder why this has stopped.

Of course, a husband and wife get used to each other, and a degree of familiarity steps in.

But it doesn’t have to be just texting. Maybe he’s busy on his phone during breakfast, or now he prefers to eat dinner in front of the TV.

Either way, things aren’t the same and you’re not happy about it.

Deep down, you know that something is not right.

He just doesn’t seem interested in you anymore.

It’s like he knows what to expect and just won’t make the effort with you.

Sexual Breakdown

Finally, we get to the meat of the issue.

If you’re experiencing the problems described above, you’re almost guaranteed to be experiencing problems in the bedroom too.

The reason why your husband is ignoring you is most often because you’ve lost that sexual connection that brought you together in the first place.

This problem can manifest in different ways.

You might be having sex very rarely. In fact, it becomes the exception and not the rule it once was.

Perhaps when you do have sex, he seems to lack vigor, or his mind seems to drift off elsewhere.

Maybe you’ve stopped having sex altogether and he has replaced you with an addiction to pornography.

And I’m not exaggerating when I say that porn is a real problem for men.

In the worst-case scenario, he might even have started to see another woman on the side.

Regardless of how your sexual breakdown presents itself, you need to take action if you want to save your marriage and regain your happiness.

(P.S. We have a guide teaching women how to talk dirty to their man and become his sexual goddess – you should check it out.)​

How To Get Your Husband To Stop Ignoring You

husband and wife happy

My experience shows that when you get the sexual connection with your husband right, everything else falls into line.

The issues with spending time together and the breakdown in communication will all go away, and spontaneously resolve.

You’re going to have to do a little work and discover some of the techniques that women who used to be in your situation learned.

But don’t worry. Work, in this case, is going to make you feel great, and him suddenly addicted to you.

You’re going to bring the romance back into your relationship.

Now, remember, your idea of romance is different from his.

You imagine it as creating an intimate connection with him, and he imagines it as a game, where you are the prize if he plays it right.

What if I told you that the way to do this is by…

Text messages.

Yes, text messages.

Seems a little crazy. I mean how can you turn around your failing relationship with text messages?

Of course, it’s not only text messages. You’re going to learn how to tease, tantalize and talk dirty to your husband using this proven texting strategy.

When you’ve reactivated your husband’s desire, he’ll pounce on you like an animal.

You see, it involves building tension, and anticipation.

These are critical elements in creating romance between you and your husband.

But how can you do this in the fast-paced world?

You can’t write each other letters.

It’s difficult to talk dirty on the phone when you’re both at work.

The kids are around when you need a moment to tease him.

This is where the power of texting comes in. Texting is discreet, private, and secret.

All perfect ingredients for bubbling tension to build between you and your husband throughout your day.

Imagine him sitting at work and receiving your raunchy words. He’ll find it unbearable to wait out the day until he gets home to you.

You’ll learn the secrets of how to get your man’s attention and make him stop ignoring you.

You’ll learn exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.

So take action, and don’t wait a second longer to regain control of your marriage, and make your husband obsessed with you again.