9 Long Distance Sex Tips: How to Keep Your Relationship Hot and Sexy

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Just because you’re not with your lover doesn’t mean you can’t be having long distance sex.

In fact, you need to in order to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

Sex is extraordinarily important in a relationship. And yes, it’s also important in long distance relationships, maybe even more so than normal ones.


That means you have to be on top of your bedroom game if you want to keep your relationship from falling apart.

Being away from each other can cause a lot of pent-up sexual frustrations.

And no, masturbating alone just isn’t the same as getting yourself off with your man on the phone.

But how can you keep your relationship sexy when you can’t actually have sex? Here’s how.

1. Get comfortable on the phone

Since you can’t really be in-person to heat up sexy time, you have to do it over the phone.

This means it’ll be worth it to get comfortable with some naughty talk over the phone.

You can start slow with this. Start by telling him how much you miss him and work up to talking about how much certain areas especially miss his certain areas.

2. Use video chat

Once you get good at doing this over the phone, moving to video chat is way better. You can both actually see what the other is saying–and doing.

This is good for visuals and for making you both feel like you’re right there with each other.

It can also alleviate some of the awkwardness you may feel just saying naughty things into the phone.

When you can see your man on the other side, it’ll provide more comfort.

woman video chatting and drinking wine at home on the sofa

3. Invest in some relationship apps

They’re out there. There are apps that allow you to share photos secretly and only for a limited time.

They also give you a way to talk dirty without the risk of sending a message to the wrong person.

These are great for staying connected even if you’re far away. Plus, it’s a little something special the two of you get to share that no one else is involved in.

4. Learn how to take some sexy selfies

Your man wants some naughty pictures of you. Imagine going months without seeing your significant other naked. That’s just not right!

But taking a really sexy selfie isn’t exactly the easiest. You’ll have to figure out what angles look best and which shots he likes the most.

Practice a bunch until you find some you love and you know he’ll love.

sensual woman in underwear lying on the bed holding her phone

5. Up your dirty talk and sexting game

That’s right. You’ll have to get pretty naughty over texting.

Since that’s usually your most frequent form of communication, you’ll benefit from being able to get sexy over the phone.

It’s like dirty talking in person, just with words. Work on being direct and telling him how you really feel, but steer away from emojis that aren’t a wink face.

Anything else can get to be a bit goofy and that’s not really what you’re going for here.

6. Remember what your man likes

Is he an ass guy? Does he prefer your breasts over anything else? You really want to tailor your dirty talk and pictures to what he likes most.

It’s not that he won’t appreciate a great picture of your butt if he’s a boob guy, but it’ll be even more special if you work to give him what he’s really missing most.

Think about what he likes in bed too. Then use that to dirty talk in a way that’ll really get him going.

The more you can satisfy him even from that far away, the better.

7. Make it a priority

Your sex life is important. Even though you’re really far away from each other, you want to make it a priority to remain physically intimate as best you can.

That way, when you actually get to see each other, the sex will be even better and you’ll be able to jump right into it without any awkwardness.

If you never discuss sex while apart, you can find yourselves drifting further away.

So turn on some mood music and get to chatting about your needs in the bedroom.

8. Get comfortable touching yourself

Mostly, long distance sex is all about masturbating together. That’s really all it is. You both get to feel as if the other is really pleasuring you.

It keeps you two connected and intimate without actually being that way in real life.

So that means you have to get comfortable with touching yourself and talking about it to your man. Believe me, he wants to hear about it.

Even if you start by touching yourself while sexting him, it’s better than doing nothing at all. They key to this is to tell him your thoughts and verbalize what feels good and why.

Make him feel as though he has a part in it and your sex life will remain as hot as ever.

woman in bed with herself after shower

9. Communicate as much as you can about what you want and need

Ultimately, the main thing to remember when it comes to keeping your relationship sexy while in a long distance relationship is to communicate.

Talk to your partner about what’s going on. Do you want more phone sex? Do you want him to be more vocal?

Tell him what you want and what you need in order to get off while he’s not really there. Being able to openly communicate these things also strengthens your relationship.

So talk to each other and be open about your desires. You may be surprised how strong your relationship can get even while apart.

If you’re new to dirty talk, you’ve got to discover what you’ve been missing out on. And even if you’ve done it before, you’ll find something new to spice things up again.

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