7 Problems That Can Quickly End Your Long Distance Relationship

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Relationships are already hard work without adding miles of distance.

What are the most common long distance relationship problems? How can lovers deal with them? Are there ways to avoid them or at least deal with them?

I know these are some of the questions you have if you’re currently in a long distance relationship or are thinking about starting one.

Today, we’ll look at seven common problems that can quickly end your long distance relationship as well as how to deal with them.

1. Miscommunication and Misunderstandings

When you’re miles apart from each other and you only share each other’s lives via phone and messaging apps, miscommunication and misunderstandings will be inevitable.

This is because nonverbal cues like body language, eye contact, and tone of voice can be harder to interpret. If your main method of communication is by messaging apps only, words and emoticons are sometimes just not enough to convey your message to your partner.

What you are saying can be interpreted differently to what you really mean. For this reason, it’s crucial to always ask clarifying questions so you and your boyfriend can be on the same page. Never assume.

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2. Jealousy

To feel a little jealous over something or someone who has your boyfriend’s attention is normal. But as with anything, too much of this is not beneficial for your relationship.

So if you think you’re being jealous more often than normal, take a minute and pause to think. Evaluate why you’re feeling this way. Only then can you deal with it in a healthy, productive way.

This way, it won’t continue causing issues. Because if it does, your long distance relationship will end sooner or later.

3. Possessiveness

Do you feel the need to talk to your long distance boyfriend all the time? Do you freak out when he doesn’t pick up when you call? How about when you send him a message and he doesn’t reply to it right away?

Do you demand that he tells you where he is, whom he’s with, and what he’s doing every second of the day? If you answered yes to any of these questions know that you may have become overly-possessive.

Possessiveness is yet another of the many long distance relationship problems that can go on unnoticed. So now that you’ve realized this, attempt to figure out why you’ve become so possessive.

Evaluate your expectations of your boyfriend and decide whether or not they’re reasonable.

4. Stonewalling

Have you ever been in a situation where you asked yourself why he is ignoring my texts all of a sudden? If so, it could be possible that he’s stonewalling you.

Stonewalling is so easy to resort to during times of conflict in long distance relationships.

However, using silence as your weapon or escape won’t fix anything. It only makes any long distance relationship problems even worse.

You don’t want to be driven crazy with frustration, self-doubt, and second-guessing, right?

If so, stop resorting to stonewalling when you have problems in your relationship. Find time to have a Skype date so you can see each other and talk.

Never disengage or disappear just to avoid complicated discussions and emotions.

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5. Uncertainty about the future

Long distance relationships sometimes feel like they’re going nowhere.

But take heart. Just because you don’t yet have an idea about when and how the distance will close doesn’t mean that you should give up on it.

As long as you believe that your love for each other is genuine and you both have that burning desire to close the distance one day, it will happen. Just be patient and trust in the process.

6. Cheating

Distance makes it easy for lovers to fall into cheating and then hide it. If it’s something that you’re dealing with right now, know that it can just be a rough patch that you have to get through. As people say, everybody deserves a second chance, right?

On the other hand, if you’re seeing some dreadful signs your lover is cheating on you, then follow your heart and decide whether the time is right to move on.

7. Lack of sex

We all know how important physical intimacy in relationships is. Even more so if it’s a long distance relationship we’re talking about.

To prevent this long distance relationship problem from ending your relationship, you need to learn how to talk dirty to your man.

Set up a Skype date a couple of times a week and do a video call with him. Use this opportunity to talk dirty with him so you can keep his sexual energy focused on you.

You can also send him sexy photos every day as well as initiate sexting with him. Doing this will help keep you both as close as possible to each other in spite of the distance.

And if you want to learn more about how to talk dirty to your boyfriend, check out Dirty Talking Secrets.

Don’t Grow Apart in Your Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are hard work. Whether you fall in love with each other from thousands of miles away or one of you moves to a place farther away from the other, there’s always the tendency to grow apart.

So if you feel like you’re drifting apart, you should have a frank conversation with him. Men are not mind readers, no matter how badly we want them to be.

Closing Thoughts

Are long distance relationships hard? Yes, they are.

A lot of things can go wrong but the important thing to remember is that all long distance relationship problems can be fixed with honest communication, patience and commitment.

So when you feel like something’s not quite right, reach out to him. He should do the same for you.

And keep in mind every woman’s secret weapon…

Talking dirty to your man is the one and only way to keep his mind focused on you, and you alone.

But don’t worry; it’s not about becoming slutty or nasty. Talking dirty is about learning what your man fantasizes about, and how to make these fantasies real for him.

Luckily, we’ve put together everything you need to know, in one convenient place.

Stop wasting time, and taking chances with the success of your long distance relationship.