Is He Cheating? 9 Signs That Reveal His Infidelity

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One of the worst things to face is the reality that your man could be unfaithful. But is he cheating on you or have your worries been a bit extreme lately?

It’s normal to freak out if something out of the ordinary happens but it’s important to trust your partner before jumping to conclusions.

That being said, if his behavior is so off-course it has you worried and skeptical, knowing the signs he’s being unfaithful could help.

Here’s how to know if he’s dipping his toes in someone else’s pool.

1. His habits have changed abruptly

People are creatures of habit. We love things the way they are and if he’s not the type to change habits all the time, a shift can be a huge sign that something’s up.

If he’s going about his normal life and then randomly starts going to work early, going to the gym at a different time, or even doing new classes for something, he could be cheating.

His change in habits usually has to do with the other woman. He’ll change things around to better accommodate them spending time together.

2. He’s initiating sex a lot more often

You may think this is backwards but in reality, guys who are cheating often feel the need to make up for it. It’s odd, really.

They’re guilty and so in order to draw suspicion away from himself, he’ll act more attracted to you.

That means he’ll try to get in your pants a lot more often.

His preferences in the bedroom may change a bit too. You probably had your go-to sex moves that he’s now abandoning in lieu of something a lot more erotic.

He could be doing so because he realizes how fun those moves are with his mistress.

3. He has a lot of mood swings

Think about what happens to your moods when you’re trying to juggle too many things with something major on your mind.

You get pretty pissy, right? Your moods tend to change regularly and it’s hard to keep them in check with all the stress.

And that’s the same thing that happens to a cheater. He has to worry about you and the person he’s cheating on you with and try to avoid letting you find out.

That’s a lot to juggle and still maintain a level, even mood.

4. He’s bringing his phone with him everywhere

If your man would leave his phone here and there before and not take it with while he showered or anything, there’s clearly something wrong when that changes.

Being overprotective of his phone in general is a major sign something fishy is going on.

What is he trying to hide? What does he not want you to see?

Keep an eye out for his behavior when he’s on his phone around you and if he leaves it lying around while he’s away from it.

5. He’s jumpy

Do you walk into a room like you normally do and he gets freaked? Does he even accuse you of trying to sneak up on him?

If so, he could be having an affair. This behavior is largely linked to him sneaking around.

The more he’s doing things he shouldn’t, the more on-edge he’ll be when you come up out of seemingly nowhere.

This has nothing to do with you changing the way you approach him, but rather his own guilt causing him to be jumpy.

6. His interests have suddenly shifted

What type of music is he listening to lately? Has it changed?

Do you remember when you first started dating and you suddenly wanted to be into the same things he was?

This behavior is natural. We do it to form an emotional connection with someone.

We want to know more about the things our significant others enjoy. That means we take them up as our own interests for a while.

If your man is doing this out of nowhere with stuff you don’t think he even likes, it could be a sign that he’s trying to learn more about it for someone else.

7. He’s tired often

Could you blame him? He’s basically trying to juggle two relationships, including two sex lives. He’s wiped out!

If he’s coming home more exhausted than usual and you know nothing else has changed in his life, he could be totally cheating.

Now, keep in mind people can experience exhaustion for a lot of reasons and this shouldn’t be the sole indicator.

8. He says he has more work responsibilities now

This could genuinely be true, but it could also be a complete lie. He could just be trying to cover up his late nights at the office that are really late nights at his other woman’s place.

Question him about this, but do so how you naturally would.

Be curious about what’s being added to his plate and even ask if it could lead to a promotion in the future.

Calling him out on it could expose that he’s lying or confirm that he’s really doing more at work.

9. His memory is lacking a lot

A cheater has a lot of things to remember. He has to remember the stuff you tell him and the stuff another person does.

But the main thing to keep an eye on here is if he just forgets or if he mistakes certain things for stuff that’s not accurate.

For example, if you told him to pick you up a certain candy bar on the way home and he brings you one that you don’t like and have never even liked, something could be up.

The same goes for any date-nights. Is he switching up plans and just saying he forgot that’s what you were doing?

If so, he could be mistaking your dates for the other ones he goes on.

So is he cheating?

These signs may not guarantee he’s being unfaithful but if the majority of these fit your man and they’re out of character for him, sit down and have a discussion.

Something could be off in your relationship. Don’t let these feelings stew, tell him how you feel and communicate so you know your next move. Good luck!