11 Things To Remember When You Miss Your Boyfriend

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No matter how much you love your boyfriend, long distance relationships can really suck.

You basically miss the other person every second of every day, you constantly think about when you’ll see them again, and you hope they feel the same way about you.

And then, there are those days when you miss your boyfriend so much that it hurts, almost physically.

You feel like there is an actual void in your heart and the sadness overwhelms you. You feel hopeless.

If you’re feeling like that right now, don’t worry, I’ve got you with 11 things to remember when you miss your boyfriend like crazy.

1. It’s easy to get in touch.

Can you imagine how people survived long distance relationships before the Internet? It was no walk in the park.

But nowadays, whenever you miss your partner, you can just hop online and catch up, whether it’s just to drop him a line and say you miss him or talk to him for hours.

You can hear his voice, see his face and instantly feel closer to him.

woman on video call with her boyfriend making a heart shape with her hands

2. You have time to do something special for them.

Even if you have to spend weeks or months away from your boyfriend, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something special for him.

Use the time you have on your hands to think of a perfect gift you can send him to cure his loneliness too.

You will instantly feel better and you can imagine his happiness when he receives a surprise gift from his girl.

3. Sometimes it’s just sexual tension.

When you don’t see your man for a long time, it’s not just your mind that suffers, your body does too. I’m talking about all the sexual tension that builds up in you.

But you can easily take care of this problem. You can enjoy a relaxing night and help yourself (if you know what I mean).

Or you can play naughty and invite your boyfriend to join in the fun. This is where sexting and phone/video sex come into play.

And I’m sure he’ll be eager to help you out.

4. Your friends are there for you.

You probably spend half your time with your friends talking about how much you miss your boyfriend.

But if these are your true best friends, they will always be there for you. In those terrible moments, call up your friends to hang out.

And, sure, you can sit in your PJs eating ice cream and talking about him, but it will be even better if you let them distract you and just have fun.

5. It’s not impossible to see him earlier than planned.

A long-distance relationship involves a lot of planning.

You both have your own busy lives so you need to schedule Skype calls, date nights and especially the times when you’ll actually be able to see each other.

But you need to remember that these plans are not set in stone. If you’re going out of your mind and need to see your man, you can find a way.

Start brainstorming together and figure out how you could see each other sooner.

man holding girldfriend in the air, embracing each other and kissing

6. Your next meeting is going to be magical.

Yes, you guys are apart and it sucks. But it’s not forever.

The next time you meet him will come sooner than you think. And it’s going to be great because seeing each other after so much time always feels magical.

In the meantime, you can make yourself feel better by planning a perfect next date and making it even more special.

7. Sadness is creativity fuel.

Some say that all the best poems, stories and songs are sad and there is a good reason for that. Sadness is one of the most powerful emotions humans experience.

And it’s incredible fuel for creativity.

Allow yourself to feel that sadness and then write, dance, draw or play an instrument.

This way you can take those strong emotions and turn them into something positive.

8. You have somebody special to miss.

Many people spend their lifetimes searching for love, and you’ve found it. Yes, it’s a bummer that you can’t see your boyfriend whenever you need him, but look at it this way: you have somebody special to miss.

Remind yourself how lucky you are to have found somebody who is worth fighting for even though he’s miles away.

9. It’s ok to be sad.

woman standing at the pier at sundown with water in the background

Long-distance relationships are tough. They involve a lot of loneliness and pain. Sadness just comes with the territory and you need to accept that if you want your relationship to work.


But sadness is not a bad thing. You shouldn’t avoid it and be ashamed of it. Sometimes it’s even a good idea to embrace it.

And when you’re sad, allow yourself to watch the photos of you two together and listen to sad music. It’s ok.

10. You have time to do your own things.

There is one thing that’s good about being in a long-distance relationship: you have more time to do your own things.

You will still miss your boyfriend terribly, but at least you will be able to focus on work, spend time with your friends and family and try out some new hobbies.

So instead of lying in bed all day feeling hopeless, do more of the things you love. The time will pass before you realize it.

11. It will all be worth it in the end.

If you really love each other, no distance can break you apart.

You just need to always keep in mind that it will be worth it in the end when you and your man are together without having to miss each other ever again.

Until that day, make the most of your situation and make sure to keep your long distance relationship exciting.

In the most difficult moments, you may feel like the pain of missing your boyfriend will overwhelm you. But the most important thing to remember is that you are stronger than you’ll ever realize.

If your love is genuine, the pain is just a small part of a much bigger picture. Think of it as a temporary situation until you’re reunited again.

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