How To Understand Men: The Survival Guide

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Men are way different than women–and it doesn’t just have to do with what’s in their pants.

They have completely different thought processes, express their emotions in different ways, and are far more impulsive.

For those reasons, you can understand why there’s a disconnect between men and women.


As much as we love each other, we just can’t fully relate to them and it can throw a wrench in relationships and make it hard to know how a man even falls in love.

But we can do our best to learn how to understand men. Here are some great ways to put your own thoughts aside to figure out what the heck a guy is trying to say.

1. They definitely have emotions

As much as people think men are emotionless machines who don’t care about anything, they really do. In some ways, men care more than women.

The difference is, they don’t show it as much. A lot of how they’re feeling is processed internally and that can make things difficult for women.

We think they’re just sitting there without a care in the world while we’re falling apart. However, you have to keep in mind that it might even be harder for men.

They care just as much, if not more, and they can’t show it. That has to be difficult for them.

2. They don’t think with their emotions

Unlike women, men aren’t really driven by their emotional side. Their decisions aren’t based on how they feel but rather on logic.

You might think this is complete BS based on the fact that men are rather impulsive when they’re angry, but it’s true.

When making a decision, men as a whole are more likely to take logic into consideration instead of how they feel about something.

So if you’re confused as to why a man would be doing something even if it doesn’t match how he feels, this is why.

3. They’re visual beings

Women tend to be the more emotional-based sex and guys are usually more visual. Meaning: while women prefer emotional stimulation, guys like to look at nice things.

This can make it really confusing when first getting to know a guy.

You might think the way to his heart is through meaningful conversation, and it is, at times, but right off the bat, a guy needs to be visually stimulated.

So the key to picking a guy up is looking amazing.

4. They need affection in different ways

But they do still need it. Guys do want affection in relationships. They might not necessarily need you to tell them they’re sexy, though that’s still appreciated.

However, they want to feel affection in different ways than you do.

For men, it’s about fulfilling a need for you. They feel loved and cared for if you need them to do stuff for you.

Which means pretending the pickle jar is too difficult to open can go a long way in making your man feel wanted.

Give him jobs that you could do, but make it seem like you can’t. He’ll feel like he has a purpose in your life this way.

5. Nagging will never work

You have to provide incentive. It may sound harsh to use a dog as comparison, but it’s true.

They’re the type of “dog” that needs some kind of reward to condition them to do the things you appreciate.

It’s as simple as telling him he looks really sexy doing the dishes. That gives his ego a boost and rewards him in a very specific way.

He’ll associate doing the dishes–a chore you really want him to do–with turning you on: something he really wants to do for you.

Nagging will only irritate him and make him feel like you’re forcing him to do something. That’s not how to get what you want.

6. Loyalty is extremely valuable

If there’s one way to learn how to understand men, it’s to figure out what’s the most important to them. Usually, it’s loyalty.

Men tend to be driven by their pride. They hold their own value based on how others treat them and if you’re loyal to the end, it means more to them than you know.

Disloyalty, cheating, and betrayal hurt men far more than it even hurts women. So if you put him down or go against him in front of others, it’ll cause major issues that go deeper than you can understand.

Knowing these boundaries, however, can really make a man emotionally attracted to you.

7. They usually mean what they say

There’s no point in overthinking everything a guy says.

He usually doesn’t mean something complex and ridiculous by telling you he likes your hair parted a different way.

He usually just means he really likes how you parted your hair. This doesn’t mean he didn’t like it before or that he’s trying to hide the fact that he doesn’t truly like it.

He just means that he likes it. That’s it.

Looking into every little thing a guy “secretly” means is pointless. Trust his word.

8. They hold pride in possessions more than qualities

Guys aren’t really all that thrilled if they can play an instrument or are all that talented in a specific field.

They do care, however, about what they can get from having those qualities.

More specifically, men take pride in what they have. And although you’re not his possession exactly, he still sees you as something he has.

Meaning, he’s proud of you. He takes great pride in your accomplishments just as he does his own. Remember that.

9. Talking doesn’t always help when they’re upset

Unlike women, men don’t always benefit from talking about their feelings. They actually do better processing things internally when they’re upset or angry.

So instead of forcing him to tell you what’s wrong, accept that he needs some time to sort it out himself.

And if he feels like chatting about it later, he’ll come to you in order to feel happy again.

10. They need to feel appreciated

Guys who go out of their way to do something nice for you and get no appreciation will be very hurt. He’ll feel like what he’s doing is pointless.

Don’t let him feel that way. This type of emotional build-up can cause resentment and the destruction of a relationship. Always be grateful for what your man does and why he does it to begin with.

Appreciate him and he’s most likely to treat you incredibly well.

Knowing how to understand men will take some time.

They think differently and this can cause a lot of misunderstanding that’ll lead to issues if you’re not willing to learn how they operate.

After all, they spend enough time working to understand women.

And if you know anything at all about men, you’ll understand that one of the ways to build a strong relationship is through his largest sex organ…

…his brain.