How To Tell The Size Of A Guy’s Package

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You’re still just dating, and so far he seems amazing, but you can’t help but wonder – is he going to blow my mind in bed? If only you knew how to tell the size of a guy’s package.

Surely, we’ve all asked ourselves what kind of tackle our dates had before we even got to the bedroom.

We get very curious!

But it’s not like I’m going to walk up to him and ask.

Or whip out a measuring tape during our first kiss and sneakily measure him.

There’s got to be an easier, less embarrassing way, no?

Actually, yes, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned in all my years dating variously “endowed” guys.

Before we dive right in, it’s important to know what counts as a big penis and what is a small penis?

So, the average erect penis is 5.16 inches (13.12 cm) long. Is it enough to satisfy us? Is 7-Inches big enough to satisfy us?

“Growers” Vs “Showers”

Before we begin, I want to get one thing straight – there is no 100 percent certain way to figure out a man’s penis size without actually seeing it.

Your assessment will be off more or less.

The main reason is that penises fall into two groups:

Growers, who seem unimpressive at first glance, but when erect, show their true size.

And Showers, where you get what you see.

Now, all penises grow a certain amount when they get aroused, so you won’t be able to know the exact measures until you get him in your bed.

You can, however, get the general idea on what he’s packing through several methods.

Each is based on something different, so pick the one you find most reliable and doable.

What Doesn’t Count

There are some old tales about what other male features reveal a big penis size.

Receding hairlines, extra hair on his arms and legs, and the old “the size of his feet” adage.

And while we’re at it, basing your assumption on the size of his nose is pointless.


Because the myth dates back to the 18thcentury.

Recall all the guys you’ve been with before and see if there’s a correlation between any of these features and their package.

My bet – there’s none.

Approach With Caution

I feel the need to put in a good word for guys of all sizes here.

To make a disclaimer, of sorts.

We have to take it easy on men, as penis size, while a competition for them, is also a source of stress.

They know it can be important to us, to some extent, and they want to be able to deliver.

So, when you try these methods, please, ensure he doesn’t catch you sizing him up.

It’s a huge damper on the mood.

With that said, let’s get down to business.

Observe Other Body Parts

According to Korean research conducted on 144 men, those with index fingers shorter than their ring fingers are more likely to have larger penises.

It sounds far-fetched, but before you completely dismiss the claim, consider this:

As they develop in the womb, male fetuses are exposed to testosterone that affects both finger and penis length.

Another method you can try is to observe the length of his leg from his knee to his hip.

It too is regarded as the most commonly used and viable method.

What’s In His Walk?

Normally, men who sport bigger resting penises have difficulty walking without some kind of saunter.

They also feel and act more confident (but not braggy!), which reflects in their walk.

To be really sure, choose a shorter walk in the park, beach, or downtown.

Glance down every once in a while, and make sure you don’t get caught!

Be Wary – Appearance Isn’t Everything!

He sits across you, and man is he a sight for sore eyes.

Muscular, broad-shouldered, it’s clear he hits the gym often.

So naturally, he’s got to be well endowed.


A man can bulk up his muscles, but his penis will remain the same size.

Not to mention that gym rats who use steroids are known to be prone to a decrease in size and functionality.

My advice would be to withhold your excitement until you see some “before” pictures.

Steal A Casual Glance

During the dating phase, take a casual look southward every once in a while.

Depending on the type of pants he wears, you’ll be able to see an outline, or a hint of where the tip of the penis is.

Funny enough, the fabled grey sweatpants reveal more than guys think.

You can hit the gym together, or the beach, as those are just some of the good date opportunities where he’d wear either sweatpants or a bathing suit of some kind.

The latter will be a dead giveaway with a 100 percent success rate.

“Still Water Runs Deep” – Can I Say Pun Intended?

Believe it or not, even temperament can be a dead giveaway on the size of his “number”.

Men who have larger penises and know how to use it are usually down to earth.

They don’t feel the need to overcompensate for anything, nor to impress you by selling themselves with bragging and blown-up anecdotes.

He is confident that you’ll be impressed and satisfied when the time comes.

Get Frisky

Last but not least, the grinding method.

If you tried all the prior ones, and you’re still frustratingly unable to figure out the size, then the gloves come off.

Figuratively, of course.

Take him out dancing, get him a little “worked up”, then either grind against him as you dance, or “accidentally” touch him with your hand.

Even a moment’s contact will be enough to give you a solid idea of the size and even girth.

Is That It?

I hear you ask and luckily, no!

Try to discuss it with your girlfriends, or even guy friends, if you have them!

When it comes to unlocking male secrets, a touch of male perspective is sometimes all we need to save us the headache of trial and error.

And even if you don’t figure it out, who cares?

Dating is supposed to unravel him to you slowly, and where’s the fun in finding all out much earlier?


There is one more way of really finding out.

This might be a bit hard to pull off but worth trying.

Guys, sometimes easily turned on when they hear some dirty talking in the right tonation and the right timing.

Yes, yes I know it’s a long shot but you’d be surprised to know that it works!

Think of it for a second, the moment you manage to get him to think dirty and flow with your words that’s where you hooked him.

It’s not easy at all.

Simply because of the risk that there is that you might say the WRONG words in a bad timing or in a bad tonation.

This might do the complete opposite…

Don’t worry, this is why I wrote all about dirty talking secrets. It’s my best-seller book that helped so many women out there of getting what they desire.

By using the strongest weapon humanity has – Language.

Beyond making you a stronger woman, you will learn how to become a puppetmaster and get him to follow your flow.

The moment you learn how to speak your desires, consciousness, ideas, etc… you will become a woman he will not be able to resist – that might give him a boner and you can take a quick look 😉