How To Tell If A Guy Likes You: 99 Signs That Reveal His Feelings

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So there’s this guy who has caught your eye and makes you weak in the knees every time your paths cross.

You like him and you’re dying to know if he feels the same.

Here’s the thing: knowing if a guy likes you isn’t rocket science. It’s not that complicated and you don’t have to guess. There are signs that can tell you whether he’s truly into you or not.


And when you are able to read the signs, it makes your life a whole lot easier.

It cuts out all that doubt and worry. Plus, it saves you time when you don’t chase guys who aren’t into you.

Table of Contents

General Signs That A Guy Likes You

I bet you’re excited to find out if he likes you or not. So am I! So without further ado, here are general signs that tell you he likes you.

He’s the one to initiate contact.

You don’t know how in the world he was able to get your phone number but he has it and he’s texted you already. He also sent you a friend request on Facebook and a cute emoji in Messenger.

He’s nervous when you’re around.

He wants to make sure he doesn’t mess up in front of you so he tries not to look nervous but fails. Perhaps he ends up mincing words, stammering, or sweating. If he does, you can be sure he likes you!

It’s him who finds time to be with you.

Even though absence makes the heart grow fonder, he reaches out to you to know when you’re available. Often he goes out of his way by adjusting his schedule to yours so he can be around you as much as possible.

He goes out of his way to learn more about you.

Whether it’s asking your friends or browsing through your Facebook timeline, he does it all to know who you are as a person and what you’re into. During moments when you’re together, he asks you personal questions.

He’s interested in what you have to say.

When you’re together, it seems like he could listen to you all day. Not because he doesn’t have anything to contribute to the conversation but more because he wants to learn more about you. He’s fascinated about the things he’s discovering and is craving for more of an opportunity to get to know you deeply.

You receive genuine compliments.

Your guy pays attention to how you look and compliments you when he’s impressed. He’s giving you compliments because he thinks you deserve to be complimented and more importantly because he’s into you.

He gently teases you.

Yes, it’s a little bit middle school but, as we women know, many guys have not grown past middle school. So if he’s been teasing you whenever he gets the chance, it’s yet another sign that he likes you.

He tries to make you laugh.

Not all guys possess the sense of humor we ladies expect. Even so, if this guy likes you, he’ll do his best to make you laugh and be generally happy when you’re with him.

When you’re in need, he offers a hand

Whenever you’re in trouble, and you asked for his help, does he arrive à la Superman to save your day? If so, rejoice! It’s a surefire sign that he likes you and probably wants you to be his girlfriend soon.

He spends money on you.

He buys you flowers, chocolates, or simple things that he thinks will put a smile on your face. Here’s the truth: he does this not to buy your affection but to show you how much he’s interested in you.

He’s there for you when you’re feeling down.

Have you ever felt down and needed a shoulder to cry on? When he’s able to abandon the things he’s doing just to be with you, it’s a sign that he likes you.

You’ve been given a term of endearment

He calls you a special name. Whether it’s sweetie or baby, you can trust that he likes you if he’s using this only for you.

He shows interest in things that matter to you.

Let’s say you’re into an active lifestyle and you often aspire to run a marathon. He’s not the sporty type but he makes the effort to accompany you to these kinds of events. This is because he likes you and he wants to show you that he’ll support you and your dreams.

He flirts with you.

And only you. I needed to stress this because if he flirts with other girls too, that means he’s not genuinely interested in you.

You notice how he checks in on you from time to time.

Not in the possessive kind of way but more like to make sure that you’re doing okay. When you tell him you’re fine, he makes sure that you know he’s just a phone call away if you need anything.

He doesn’t seem to notice other women when he’s with you.

It’s hard enough getting him to notice you so when he gives you the feeling that you’re the only woman in the world when you’re with him, it’s a good sign that tells you he likes you. See if his focus is fixed only on you and, if it is, there’s no doubting that he’s into you.

He doesn’t mention other women when you’re together.

Guys sometimes have the tendency to talk about other women they like. But if he truly likes you, he won’t risk it. He’ll be careful to not screw up his chances with you.

You notice he’s jealous when you talk about other men.

Try talking about a mutual guy friend and observe how he reacts. If you sense any trace of jealousy, that means he likes you so much that the thought of competition makes him feel a bit threatened.

He tells you he misses you.

There will be busy weeks for both of you. Even so, he doesn’t forget to get in touch with you. More importantly, he lets you know how much he wants to be around you.

He introduces you to his friends… and family.

One way to tell a guy likes you is when he wants you to meet his friends and family. The moment he does this, you can be sure that he likes you a little more than normal. This can also mean that he’s ready to take this special thing you have to the next level.

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You With Body Language

body language

Action speaks louder than words. This rings true when trying to determine if a guy likes you or not. So instead of focusing on his words, spot these 15 obvious body language signs that reveal he’s interested in you.

He smooths his shirt when he sees you’re near.

You can tell a guy likes you when he’s conscious about how he looks when you’re around. So if he quickly grooms himself it’s a definite sign that he likes you.

His pupils dilate.

Our pupils grow larger when our eyes set themselves on something (or someone) pleasing to us. So when his eyes dilate upon seeing you, it’s simply another sign that he likes you.

You see his front teeth when smiling

Guys who are truly happy smile and show their front teeth. If he’s like this when you’re together, it means he’s having fun around you.

He licks his lips.

Not like how creepy men do but more in a cute kind of way. It’s his way of teasing you because he likes what he sees. If you’re worried about some of your personality quirks turning him off, read up on some things girls do that turn guys off.

He flashes a genuine smile at you.

Fake smiles end at the mouth and don’t extend to the eyes. Genuine smiles are those which involve the whole face. If his smile is the latter, it’s a telltale sign he likes you.

You notice how he takes a deep breath when he sees you.

It’s not only because he’s relieved to have seen you. It’s also because he’s attracted to you and is happy that he has the opportunity to be with you again.

He leans towards you when you’re talking.

Let’s say you’re in a coffee shop and he can hear you perfectly well. Does he pull himself back or lean towards you? If it’s the latter, it means he’s interested in what you have to say and in you in general.

He maintains eye contact throughout your conversation.

This is a major sign that he’s eager to hear your thoughts on any given topic. It’s also a way for him to show you how much he’s willing to let you have the floor because he’s interested in you. And just in case you’re worried about keeping the conversation going, check out these great conversation tips.

His eyes are locked on your face.

He switches from looking at your nose to your cheeks then to your lips. It’s as if he’s wanting to give every part of your face his full and warm attention.

He touches his throat.

When you’re in the middle of a conversation and he touches his throat, it’s a sign that he wants his response to you to be perfect.

His toes point towards you when you’re talking.

The feet are controlled by the unconscious mind. They tend to point to where your interest lies.

His eyes flicker up and down at your lips.

This is a huge sign that he wants to kiss you. And guys will only kiss girls they’re into, right?

He gives you a ”friendly hug”.

Notice if his hug lingers a little longer than normal. If it does, he likes you! There’s no other explanation for it.

You feel his hand on your waist when you walk.

This is him showing you his protective side. He wants to make you feel that you’re safe with him and he’s doing this because he’s interested in you.

He sits with his legs spread wide.

You can tell that he’s grown comfortable with you and is into you if he’s sitting with legs spread wide. It means he’s ready to lay all the cards down the table because he’s that into you.

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Over Text

man texting

Figuring out whether the guy you’re eyeing likes you through text isn’t as hard as you think. Let these 15 signs that tell you he likes you through text help you reach the right conclusion.

He sends you a text first.

Does he initiate the conversation with you through text? If he does this most of the time, it means you’re frequently on his mind.

He’s consistent with sending you good morning and good night texts.

If he sends you a good morning and good night text, it’s a definite sign that he likes you. It shows you’re the first person to come to mind the moment he opens his eyes and the last before he goes to bed.

His texts have substance.

A guy who likes you will be careful about texting your stuff. He won’t text you with things that make no sense as he knows that it can possibly sabotage a future relationship with you.

He texts you back quickly.

You know you’re his priority when he doesn’t make you wait. So if you send him a text and he’s quick to reply, it’s another sign that he likes you.

He gives you a text pet name when texting you.

It’s his way of making you feel that he holds you dear to his heart. It’s also a telltale sign that says “I like you and you’re special to me!”

When he’s on his bed he texts you

If he sends you a text while he’s lying down his bed, it can mean that he’s craving your presence. It can also mean that he’s sexually attracted to you.

He sends you text messages throughout the day.

Not in an annoying way but more like to make you feel that he’s just a text away if you need him. So be sure to make him feel appreciated for such a thoughtful gesture.

He sends you messages with flirty emojis.

He uses cute emoticons to add flavor and fun to your conversation. Maybe he does this so he can show you his fun side and prevent you from getting bored with him.

He doesn’t bomb you with text messages when you haven’t responded yet.

Let’s say you’re in the middle of a busy day and you haven’t texted him back. He doesn’t send you text after text because he’s afraid to come across as desperate. Instead, he waits for your reply… patiently.

He asks you about your day.

He checks how your day is going by sending you a text. If it’s not going the way you want it to, he attempts to comfort you and even calls you to make sure you’ll feel better.

He tells you about his day, too.

If he sends you a quick text to let you know how he’s doing, it’s a giveaway sign that he likes you. Remember, a guy would not go out of his way to tell you about how his life is going if he’s not interested in you. And if you get stumped for questions, we’ve got over 200 you can ask him to keep the text conversation going.

He compliments you every opportunity he gets through text.

He makes you feel how much he feels lucky to have you within his social circle by showering you with compliments every chance he gets. And he doesn’t overdo it though for fear that you’d think that he’s not being sincere.

He makes plans with you through text.

He checks your availability then asks you to hang out on days that you’re free. Maybe he confirms with you through text as he’s nervous that he’ll come across too strong on you if he does it face to face.

He sends you a text or two despite his busy schedule.

He shoots you a quick text message to let you know that he’ll be slammed for the day. It’s his way of not making you worried should you expect him to send a message and he doesn’t.

He’s careful about his spelling, punctuation, and overall grammar.

Keeping you impressed is one of his many goals if he‘s truly interested in you. Thus, he’s careful with his grammar and observes his punctuation and spelling carefully.

How To Know If A Shy Guy Likes You

There are guys who are more reserved than others and it can be quite challenging to determine whether they like you. If the guy you’re attracted to is the shy type, here are 15 subtle signs that tell you he likes you.

He steals glances at you when you’re looking at the other direction.

If you catch him looking at you a lot when he thinks you’re not looking, it’s a huge sign that he likes you. He may just be too shy to approach you.

He talks to you more often online than in person.

Guys who are naturally shy are more comfortable with dealing with women online since it does not require a face to face interaction. So if he reaches out to you more through social media than in real life, it means he’s shy but is nonetheless definitely interested.

He looks like he’s going to throw up when you’re talking.

Forget about butterflies. He’s got the entire zoo in his stomach and he’s so nervous even if it’s just a normal conversation.

He’s blushing.

It’s not just women who blush when someone they like is around. The same thing happens to guys, too! Pay attention to his facial expressions as they will mostly tell you how he really feels.

He’s at a loss for words.

Have you ever talked to him and realized that what you’re saying doesn’t register with him? Yes, it’s not because he’s not interested in what you have to say. It’s because he’s enamored by your presence.

He sends favors your way with the help of his friends.

Don’t expect a shy guy to give you flowers and chocolates directly. If he’s into you, he’ll send them your way with the help of some of his buddies.

He opens up to you.

Shy guys often keep to themselves. But when they like someone, they’ll go out of their way to make sure the girl they like knows about it.

His friends tease him when you’re around.

He’s probably told them what he can’t tell you directly. So when you’re around, he gets teased. If you see him acting nervous or clumsy, then you know he’s guilty as charged.

He’s more expressive in social media.

If he likes your posts and shares, that’s a sign that he likes you.

He seems annoyed when you talk to other guys.

Notice how he looks when you’re talking to other guys. If he looks irritated but doesn’t make a move, it’s a huge sign that he’s feeling threatened because he likes you but isn’t ready to do anything about it just yet.

He befriends your girlfriends.

Because he can’t find the courage to approach you just yet, he tries to befriend your friends first. It’s a major sign that he’s truly shy as a person but is into you already.

He stands up for you.

Ever been in an embarrassing situation? If he’s there and he stands up for you, know it’s his way of going out of his comfort zone so he can show you how much he likes you.

He acts generally clumsy and awkward when you’re around.

There is no better explanation when he becomes all clumsy in your presence than he likes you. It’s him telling you “I like you” but can’t get the truth out to you just yet.

He’ll give you mixed signals.

Not because he’s a professional asshole but more because he can’t quite figure out his feelings yet. Or he’s afraid of being rejected. Either way, it’s a sign that he likes you.

He may ask you out through text.

No matter how much of a grown man he is, chances are he’ll be afraid of face to face rejection. Thus, he’ll express his feelings by asking you out through text.

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It

Not all guys who like you will be upfront about their feelings. Some will hide how they feel about you. If the guy you like is the latter, here are some signs that reveal he likes you but doesn’t want to show it yet. Of course, if you’re unsure you can increase your chances by learning about what makes a man emotionally attached to a woman.

He goes to your friends for your whereabouts.

He doesn’t want you to know how he feels but since he’s dying to know more about you, he goes to your friends for more information. So don’t be surprised if he knows the littlest things about you.

He tries to play it cool.

He acts like he doesn’t like you but the truth is it’s the other way around. It’s just his way of trying to play down his feelings.

He’s always around you.

He seems to always be there at the places you frequent. But he doesn’t approach you or do anything.

He gives guys around you the evil look.

Does he give guys who attempt to talk to you the evil look? If he does, he likes you!

He tries to get your number in a nonchalant way.

He acts like it’s no big deal to him when in reality, he’s so eager to have your number. This way, he can begin contacting you.

He asks you if you have a boyfriend in a casual way.

He wants to know if you’re single and he’s just doing it in a way that looks like it’s no big deal because he’s trying to play down how much he’s into you.

When you ask for a favor he doesn’t turn you down.

Notice how he’s always there to make your life easier for you. When you thank him, he gives you the “don’t mention it” response. It’s a huge sign that he likes you.

He makes an effort to look good for you.

Do you notice how he suddenly looked even better especially when you’re around? If he’s started paying attention to his physical appearance to impress you, it’s a clear sign that he likes you.

He finds excuses to touch you.

Pay attention to when he offers his arm when you’re walking side by side or when he gives you a friendly hug.

He makes plans with your common friends.

Because he doesn’t want to look like he’s got a crush on you, he makes plans including your mutual friends.

He changes his behavior when you’re around.

He may not notice this himself but when you’re around and there’s a sudden change in his behavior. Pay close attention.

He calls other girls around him his “friends”.

It’s his subtle way of telling you that he’s not interested in them. He’s only interested in you.

He keeps you from talking to his buddies.

It could be because he told them about his feelings and he’s afraid they might tell you. It could also be because he wants you all to himself.

He ignores you after being friendly to you.

He’s interested to know if you’d react if he pulls away from you suddenly. If you do, he’ll be sure you like him, too.

He asks you “hypothetical” questions.

If he asks you questions like “What if I like you?” or “What if I want to take you out for dinner?”  it could be because he’s afraid of being rejected.

He sends you gifts anonymously.

It’s his way of testing the waters. So if you’ve suddenly received flowers from an anonymous sender and your gut feel tells you it’s him, look appreciative. It will help him muster up the courage to tell he likes you soon.

He gets jealous.

If he looks irritated when other guys make a move on you, then celebrate! It’s a sign that he likes you but is trying to hide it!

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You At Work

man woman flirting at work

Let’s say the guy you like is someone you work with closely each day. You can’t ask him directly if he likes you because the answer may be “no” and it will be awkward to have to work with him every day after that, right? For this reason, let these signs guide you.

He wanders over to your desk from time to time.

He asks you pointless questions related to work. He does this because he wants to be around you.

He offers to get you coffee.

During a busy day, he winds up at your desk and asks if you need a cup of coffee. Regardless of your answer, he may get one for you anyway.

He takes his breaks at the same time as yours.

You can’t be certain that he has the same schedule as yours. You can’t help but notice though that he’s on break when you are.

He offers to grab your lunch on a hectic day.

Your special guy seems to know when you’re too busy to get lunch. Perhaps he’ll offer to buy you food and even pays for it at times because “it’s no big deal”.

He asks to take you out for lunch.

He says you’re going out for lunch as friends only. But you can tell that there’s more to it than what he’s saying.

He always asks if you’re going to work functions.

And when you say “yes”, his next question is you can go together as “friends”. It’s a sign he’s definitely interested in you but is just trying to be cautious.

He finds a way to get in touch with you outside of the office.

He texts you or calls you up about “work-related” matters even if you’re out of the office already. This is his way of getting close to you outside the office.

He’s always there to offer you a hand when you need it.

He makes your professional life easier because he always steps up to help when he can. If he does this all the time, you can be sure that he likes you a lot.

He gives you the special attention that he doesn’t give your other female coworkers.

You’ve noticed that he doesn’t give his special treatment to other female coworkers. It means you’re the only one who matters to him.

He teases you.

No matter what, he finds time to tease you even when you’re at work. He can’t help but be all smiles and playful when you’re around.

He’s added you as a friend on LinkedIn.

Maybe he wants to know more about you so what better way to get more information than through your professional social media account, right? It’s his other way of letting you know he’s interested in becoming more than friends.

He offers to drive you home.

He wants to know where you live because he’s might be going to send you flowers. Also, it’s his way of buying time so he can get closer to you.

He keeps in touch with you throughout the workday.

Whether it’s personal or work-related questions, he shoots them to you so he can constantly be in touch. He doesn’t overdo it though for he knows it can get you irritated.

He goes to you when he needs to vent regarding office-related stuff.

You’re the first person that comes to his mind when he has trouble at work. He knows he can trust you with confidential matters and he wants to gain your trust as well.

When you’re running late for work he covers you.

He steps in for you during times that you’re behind schedule. Not only does he try to distract your boss – he goes out of his way to absorb your boss’ irritation so he’ll already be calm by the time you arrive.

He looks motivated at work.

No angry boss or customers can ruin his day when you’re around. This is a definite sign that he’s interested in you.

He’s told you he’ll quit the job if you’re not around.

The thought that you’ll no longer be going to be coworkers terrifies him so much that he said he’ll resign if you leave.

Final Words

It’s never easy to figure out if he likes you or not but with these signs, you’ll be on your way to being certain about his feelings for you.

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