How To Tell If A Guy Is Flirting With You? 7 Signs To Watch Out For

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When it comes to meeting that special man, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to tell if he’s into you.
That’s why knowing how to tell if a guy is flirting with you is extremely important.
Otherwise, you may never know if that hottie at the gym actually wants to take you out.

Being bad at reading flirting signs sucks.
You just never really know if someone is being nice or if they think you’re attractive and that can be a major issue if you’re out there looking for Mr. Right.
But there are ways to tell. I’ve put together this guide for figuring out how to tell if a guy is flirting with you so you can finally stop feeling clueless.

1. He teases you

It’s basically like you’re in grade school all over again. Guys who like you will definitely tease and pick on you. He’ll make playful jokes and try to get you to laugh.
This is a major sign he’s flirting with you because he wants to keep the mood light and playful.
Overall, a guy who’s trying to make you laugh by being goofy and teasing you is trying to flirt with you.
Some don’t always do a great job with this, but that’s his overall goal.

2. He makes a lot of eye contact

This is a major flirting move with pretty much anyone, but particularly guys. You’d think they’d be looking at your cleavage or anywhere else inappropriate if they like you but it’s actually the opposite.
Since they want you to see them as someone you’d like to go out with, they’re going to be engaged and making eye contact. They want to show you they feel a connection.
That means you have to pay attention to some prolonged eye contact–longer than what you’d see from someone you’ve known for a while and isn’t into you.
You learn how to pick up on this and you’ll figure out how to tell if a guy is flirting with you for sure.

3. He initiates some physical contact

Guys aren’t going to touch you at all if they’re not into you. Unless he’s just a friend and goes in for a hug when you greet each other, he likes you if he’s touching you.
That means you’ll have to keep an eye out for any time he puts even a finger on you. Any touching of your shoulder or the small of your back is certainly flirting.
He’s getting close. He wants to close the gap and make the space between you a lot more intimate.
Basically, a great rule of thumb is if he initiates a subtle, simple touch that’s not inappropriate, he’s probably also flirting with you.

4. He keeps looking over to you and smiling

If a guy keeps catching your eye and smiling, you better strut on over there and say hello. He’s clearly trying to flirt with you.
No guy will give you his attention in this way and then make a point to smile and look approachable if he doesn’t want you to approach.
In the case of guys like this, they’re usually shy. If he’s not walking over there himself, he may not know if you want him to and this is his own subtle sign of flirting.
Think back to grade school or even middle school when you’d catch the eye of your crush and smile.
That was totally flirting! And it’s the same if a guy is doing it to you now.

5. He probes you for information about yourself

If he’s asking for your address and if you live alone, run. But if he’s trying to get you to divulge some secrets about your favorite pass time, he’s flirting.
He’s trying to see if you two are compatible and he’s searching for information that can spark a deeper conversation.
And he thinks you’re attractive and wants to get to know you better.
It’s pretty obvious when a guy is flirting this way because you’ll feel it on the spot.
He’ll ask question after question about your hobbies and interests and he’ll do so with a smile, while leaning in close, and keeping eye contact.
If you see all of this, that guy is clearly trying to flirt with you.

6. He makes a few sexual jokes

I just don’t think they can help themselves. It’s like they see a girl they like and have to turn something sexual just to see if you’re open to it a little bit.
It’s a guy’s way of opening that door, really. He’s gauging your interest and seeing just how flirty you can get.
But just remember that if he flirts in this way, he’s definitely into you. Just be sure to avoid the guys who do this over and over again while you try to change the subject.

7. His attention is on you more than anyone else

If you’re at a crowded bar and he’s with friends, you’ll know he’s flirting with you when he’s not paying attention to anyone else.
You’re his sole focus. He’s putting all his attention into you and your conversation.
This means he may be getting a little close to you.
He’ll lean in, maybe even steer you away from the group a bit, and he’ll be immersed in your own conversation instead of paying attention to what’s going on in the group.
It’s like you’re irresistible to him.
It’s a major way to figure out how to tell if a guy is flirting with you. Men don’t give their undivided attention to much so if it’s you, he’s trying to flirt.

Just remember that although these signs point in the direction of a guy flirting with you, the absolute best way to figure out how to tell if a guy is flirting with you is to just make a small move.
Flirt with him and see if he responds. If so, then he’s definitely into you.