How To Talk Dirty To Your Husband The Right Way

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Men are visual creatures. But that doesn’t mean that you have to focus all your efforts on looking good for your husband. Perhaps you should spend a little time learning how to talk dirty to your husband.

Your man, believe it or not, will be thrilled to hear some naughty, sexy words coming from your mouth. This is why it pays to learn the art of dirty talking.

Dirty talking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But when you’re at the point where you’re asking how to spice up your marriage it’s the best way possible.

6 Do’s To Keep In Mind When Talking Dirty To Your Husband

1. DO start slow and easy.

You don’t want to come off as a sleaze to your husband while you talk dirty to him. So don’t set yourself up for failure by jumping on him and just copying the stuff you’ve heard from porn.

Instead, build up your confidence by adding some sexy language in bed.

Add some stress to your moans by making them a little longer. For your groans, make them a little louder. Let out some gasps at the right moment.

2. DO tell him he’s strong and sexy.

Your husband will adore compliments from you, especially if they’re about his performance between the sheets. Look him in the eye then shift to his body. Tell him how strong and sexy you find him.

Be detailed when showering him with such compliments so he knows exactly what you find hot.

This will massage his ego and make him want you more than ever. More importantly, it will give you more courage so you can take your dirty talk to the next level.

3. DO whisper and scream his name.

Show him that you’re present and in the moment while making love to him by whispering and screaming his name.

Using your pet name for him will also help in establishing a deeper connection. When you’ve got his attention, go ahead and let him in on your thoughts.

If you’ve already discussed some kinky sex ideas now’s the time to introduce them and turn up the arousal volume.

4. DO use short but sweet words.

There’s nobody in the world who knows your husband better than you do. So knowing this, give him both compliments and directions using specific and sexy words using as few words as necessary.

Below are some examples:

  • Harder
  • Faster
  • Don’t stop!
  • Deeper
  • I’m dripping wet

5. DO tell him he tastes good.

Swallowing your man’s cum and telling him he tastes good may sound weird to you. But don’t overthink things; say it anyway. Such a compliment will send your husband to seventh heaven.

He’ll feel so good that he’ll do everything to make you feel the same way.

6. DO take the lead.

Your husband loves to be the provider in your marriage. But trust me, when it comes to the bedroom, he’ll love to watch you take the lead.

Use dirty talking to strengthen and develop your dominant role. Give him directions using your sexy voice. Let him know you want to make love to him all night long. He’ll be begging for more.

6 Don’ts To Keep In Mind When Talking Dirty To Your Husband

1. DON’T use derogatory words.

There are words that you may not mean to be jarring and insulting but, when used, can come across that way to your husband. Stay away from these to avoid offending him and taking him out of the moment. Unless, of course, you’ve already discussed this with him, and he gets off on hearing you talk that way.

2. DON’T focus on the size of his manly parts.

Your man may or may not love to hear how massive you think his manhood is. But to be on the safe side, tell him how impressed you are by how firm his erection is. This way, the chances of you getting a favorable response is higher.

3. DON’T be demeaning.

Sex is a great time for experimentation. When you give your husband directions and he doesn’t get it right the first time, don’t tell him he’s doing it wrong. It’ll make him feel like he’s a complete failure and ruin the mood.

Instead, give him more specific directions until he gets it right. Then offer a compliment like “I loved how you licked me that way!” so he’ll be encouraged to do it even better the next time.

4. DON’T say things you don’t like.

You may feel compelled to say words you don’t feel comfortable with just for the sake of trying them. Don’t. They’ll sound rehearsed and you’ll feel awkward.

What you can do instead is to list all the scripts you’ve found online, those which you think would work for you and your husband. Practice saying them while you’re alone. You can also try sending them to your husband while sexting with him.

This way you can test the waters first.

5. DON’T repeat the same words over and over.

When you’re still learning how to talk dirty to your husband, remember that variety is key. You can’t just repeat the words you think are turning him on over and over. Be creative and imaginative.

Put your own sexy spin on the things you’ve read so you’ll sound more confident.

6. DON’T give up!

Dirty talk is more about your attitude than the words you’re saying. You’re not going to be a pro overnight. If you think you didn’t hit the nail right on the head the first few times, don’t sweat it. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Just be intentional and consistent with talking dirty with your husband and you’ll very quickly become an expert.

Sex is an adventure that you embark on with your husband. But as with any other adventures, it can get boring easily if you don’t explore the unknown.

With dirty talking, your sex life as a married couple will transform in ways you never thought possible.