13 Naughty Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage

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After a while, lots of married couples suddenly start losing their spark.The bills start piling up, the work starts stealing more and more of your time, and once the kids arrive, they require constant attention. In the chaos of life, couples start drifting apart.

But this doesn’t have to mean your marital bliss is gone for good.


There are still some simple tricks you can use to reignite the flame and get right back to the honeymoon phase.

Here are 13 naughty ways to spice up your marriage. Take note…

1. Surprise him

woman wearing football pads and sporty underwear

After a while together, things tend to become predictable.

You pretty much already know how each other is going to act in certain situations so there are no surprises.Do something unexpected and you will blow your husband’s mind.

Suggest a sneaky little quickie while the kids are playing outside, have sex in the kitchen or try one of the many techniques to seduce your hubby daily.

2. Build suspense

Nothing will drive him crazy like putting sex off. So build suspense by making him wait for it.

If you two are going out, put on a little show.

Put on your makeup while wearing only your bra and panties and get dressed just before leaving the house.

Don’t let him touch you until you come back home.

It’ll drive him wild.

3. Don’t shy away from dirty talk

You won’t believe how important dirty talk is in a relationship.

cropped woman's face wearing black lipstick and licking her lips

A lot of men are actually verbal beings who love it when you express yourself in moments of pleasure.

Don’t be shy to talk dirty. Tell him when he’s doing something right and don’t be afraid to say what you want. Trust me, it will take your sex life to the next level.

4. Treat yourself to sexy lingerie

Well, this will actually be a treat for your hubby. Go to the lingerie shop and pick out something you’ve always wanted to try.

Believe me, you will feel like a sex goddess and your new confidence won’t pass unnoticed by your husband.

Let’s face it, guys love it when we’re ladies in the street but freaks in the bedroom.

5. Clear your schedules

Lack of time spent together is one of the main reasons marriages fall apart.

And no, time spent when kids are running around, when one of you is on the computer, or when you have guests over don’t count.

Make sure that every now and then you clear your schedules and spend a whole day together.

Sexy tip: Ditch the clothes for the day. I guarantee you won’t be able to take your hands off each other.

couple having a romantic evening with wine and candles playing jenga

6. Play a game

To make date night more interesting, play a game. It doesn’t even have to be a sexy game like strip poker or Sexopoly (although it totally can).

No, you can pick a game you both like, such as pool, darts, table tennis, bowling or pinball.

Break a sweat, let off some steam and compete. Not only will you have tons of fun, but the thrill and the excitement will also probably follow you to the bedroom.

7. Use your mouth

Guys love blowjobs. Some love it so much that they prefer it to actual sex. If you know how to please your man orally, you will pretty much blow his mind every time.

Don’t shy away from it, because the feeling you’ll get when you send your man to a state of complete ecstasy is amazing.

Plus, chances are he will be VERY grateful for it, if you know what I mean.

8. Give him a massage

When your husband is tired, there is one surefire way to turn the night around and make it more interesting–a sensual massage.

Treat your hubby to a nice, slow massage and, to make it even sexier, throw in some massage oil as well.

If nothing else, you will help your man relax and spark up the romance.

And in most cases, a massage proves to be a very effective form of foreplay.

9. Include sex toys

You don’t have to be in Fifty Shades of Grey to try out fun sex toys. In fact, if your sex life has fallen into a rut, this may just be the thing to shake things up.

However, be careful when suggesting this idea because if you rush into it, you might make your man uncomfortable.

You can invite him on a little trip to the adult store and choose something you both want to try.

10. Share your fantasies

Even in a marriage, you may not know all your partner’s fantasies because there are some things that men want in bed but will never tell.

Every now and then, trying something new in sex is a MUST. Yes, even after years of marriage.

To get the creative juices flowing, ask your husband about his deepest fantasies and tell him yours. And then, get busy checking things off that list.

Many couples even try becoming swingers and join the swinger lifestyle. That is for sure not for everyone and there some couples just want to watch and be watched. Sometimes it is just fun to sign up on sites like swinglifestyle.com and flirt some and discuss fantasies. 

couple wearing goth wedding clothes and face skeleton make up

11. Compliment him

Women love to be praised and complimented, that’s nothing new. But, surprise, surprise, men love it too.

To boost his confidence, compliment your man.

Do it often and always be honest. Compliment his body and make sure to tell him and show him whenever he does something amazing in bed.

12. Slow it down

With work, chores and children, you are both probably tired and barely have time for intimacy. You’re lucky if you can squeeze in a quickie here and there and that’s it.

Sounds familiar?

Well, in that case, it’s time for a serious change. If you need to, make an actual note in your schedules for a romantic night together.

Light up some candles, make dinner and just enjoy each other without any pressure.

13. Try sexting

Before you brush this idea off, let me tell you that sexting is one of the most useful skills any woman can have.

With just one line of text, you can have your man pining for you throughout the whole day.

Believe me, sexting is nothing complicated and you can easily learn it.

Just shoot him a sexy text while he’s at work and watch the magic happen.

And if you’re feeling especially naughty, send him a sexy selfie. Jaw dropping guaranteed.

At the end, here’s a little secret. If you want to spice up your marriage, you only need to make a small effort.You don’t even have to do all of the things off this list. Just find the time and get a little outside your comfort zone.

Trust me, your husband will definitely appreciate this naughty side of you.

And don’t think you have to transform yourself into somebody you’re not.

When it comes to dirty talk, it’s about understanding your man’s deepest desires and bringing them to life.

It’s the guaranteed way to win his heart forever.

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