How To Ride A Man Without Getting Tired

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Now, if you haven’t been on top as much (or at all), a common mistake is to think you just have to get on top and get riding.

Big no-no. Why?

Riding is physically engaging. You need to put in effort, which helps you appreciate how much he works when he’s on top.

And while it’s not rocket science, chances are you’ll make a few mistakes until you get it right.

And to help get you there, I’m offering my two cents on how to ride a man.

Choose The Proper Attire For The Occasion

Men love seeing us on top because, among other things, it gives them a clear view of us.

On the other hand, it usually makes us feel really exposed and self-aware.

To build your self-confidence and help you get in the mood, go for lacy underwear. If you find full exposure unflattering, you can try a negligee or a silky robe.

For bonus points, leave your best heels on.

Oh, and a little secret: painted nails, preferably red, look mind-blowing against his bare chest.

He’ll love the sight of that, trust me.

Engage In Foreplay First

Riding your man is not just another position. It lasts for some time, and if you’re bored it’s just going to be bad.

Which is why you need an introduction to make it more fun, more attractive, more primal session.

Watch him look at you as you slowly mount him. Kiss his neck, graze his jawline with your teeth.

Turn it into foreplay to get both of you all hot and bothered.

Don’t Rush; Build Up The Tension

Feel his body beneath yours before anything even starts.

Contrary to what we believe, men love it when we take things slow.

He wants to savor every moment, and if you visit any forum online, you’ll see that men all unanimously cry out, take it slow!

He loves the feeling of you sliding up and down over his cock with all your grace and tenderness. Even more so than rough sex.

Use that slow tempo to touch him, kiss him, all the while grinding against his member. Stimulate him in several places instead of just one.

Put On A Show

Now, I don’t mean you should fake anything.

I mean, your man gets a clear view of you, and it’s perhaps the hottest you’ll ever look during sex.

Yet, inhibitions stop us from letting our bodies react to sensations. Women fear it’s overreacting like they’re in a porno.

Dear, when you’re on top you should feel like a queen, and let your body express your femininity.

Make eye contact with your man every once in a while, bite your lower lip, or lick the upper.

Run your fingers through your hair when it starts feeling oh-so-good, and dip your head back occasionally.

It’ll drive him insane.

Don’t Put Too Much Weight On Him

Or… him, either, for that matter.

Another rookie mistake is to actually sit on your man.

You could harm him and his penis this way, especially if you start to move a little rougher.

Not to mention you’ll have very limited movement.

All your weight should be on your legs, and arms used for support.

Grip the wall, the headboard, his shoulders, even.

Not letting your entire weight drop onto his pelvis will actually free you up for a whole new range of moves.

It will give you an opportunity to experiment a little too

Do The Reverse Cowgirl.

I had to get my personal favorite on the list. So sue me.

Even though I said that the traditional ride gives a better view of your body, the reverse cowgirl can make a man’s head spin.

However, it’s a full-body move.

Without your breasts in the foreground and your eyes to meet his, you’ll need another stimulus.

Your ass is a great ally here, and every grind and move is a chance to show him how good it looks.

Having your man sit up straight, then arching your back to meet his chest is extremely intimate, too.

He will instinctively use his hands to stimulate you more which, coincidentally, helps you ride him better.

Go All In

You need to get the riding sensation. Not just grinding, or clumsy bouncing and not much else.

Like I mentioned, feel his body under yours.

Your body will look and feel stiff, or clumsy if you keep thinking about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

If you need to, relax with a few drinks first to take the edge off and then initiate the foreplay.

While you should care about making him feel good, you need to think about yourself as well.

Make the experience as fast or slow as you want. Find your own groove.

The rest will come easy.

If You Want To Get Even More Intimate

More nimble women can go for a reverse cowgirl, then gently lower their back all the way down to his chest.

This is a tricky pose, as his penis can easily slide out, but so rewarding when done properly.

And for those who don’t see themselves as the next yoga master, here’s a more creative solution:

Start by grinding against your man while you’re spooning, but stop him from going in if he tries.

Instead, give him a handjob from the same position, and then guide him inside you.

This way, all the penetration depends on you, just as if you were riding him on top.

Throw In A Few Dirty Words

Along with my mention of inhibitions earlier, one way to let yourself shine and enjoy this is to pepper the ride with some dirty words.

Whether as moans or whispers into his ears moments before you speed up the tempo, they can help you relax and boost his heart rate.

Not to mention they’ll make you irresistible and he’ll want to have you right then and there.

Last Thoughts…


If need be, I’ll say it louder for those of you in the back.

Try to get rid of your nervousness. Have a few drinks, flirt, tease, and put on your favorite music.

Listen to your own body, then listen to his. The moves will come to you naturally when you relax and focus on the experience as a whole.

And in case you don’t know how, learn about what dirty talking can do for you and your relationship with him.

Dirty Talk Secrets is the No.1 guide for mastering the art of intimate communication with your man.