You’re Doing It Wrong: The Right Way To Make Your Husband Happy

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If you’re a newlywed, here’s the harsh truth: marriage is hard work. If you’ve been married for a while now, you’ll already know this. Anyone who says differently is simply unaware of reality.

But us girls have all read our fair share of fairytales and seen the romantic movies where marriage is just a “happily ever after.”

However, the truth is that we don’t see what happens next. We don’t see how Prince Charming leaves his dirty socks all around the castle, and we don’t see how our favorite chick-flick protagonists fight over whose turn it is to get up when the baby starts crying in the middle of the night.No, we don’t see any of that. So we tend to live with an illusion that marriage is a breeze. Everything miraculously works out. And then we get married and realize things are not so simple. We’ve all heard of the saying “happy wife, happy life.” But, what about the husbands? For a strong marriage, you need to learn how to keep your man happy. And I don’t mean being a perfect wife from the ‘50s who sacrifices herself to satisfy her husband.

I mean doing the little things that ultimately make you both happier and make your marriage last. Here’s what you need to start practicing right now if you want to make your husband happy.

Surprise him.

After years together, your relationship may get stuck in a rut. But that doesn’t mean you can’t shake things up.

Surprise your hubby by doing something unexpected every now and then. Buy him that fishing rod he can’t stop talking about, suggest you try something new in bed or make him his favorite meal when you know he’s having a bad bay. These little things will put a smile on his face and remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place.

woman covering her mans eyes and surprising him

Take care of yourself.

We all get a little comfortable in a long-term relationship and we tend to let ourselves go.

It happens to both men and women.

But you should still try to find time to take care of yourself and look good even after years of marriage. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should walk around the house with full makeup and high heels all day. But if you hit the gym a few times a week, treat yourself to a spa day once every few months and put some makeup on when you’re going out, you will boost your confidence and feel much better in your own skin. And your husband will definitely appreciate having such a radiant woman by his side.

Maintain intimacy.

We hear this story all the time. Two people get married and their sex life eventually becomes non-existent.

We hear it so often that we started believing that’s just how things work in a marriage. But it doesn’t need to be so. If you want your marriage to last and your husband to be happy, you will need to maintain intimacy. Kiss your man at least once a day, even if you’re in a hurry. Give him a sensual massage at the end of a long day.

Don’t wait for your hubby to initiate sex, you do it. And learn some sexy new tricks you can try in the bedroom. In those moments, forget about all the problems and chores you need to do and just enjoy each other.

Show him you appreciate him.

Men are often insecure even though they don’t let it show as we do. They love to feel appreciated, needed and respected. As his wife, you’re supposed to be his biggest support and his number one fan. You’re supposed to show him how much you love and appreciate him every day. You don’t need to do anything huge here. Just tell him how awesome he is, remind him why you love him, say thank you when he helps you with something. Even if he doesn’t show it, trust me, his heart will light up when he hears those words from the most important woman in his life.

Trust him.

Jealousy has destroyed many marriages and you need to make sure that it doesn’t destroy yours.

If your man hasn’t given you a reason to doubt him, you will need to learn to control your jealousy and trust him. Don’t snoop around his phone and computer, don’t interrogate him when he returns from a night out with his friends and don’t argue with him unless you have a good reason. Remember, a little jealousy is healthy for a relationship and you should definitely confront your husband if you have a legit reason for suspicion.

But a good man deserves your trust, and jealousy will only drive him away.

Pick your battles.

Women are often considered to be the naggers in relationships. We tend to criticize too much and pick fights over each and every little problem.

Even if it’s hard to admit, this is generally true. But here’s the thing. By nagging and criticizing, we often create unnecessary conflicts in our relationships. You see, sometimes you just need to let some things go. What I’m saying is: pick your battles. There will be some issues you won’t be able to get over, and you should absolutely talk them out with your partner, calmly and respectfully. But if it’s something small that you can live with, just get over it and move on. Your husband will be a much happier, more relaxed man and that will make your whole family happier.

Learn when to give him space.

Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean you should do everything together. You are still two different individuals, each with their own personality, interests, and hobbies. To nurture your marriage, you will need to spend time together, pursue common interests and have fun.

But for a healthier relationship, you will also need to learn when to give your hubby some space to do his own thing. Encourage him to hang out with his boys, to take up a hobby and do more of the things he loves.

Or just give him some peace when he’s relaxing at home, reading a book, playing a game or watching TV.In turn, use that time to do the things you love, and you will both appreciate your time together even more.

Yes, marriage is hard work, but it’s worth the effort. Remember that your husband is your biggest support and your partner for life. So making him happy is incredibly important for your and his sake. No matter how long you’ve been together, show him you appreciate him, trust him and keep the spark alive.

All things considered, I believe a great way to keep things running hot is sex.
it’s one of THE most important things in marriage and romance. Especially for men.

Sex is one of the key ingredients in a happy and strong marriage.

Love is not enough for a marriage to survive and thrive. Sex, making love, intimacy, or however you want to call it, is a crucial element of a solid marital relationship.

So if you’re asking how important is sex in a marriage, my opinion is clear: it’s as important as any other element that makes marriages work.


How Important Is Sex For Men In Marriage?

Most women think that men only want their female partners for sex…that they don’t care about them.

However, this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Why would your husband marry you in the first place if he only saw you as a sex object?

Men, including your husband, definitely want to have sex with you as often as possible (and reasonable). But the reason why may not always be so obvious.

Here are the top three reasons that explain how important sex is for the married man.

1. Sex gives him confidence.

When your husband sees that you’re into having sex with him as he is, it gives his self-esteem a huge boost.

When he sees he’s able to send you into seventh heaven when you’re making love, it makes him feel like he’s some kind of a sex god.

Having sex with you gives him the power he needs to face the day’s challenges and get through them like a boss.

Seduce your husband each and every day. Surprise him by initiating sex when you feel the time is right.

2. Sex is a major way for him to connect with you.

When you’re having sex with someone you have deep feelings for, your souls intertwine in an inexplicably special way.

Having said that, your husband also sues sex to gauge the strength of your connection as a couple.

This is why it matters a lot to have quality sex with him. Discuss with him how frequent it should be.

If you feel like you’ve become too comfortable with each other when in bed, don’t hesitate to explore with new things to try in bed.

3. Sex is tied to his male ego.

It may not look that way but a man’s ego can be very fragile.

If he feels that you are disinterested or disengaged by the way you respond to him in bed, he’ll take it personally.

He’ll feel rejected, hurt, and even unloved.

On top of these three reasons, you’ve got to understand that marriages can’t survive without sex for the following reasons:

1. Relationships need passion.

And what better way to show that to your husband than through intense lovemaking?

2. Sex helps relieve stress.

Endorphins are released when you make love with your husband. It makes you feel good even when you’re under a lot of stress.

3. Sex is a way to improve the quality of your sleep.

Now you know what to do when getting good sleep has become a challenge.

4. Sex is a great way to keep your man happy and satisfied.

Having sex with your husband makes him feel more like a man, leaving him the happiest and most satisfied creature on the face of the earth.

5. Communication in relationships can also be improved through sex.

Every marriage goes through life’s inevitable ups and downs.

When you’re going through a rough patch, you and your husband need some assurance that everything’s good between you and sex is often the best way to express that.

So if you currently have intimacy issues and/or bedroom problems, address them now or you’ll regret not doing so later.

Reignite The Spark: 10 Practical Ways To Improve Sex in Your Marriage

Marriage without consistent and passionate sex can be an issue if you’ve been with your husband for a few years.

You may have fallen into a routine and gotten way too familiar with each other.

On the flip side, this can also be the case for newlyweds. You may still be adjusting to your married life.

Many married couples can tell you that this transition stage is not that easy to navigate.

Whichever is the case for you, improving the quality of sex in your marriage isn’t impossible. Here are 10 great suggestions to help you get started in reigniting that spark.

  1. Make out like how you would if you were teenagers.
  2. Share your sexual fantasies with each other.
  3. Take turns in initiating sex.
  4. Touch and tease affectionately.
  5. Stay in touch even if you’re apart through text and calls.
  6. Explore some new moves in bed.
  7. Find time for a mini-vacation with just the two of you.
  8. Allow time for pillow talk and cuddling before going to sleep.
  9. Learn the art of dirty talking and apply it consistently in your marriage.

As long as you live by these 10 practical tips, you and your husband won’t have issues with keeping the spark alive.

If you still struggle with making sex in your marriage a priority but you want to have that truly intimate experience with your husband, don’t fret.

Learn about how talking dirty will increase your intimacy and take your relationship to the next level.

Dirty Talk Secrets has got everything you need to know.​ You’ll become a better wife you’re husband will absolutely ADORE, and he’ll return a favor and give it all back to you because he’ll be so overwhelmed by it. If not, you have my permission to smack him on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.

I got you my BEST quick tips for little things you can do to spruce things up!

11 Tips To Being A Better Wife Your Husband Will Adore and admire

Gone are the days when being a doting wife meant sitting dolled up in the evening, waiting for your man to return home. The 80’s and 90’s were the years of finishing and grooming schools for women, prepping them on how to be a better wife so her husband could show her off in their social circle.

But this is 2018, and while this piece isn’t going to tell you how to turn yourself into a prettily dressed, ideal wife, it sure will give you a few pieces of advice on how to make sure your man keeps loving and adoring you more and more, with each passing day.

Respect His Space

This is really a no-brainer as far relationships go. Being in love doesn’t mean taking up every inch of space in your partner‘s life and head.

Don’t expect him to be up for a serious conversation right after a long day at work, or make him feel bad about hanging out with his friends without you. Give him his space when he needs it; it will only mean he puts in a lot more effort and love when you two have your time together.

Get To Know Him Well

Successful, happy couples do this right. If you love your man, take the effort to really get to know him. What makes him happy, what worries him, what excites him or makes him angry.

Find out what his favorite songs are, what he loves to drink, songs he loves, or even his favorite team; the list can go on and on.

Find out the little quirks that make him the adorable person he is. There’s something beautiful about discovering these little things about your partner.

Not only will it make him feel that you genuinely care, but he will also love all the conversations you will be able to have once you realize you may even have something in common.

Surprise Him Often

Why should he be the one to always make dinner reservations and show up with flowers? Woo him like the confident, beautiful woman you are.

Plan surprise dates for him and let them be about something he truly enjoys. If your man can watch your favorite mushy film just for you, why shouldn’t you return the favor?

Surprises don’t always have to be big – a sweet note slipped in with breakfast, a comforting back rub at the end of a long day, a chilled beer when he’s watching his game – really, how much time do these little but meaningful gestures take?

Keep Things Sizzling

Be loving and caring but don’t smother him with love. Take a break from your usual ways of loving him and throw in some sexy surprises.

It doesn’t hurt to channel your inner goddess and experiment with some new lingerie, or something like a sensual massage on the weekend. All of this will keep reminding your husband how lucky he is to have you and he will only reciprocate with more love.

Talk Things Out

Yes, every relationship has its ups and downs, and he may have his flaws, but so do you. It isn’t about not complaining or pointing out something that you don’t like.

You have every right to, but there’s a fine line between being honest and being insensitive or nagging him. Have clear conversations about things like household chores, and if you do have a fight, don’t drag it over the week by sulking and nagging at every chance you get.

He’s likely to listen and respond by acting on it when you speak to him in a calm voice rather than by making him feel like a child by constantly bickering about something.

couple sitting across from each other and woman on her laptop telling him something

Make Him Respect You

If you want to learn how to be a better wife you’ve got to invest in yourself. Show your husband how you really are, as a person; what values and beliefs matter to you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a stay-at-home mom, but you need to get him to see how much you put into everything you do and let him know, that along with loving and caring for you, he also must respect you for the person you are.

A confident, self-assured woman is always attractive and he’ll find himself thinking about how fabulous you are each time he sees your eyes sparkle with confidence. And if you worry that he doesn’t respect you, check these signs to know for certain.

Make Him Feel Special

A couple of decades ago you could have brought him a meal on a tray and fixed his tie, but today’s men are (thankfully) more evolved and less man-child.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cook him his favorite meal anymore, but also think of different ways to let him know he’s loved. Attention, love, and pampering: it’s always a two-way street, so if you want to get some, you’re going to have to give some too.

Go all out. You don’t have to wait for your anniversary to throw him a surprise. The next time you’re out, dedicate his favorite song to him and watch him radiate with happiness and love for you.

Listen When He’s Talking…

…About something that he’s really excited about, whether it’s a childhood memory (even if you’ve heard it a million times), a vacation plan or last night’s match.

Sometimes, making your man feel truly special, is just about listening, and listening well.

Be Nice To His Folks

It’s always nice to let your husband know that you value his family and friends and find the time to catch up with them.

Show your husband that you’re willing to get to know the people who mean a lot to him and make sure you both get to spend time with the people you love.

Compliment Him Often

Take every opportunity you get to tell your husband what you love about him, be it a particular shirt or a great fragrance, or even the things about him that you really like, whether it’s his smile, the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles, or how much you enjoy the way he holds you or kisses you.

Be thankful when he does something genuine. Who doesn’t like being flattered, after all?

Be His Closest Friend

You may be spouses, but that’s no reason why you can’t be friends. He is going to love you and cherish you if he realizes he can trust you and talk to you about anything.

It’s difficult for most men to be comfortable being vulnerable and tender, but if you’re patient, caring and understanding, your relationship will become a safe space he can keep coming back to.

This will also work wonders on your communication as a couple; he won’t fret about having to hide things from you, which is a big plus as far as trust is concerned.

You’ll soon see that getting your husband to adore you isn’t too difficult, especially if you’re trying hard to learn how to be a better wife.

A little effort from your end will go a long way in making sure he treats you like the queen you are!