How To Make Him Miss You More Than Ever Before

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Keeping a man’s attention seems so hard, let alone learning how to make him miss you.

Somehow, we can’t seem to get them out of our minds, and they don’t even have to put that much effort!

However, I’m here today to give you some fairly effortless tips on having your man warmly fantasize about you every day.

Trust me – some of these I did myself, so they’re known to work.

And before you start thinking I’m advising that you trick your man into missing you – far from it.

I’m helping you become more aware of how sexy, interesting, and funny you can be, and how to make the time you spend together more memorable for both of you.

The Conversational Sweet Spot

This is something I read as a young girl that’s relevant even today.

Similar to knowing you should end the date on a high note, end a phone call or texting when it gets really good.

Leave a hook, make him wonder how the conversation would end, and he’ll crave seeing you again so you two can continue.

Wear Specific Perfume

Choose a perfume that will be your staple.

Even if you’re a girl who wears them based on the event, pick one he’ll always be able to recognize as yours.

Be Memorable

It’s not enough to show only your best side.

You may wear certain outfits like a goddess, but it might not be enough.

Perfect your femininity, brush up on your conversation topics and become a master “dater” with your original date ideas. Be the whole package.

“Wait For The Clock To Strike Twelve”

If you’re at the same party (whether or not you’re still not together), know when to leave.

Keep check of the pulse of the evening and how it’s progressing.

Have a few conversations with him, then leave after you’ve left your mark. Be modern Cinderella.

Fulfill His Fantasy Moments

Is there something from his childhood, teenage or adult years he wanted to do? Or have?

Maybe he wanted to see a certain game or visit a place he never had the chance to. Doing such gestures will earn you a special place in his mind.

Not to mention you’ll create new memories together that he’ll gladly revisit, and wonder when you’ll do something like that again together.

Leave Something Behind

Whether it’s underwear, a bracelet, scarf, perfume, or even just a hand cream – leave behind an object that will remind him of you.

Of course, you should choose something that looks and smells good.

And the perfect time for that is after a great date, a wild night, or a romantic dinner.

Choose a memorable event that he’ll link to that object whenever he looks at it.

Work On Your Look

Sexy, longing looks may seem like a 19th century novel gimmick, but trust me, they work.

Sometimes, even the way you look at him is enough to embed your face in his mind.

The way you look at him when you wake up together, or right before you kiss him, or even during sex.

Men notice these little details, trust me.

Wear Your Independence Like A Badge

I’m not going to go into WHY it’s important to form yourself as an individual, but I will say this: he’ll love a woman who has her life together.

Dazzling him with your interests, your work, adventures and friends (in short: everything but him), he’ll want to become a part of that life.

However, be careful not to overshadow his impact in your life. He could start to feel unnecessary.

Give In To The Physical

When you’re kissing him, do it slowly, give the act your undivided attention.

Or when you brush your hand against the back of his palm, or arm.

Squeeze his hand as you’re holding it while walking down the street, then look at him and smile.

Be in the moment whenever you initiate contact.

He’ll be replaying those moments and sensations all the time you’re not around.

Don’t Always Be By His Side

If you are out with some friends, or clubbing together, leave his side every so often.

Clinging to him constantly can show a lack of independence.

But if you stay sociable and going about the room, he’s bound to seek you out with his gaze.

And there’s nothing sexier than having your eyes meet across the room.

Be The Best Listener

By now, you’ve seen how riddled with problems men can be.

Stress, work, friends, expectations, even us!

When you lend an ear to his problems, and I mean REALLY listen to what he has to say, he’ll be forever grateful.

Hardwired to keep emotions bottled up, men very rarely open up.

If you manage to understand and comfort him, he’ll be sure to want you around as much as he can.


Of course, we want to feel missed, and wanted.

Humans thrive on acceptance and companionship, and quite often, we need the confirmation we’re on someone’s mind, just to feel loved.

There is nothing wrong with that.

No matter what stage your relationship is in, make sure to use some of these pieces of advice to strengthen your bond with your boyfriend or husband.

Sneaky little tricks that keep you wanting each other can be used daily; and that’s exactly what makes a relationship thriving, loving and exciting.