The Single Most Powerful Way To Make Him Feel Like A Man

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One way to keep your boyfriend happy and satisfied is to make him feel masculine. Sadly, few women these days know how to do that.

And of those few, an even smaller number make an active effort to make their partners feel like a man.

Why Dirty Talking Is The Single Most Powerful Way To Make Him Feel Like A Man

Listen up, ladies. Just because your man doesn’t ask you to talk dirty to him doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want it from you.

The truth is men love dirty talk a lot, especially when it’s their girlfriends dishing it out to them.

Maybe your man just doesn’t tell you because you’ve probably never asked or talked about it.

Or he may fear that you’ll think he’s a pervert just by opening up such a topic.

The reasons are many. But the bottom line is that he loves dirty talk and he’ll love for you to talk dirty to him. Here are five reasons why:

1. Dirty talking is the most powerful way to make him feel like a man.

When you initiate dirty talk whether it’s in person or via your phone, you’re sending him the message that says you want to take a wild sexy ride with him.

When he sees your enthusiasm, he’ll not only feel masculine, he’ll feel like he’s a demigod.

2. Dirty talking makes him feel special.

Treating your man to some unexpected dirty talking makes him feel like he’s the recipient of some serious sexual attention.

Since dirty talking is perceived as somewhat naughty and kinky, it shows him that you care about his sexual side, which makes every guy feel valued.

3. Dirty talking helps him know you’re on the same, naughty page.

Your man is all about pleasing you in bed. He’s hardwired for that.

When you talk dirty to him during sex, it helps him see that you’re into it just as much as he is and that you’re having the time of your life.

Since you’re able to express yourself to him sexually through your moans and other communication you’re leaving no room for playing guessing games.

He gets to see what you want and fulfill all those naughty acts for you too.

4. Dirty talking provides the encouragement and validation he needs as a man.

When you launch into a dirty talking frenzy, it confirms that you’re sexually interested in him.

This validation is encouraging to him.

He takes it as a kind of a thumbs up, making him feel that he’s on the right path and that you’d love for him to push the boundaries a little more.

5. Dirty talking paves the way for wilder, more passionate lovemaking.

He needs to know that he’s appreciated, needed, and loved for the man he is.

When you initiate dirty talking or respond to him favorably when he initiates it during sex, you’re able to send him this message and validate his masculinity in the process.

It gives him the kind of psychological high he doesn’t get anywhere else.

That is extremely intoxicating to him. When he feels your desire for him, he’s more eager to return the favor to his sexy dirty talking love goddess (you).

Dirty Dozen: 12 Sexy and Sultry Things To Say To Your Man

Dirty talk is a sexual game-changer.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, here’s a list of dirty but sexy things to say to your man when in bed or over email/text/phone call.

1. “Seeing you sweat all over after your workout makes me want to be sweaty with you.”

2. “Nothing gets me as turned on as seeing you totally absorbed in what you’re doing”.

3. “If we weren’t in public right now, you can be sure I’d do something you’ll never forget”.

4. “Remember how I moaned the last time? I want that again.”

5. “So I’m on my way home and I’m not wearing my underwear anymore…”

6. “I’m on a break at work and I can’t help thinking about using this time to have a quickie with you”.

7. “You look insanely hot when you’re wearing those jeans.”

8. “You have this way of making me feel so horny. I love it!”.

9. “I want to get you home right now so I can kiss you everywhere.”

10. “I wish I could go home and be with you right now. All I can think of is giving you a handjob.”

11. “I’m wearing your favorite bra and panties today.”

12. “I need your hands and mouth all over my body right now.”

You can also check out these 101 sexting messages to send to your boyfriend if you ever run out of ideas.

Talking dirty to your man is undoubtedly the single most powerful way to make him feel the man that he is.

And if he’s giving you all the pleasure you deserve as his partner, it only makes sense to continue returning the favor to him.

You can only do this with dirty talk.

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