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How To Make A Guy Realize He’s Losing You

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At the beginning of the relationship every guy makes more of an effort to impress the woman.

But as it progresses and you gradually become comfortable with each other, the things that he used to do to impress you eventually stop.

To put it simply, he’s taking you for granted. He’s stopped appreciating everything you do for him and it’s making you consider whether you should walk away.

He expects you to always be there, which is why he’s now making very little effort in the relationship.

You need to show him that if he keeps neglecting you then you’ll walk out of his life. It’s the kind of wake-up call that he needs.

If he does genuinely care about you then he’ll realize that he needs to start treating you better.

Here are 11 great ways for how to make a guy realize he’s losing you.

1. Start ignoring his messages

If the main reason you’re frustrated with this guy is the time he takes to reply to your texts or his lack of communication then it’s time to turn the tables and see how he likes it.

He probably expects to hear from you all the time, so if you suddenly cut off all communication he’s going to start worrying.

After he doesn’t hear from you for a while, he’s going to start thinking that you’re losing interest.

You might think that this could have the reverse effect and push him further away from you, but trust me, it will make him realize that he needs to start making more effort before he loses you for good.

2. Stop making an effort

At this point, he expects too much from you. Perhaps he takes for granted all the small things you do like cook his dinner, plan dates, and do his grocery shopping.

As soon as you stop doing these nice things for him he’s going to have to do them himself and that will be a big wake up call.

He’ll quickly realize that he needs to stop being so reliant on you and learn how to stand on his own two feet.

So actively stop doing the things you regularly do to make him happy. Treat him how he treats you, essentially.

That’s the best way to get a guy to realize that he’s treating you wrong. When he gets unhappy with how you’ve been acting, point out that you’re only doing what he’s doing.

Maybe then you can work on fixing your relationship so it doesn’t feel so one-sided.

3. Go out by yourself

So many couples get into a routine where they never leave the house without their partner but that break from each other could be great for your relationship.

Don’t forget that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

It’s unhealthy to spend all of your time with your partner. Go out with your friends for the night and leave him at home.

Don’t check your phone while you’re out and try not to think about what he’s doing.

Being more independent will show him that he’s missing out and this will probably make him realize how much he needs you in his life. Plus, he never has the opportunity to want to spend time with you.

He does that all the time and therefore, your presence in his life isn’t anything special. You’re just a part of his every day.

Do more things on your own. Make him miss you. He’ll end up looking around as if something in his life is amiss and when he realizes it’s you, he’ll come around.

If not, at least you know that you can have a great time without him!

4. Be less available

Are you always available whenever he wants to see you? Do you reply to his messages and answer his calls immediately? Perhaps you should start being distant.

If he thinks that you’re always going to be there whenever he needs you, then he could start taking you for granted.

He’s become so comfortable that he can’t see that you’re slipping away from him.

Acting distant and taking longer to reply to his messages is a good way to get his attention. He’ll notice that you’re acting off with him and that’s exactly what you want.

You want him to start worrying about a life without you in it because that will encourage him to start putting more effort into the relationship.

5. Give him the silent treatment

The silent treatment might sound childish but it will make him realize that something is clearly wrong.

Sometimes, words aren’t enough. You have to show him that what he’s doing is slowly pushing you away from him. He needs to see it with his own eyes.

If he notices you’re not talking as much as you used to or showing him any physical affection, then he’s going to start thinking about how to make things right between you again.

Maybe he’ll even see that you’re upset and put forth the effort to make you happy. This could help kick him into gear so he’ll do some of the things he used to when you first got together.

Chances are, he doesn’t want to lose you and he’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

6. Suggest a break

Taking a break could save your relationship or it could make you realize that you’re better off being single. Either way, it will make things clearer.

Perhaps it won’t actually go that far. Suggesting a break could be the wakeup call that he needs to realize that he loves you.

If he thinks that you’re seriously considering leaving him he’s going to be really worried and that might be enough for him to change the way he’s been acting.

Or perhaps he’ll agree to the break only to realize how much he really wants you in his life. Be prepared to actually cut off communication and take the break if he agrees to it.

There’s no room for bluffing when it comes to making a guy realize he’s losing you.

7. Leave him out of your plans

It might sound harsh to not include your boyfriend in your plans, especially if you usually do things together, but it’s a good way to make him see that you’re not reliant on him.

You don’t need him to hold your hand all of the time.

Be evasive about your nights out and don’t let him hear the details. It will probably drive him crazy not knowing and he’ll realize that you’re being distant for a reason.

This could spark a reaction in him; he might act jealous, annoyed or upset that you’re acting differently.

You need him to start questioning why you’re acting off with him. Try and make him wonder what he’s done to upset you.

He’ll start panicking that he’s about to lose you and that’s the kind of scare that he needs to start treating you better.

8. Remind him of what he could miss out on

There’s a reason he’s with you. He cares about you in some way and even if he’s forgotten about it, he still feels that way.

Sometimes all you have to do is spark those feelings. Make him remember why it is he who wanted to be with you in the first place.

Put on your best outfit, look great, smell great, and show him how amazing you are. And once you’re all dolled up, go out without him. Don’t let him touch you.

This might seem harsh but it works. Think about it. You’re looking amazing and he’s seeing how sexy you are and then he can’t have you.

It’s a tease, yes, but it also sends a very clear message. You can even head out without telling him where you’re going. When he asks, all you have to tell him is, “out.”

If he inquires more and wants to know more details, just tell him that if he doesn’t care to know any other night, he doesn’t need to know tonight.

By doing this, you’re separating yourself from him while also showing him what he really has. Some guys just need the reminder that they have this amazing person in their life.

The more you’re around him, the more used to your presence he is.

That can make it harder for him to realize just how much he truly cares for you.

9. Find some new hobbies

You don’t even have to tell him about them either.

Just go out and let him know you’re going to do something fun. Once he hears that it’s supposed to be a good time, he’ll be intrigued.

He’ll also wonder how you got into that new hobby in the first place. 

That will make him realize just how absent he’s been in your life. It’s an easy way for him to figure it out all by himself.

The more new hobbies you have, the more he’ll feel like he’s not present in your relationship. He’ll start asking questions and that’s when you can really hit him hard.

Say something like, “Since when do you care?”

It might sound harsh, but it’s what he needs to hear. If he thinks you’re under the impression that he doesn’t care about what your hobbies are, it might push him to realize he’s losing you for real.

10. Don’t let him get away with whatever he wants

You can’t just let your man do and say whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

The more relaxed you are about his behavior, the more often he’s going to do it.

Think of him like a puppy. If you continuously let the puppy lick your face, it won’t know that’s a bad thing to do.

It’ll just keep licking your face even until it’s fully grown and then you’re really screwed with training it.

Guys are very similar in the sense that if you keep letting him do and say whatever he wants, whenever he wants, he won’t change.

He’ll think his behavior is acceptable and won’t know it’s not okay with you.

That’s why you have to speak up when he does something insensitive or just doesn’t put forth effort in any way.

If you’re the only one planning the date nights and you ask him to plan the next one and he doesn’t, say something.

Tell him that’s not okay. Tell him you’re sick of him never putting in the effort.

Sure, it might be hard to discuss, but if you want him to realize he’s losing you, it’s necessary. 

11. Tell him that he’s losing you

Sometimes you have to be completely honest even if it’s the last thing you want to do.

You should open up to him about how you’ve been feeling lately, or why you’re unhappy in the relationship and see how he reacts to that.

Some guys just can’t read your clues. He might not be picking up on any of the hints you’re laying down and even if you’re getting more frustrated, he has no idea what’s going on.

After all, he’s not a mind-reader. Telling him that he’s pushing you away is the best way to make a guy realize that he’s losing you. 

Just be honest and say you don’t want to stay in a relationship like the one you’re in. Something needs to change.

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