7 Unusual Signs That Show He’s The One (#3 Will Surprise You!)

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When you’re lost in lust, you often overlook so many signs that tell you how to know if he’s the one. Someone made him just so that you could find him and complete the puzzle. Everything fits.

Of course, you have your fair share of arguments and fights, but for the most part, you’re in complete harmony. It might be a bit idealistic to imagine, but it’s happening to you and there’s no hiding it.

While your apparently cool, single friends might find many of your interactions cringe-worthy, deep down they wish they had that spark with someone.

Instead of being shy and embarrassed, these might just be the signs that tell you he’s the one you should commit to for the rest of your life.

1. He Talks About You The Moment You Leave

Ask your mutual friends, does it happen often that you leave the room for a moment and he begins talking about you? Nobody might even ask him anything.

In fact, some of your blunter friends might ask him to stop. But if this happens frequently, it means that you’re on his mind all the time.

2. You Share Everything With Him

Good news or bad news, relevant or irrelevant, the first person that has to know about everything is him. Even if he’s in the middle of an important meeting or conference, a text has to go through.

Sometimes this news makes no difference to your life whatsoever, but it inevitably spurs a funny conversation with him.

Not only this, he does the same thing with you, and you always thought it was only the women who were so excited to share everything.

3. He Actually Thinks You’re Sexy Straight Out Of Bed

This one is the game changer. If you’ve caught him staring at you when you wake up, or if he really thinks you’re super cute, pretty, or sexy right out of bed (when you are at your worst), you’ve found the one.

He doesn’t care about all the make-up and the effort to look presentable; he loves how you are in your most raw and uninhibited self.

The whole effort around trying hard to look sexy might not be possible as life goes on. Your features stop being your mainstay as you grow older, and it’s important to be appreciated by the man beside you, irrespective of that fact.

If he thinks you look sexy in your sleep he is basically crazy about you and incapable of seeing the flaws in your appearance. That, right there, is a winner.

4. You Live Together But You Text All The Time

Just like when you leave his side for a moment and he texts you with a random inconsequential message. Or you go out with your girls one weekend, and he’s dejected and misses you like anything.

Let’s be honest, it’s the same when he’s gone too. It hardly takes you a few hours to realize how much you miss him and what you would be doing if he was around.

5. You’re Travel Buddies

One thing that works as a good indicator of your perfect match is travel. Everyone has their own preferences when they travel, and being in an unknown land with someone really brings out the real traits that define your interactions.

Travelling together shows whether you allow one another the adequate space to enjoy a place in itself, as an individual and as a couple.

This can be hard because some couples can’t strike that balance. It goes to show how you would bode even when you spend tons of time together – something that would be likely if you take the big step with him.

So if your first trip together ended with you wanting another trip as soon as possible, you’re in luck.

You have found someone special, who gives you the space you want, lets you do your own thing in travel itineraries, and looks forward to spending quality time with you in different places around the world.

6. He Is Not Egotistical During Fights

Every couple needs to have fights. It is important to express differing opinions rather than being subdued all the time.

When these fights come up, it is important to see what he holds closer to his heart – his egotistical reputation or your feelings.

If he is willing to give up the higher ground or the battle to come out as the dominant one of you two, he values your feelings and needs, more than he values his ego.

This can be a highly important indicator for how you both will arrive at major life decisions.

While opinions might differ, it is important to understand where his value system stands and where you fit in that entire picture, because that is the ground upon which you will build your entire life.

7. You Just Can’t Lie To Him

One of the most important pillars of building a long-term relationship is honesty.

Whether it is about opinions, people or situations, being honest is very important. If you have been together for a while, you would have had a discussion about this at some point.

If you feel an unending amount of guilt even at the thought of lying to him (apart from the little inconsequential ones), you are probably with the person that you need to be with.

This means he brings out the best in you and morally you’re always at a safe place with him. The support that honesty develops between two people can be remarkable and if you have that with him, you have certainly found the perfect guy to spend your life with.

These are just a few of the many signs that go to show what stage your relationship is in. The amount of time you have dated might not matter.

If you’re past that initial honeymoon phase and still feel all these things in your relationship, you are ready to take the next step. Snap up the opportunity and go for it, you’ve found your man!