How To Kiss A Guy: 19 Kissing Techniques To Make Him Fall In Love

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When I was in my early teens, the most important question occupying my thoughts all the time was how to kiss a guy. You probably know what I’m talking about.

Whenever I started liking a boy, it was basically in agony because I was terrified of eventually having to kiss him. For some reason, it seemed like defusing a bomb: what if I make a mistake and lose him forever? What if I’m terrible at it and nobody ever wants to kiss me again?

Fast forward some fifteen years and all that seems silly now. All of us eventually realize that kissing isn’t all that scary and it comes naturally in fact.

But even after years of kissing experience, I’m still learning new techniques. Every guy is unique. Every guy likes something different. And every guy teaches me something new.

So, here’s the expert guide on how to kiss a guy. I’m sharing 19 kissing techniques that will make him fall in love with you more and more with each kiss.

Basics On How To Kiss A Guy

1. Start slow

Let’s kick things off with the basics of kissing. When you’re kissing somebody for the first time, you’ll want to start slow, regardless of the nature of your relationship.

After all, you two are only getting to know each other, and you don’t want to scare him off by being too aggressive or revealing all your tricks right away.

Lean in for a kiss slowly and start by gently pressing your lips against his, and then gradually develop it into a faster, more passionate embrace.

2. Show some passion

Now that you’re both comfortable, introduce some passion into the kiss. Start by massaging his lips with yours, switching it up from his lower lip to his upper lip. Then it’s time to invite some tongue to the party.

Softly caress his lips with your tongue while you’re kissing before you start playing with his tongue.

Keep in mind that some guys won’t use their tongue during this part of the kiss at all, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t teach him a thing or two and show him what real kisses are all about.

3. Use your teeth

There are many ways you can use your teeth in a makeout session to turn your guy on. But it’s important to remember that these are all reserved for a more passionate setting.

What I’m saying is that you’ll probably freak him out if you start nibbling on his lips after you’ve just met or if you’re just strolling through the park. Well, unless you want to give him a clear signal that you’re in the mood.

My favorite kissing maneuver involving teeth is gently biting on his lower lip and doing a slight pull as I release the grip.

4. Tilt your head

This must be the biggest cause for alarm while imagining your first kiss. What if we both go for it head on and end up smashing our noses together? The horror!

And then you realize that this, like all other things, is nothing to worry about. Our heads impulsively tilt to one side while kissing, making the kiss smooth and natural.

To make a kiss more interesting and dynamic, switch it up a little and tilt your head to the other side from time to time.Couple in love drinking coffee in coffee shop

How To Kiss A Guy In A Way He’ll Never Forget

5. Tease him

When you want to build up the tension and keep this guy wanting more, it’s time for some teasing.

Slowly approach him, get really close to his face and look into his eyes. Then get your lips super close to his but keep him at bay by keeping your hands on his chest.

Give him a final push by brushing your lips against his and giving him a quick naughty lick on the upper lip. Trust me, you’ll drive him completely wild with this little trick.

6. Give him a shy peck

Pecks are a cute way to show your affection when you’re walking, waiting for the lights to change or when you’re surrounded by other people.

But pecks could also be a powerful kissing technique when you and your man are alone.

For example, you can shower him with a bunch of sweet pecks all over his face before going in for a real memorable kiss.

Or use the peck as a teasing technique by only allowing him gentle kisses without the tongue until you give him the green light to release his inner beast.

7. Play with his lips

Kissing is more than just pressing your lips together and playing with your tongue. Kissing is everything else that comes with it and it allows complete freedom and creativity.

For a kiss that truly makes him fall in love, take your time to explore his lips. Slowly kiss his lips giving an equal amount of love to both of them separately.

Use your tongue to caress his lips, gently nibble on them and go over them with your fingers. This is guaranteed to get his blood boiling with desire.

8. Suck on his tongue

This is a tricky technique and it’s not always easy to do, especially if your guy is all about fast and powerful kisses that barely give you time to figure out what’s going on. But if you manage to do it, it’s so worth it.

Slow down the kiss just enough so that you can catch his tongue between your lips, and then start gently sucking. The magic of this move is that you’ll totally catch him by surprise and he won’t be able to stop imagining those lips doing the same thing to his…you know what.

9. Use your tongue properly

I can’t tell you how many times I had to deal with a guy who was completely clueless about using his tongue and how many times I’ve heard my girlfriends complaining about the same thing.

Either they don’t use their tongue at all, just thrust it back and forth, slobber too much or go so deep that we almost can’t breathe.

Learn how to use your tongue and help your man learn too if all those situations sound familiar. Trust me, you have the power to teach your man how to kiss right, just be vocal about what you want and gently lead the way.

10. Include other parts of his body

You don’t have to focus only on the lips. It’s even better if you let yourself get distracted by other delicious parts of his body.

Guys have many erogenous zones just like us, and you will immediately get him in the mood once you find his favorite spot. So, kiss his neck, ears, shoulders, chest and back and give your man the attention he deserves.

Don’t Forget To Use Your Hands

11. Grip his head

As I already said, kissing is so much more than just locking lips. A truly great kiss is done with your whole body.

The hands are your biggest allies in creating the perfect kiss. Where you hold your hands during a kiss can tell a lot about your relationship and even determine where the kiss is going to lead.

One of the most romantic and passionate things you can do is place your hands on the sides of his head. Pull him in closer and caress his face before you let your hands slide back into his hair.

12. Grab his neck

Want to show him that he’s in for a rough ride? Then grab him by his neck while you’re kissing.

I don’t mean you should choke him (unless he’s into that stuff). Just firmly grab the back of his neck with one hand and let the other hand roam all over his body, from his hair, to his chest and along his back.

13. Lean on his chest

If your man is taller than you, it may even be a little difficult for you to hug him and run your hands through his hair while kissing standing up. But you’ll be able to lean on his chest and this move will melt his heart.

Mind you, don’t grab his chest aggressively, just softly put your hands there like you’re leaning on him to reach his lips.

Bonus points if you actually need to stand on your toes to kiss him because guys absolutely love it when we’re feminine like that. They think it’s adorable.

14. Wrap your arms around him

In most cases, you’ll be shorter than the man you’re kissing. So, if you’re standing, another great way to use your hands in a super cute way is to place them on his hips and lower back.

Start by pressing your hands on his stomach, right next to his hips, then slowly work your way to the back. If you two are in a loving relationship, wrapping yourself around him is a beautiful sign of affection.

If you’re just casually dating, this move may be a bit too romantic in his eyes.
passionate couple kissing on bed

15. Pull him closer

When you want to let him know what’s going on, aka you’re ready to move things to the bedroom, it’s time to be a little aggressive.

Using this technique will show him your dominant side and, if he hasn’t seen it before, you’ll be giving him a special treat.

You can pull him by his shirt, tie or jacket and give him a strong, passionate kiss while you’re still pulling him closer. If you want to spice it up even more (or if he’s already not wearing any clothes at that point), grab him by his jaw and show him who’s boss.

16. Keep your hands moving

Can you imagine a kiss where you’re just standing in front of each other, doing the same thing and keeping your hands steady for five minutes? That would be the most boring kiss ever.

No, kissing is all about movement so keep those hands moving.

Don’t just keep going through his hair or hold him tight around his waist from beginning to end. Mix it up and move your hands all over your man’s sexy body.

And if he’s a little shy and static, show him the way by taking his hands and placing them on your body exactly where you want to be touched.

passionate kissing couple grey background

Tips For Advanced Kissers

Want to know the perfect tip on how to kiss a guy? Constantly keep him on his toes. Always make him wonder what’s coming next and he’ll find you irresistible.

Here are some advanced kissing techniques that will help you do just that.

17. Bite his shoulder

This move is not something you’ll want to do just anytime. This one should be done in the heat of the moment when you and your man are most intimate.

As you’re facing him, whether you’re sitting on his lap or lying under him, grab his neck with one hand and gently but firmly bite his shoulder. You will blow his mind.

18. Kiss the back of his neck

With this sensual kiss, you will send shivers down his spine. But you need to know how to do it just right.

Slowly approach him, softly run your fingers along his back or hug him from behind. Then press your lips on the back of his neck so softly that it’s almost a tickle. Believe me, this one works very well.

19. Move from his lips to his ear

This is a very sweet and sexy technique both at the same time. Start by kissing your man on the mouth and slowly move your lips to just below his chin, then kiss along his neck all the way to his ear.

Put a cherry on top and use this chance to whisper something dirty in his ear. We all know how guys love dirty talk.

Learning how to kiss a guy is nothing too complicated. Even if you know all the best moves and kissing techniques, the most important thing is to relax and enjoy the moment.

Do whatever feels right and make sure to pay attention to your boyfriend’s body language. And, of course, practice whenever you get the chance. You’ll be a kissing pro before you know it.