9 Surefire Ways To Keep Your Man Happy And Satisfied

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When you love him you’ll do just about anything to keep your man happy; perhaps even venture out of your comfort zone in order to try new things.

Things you may never even have thought about doing simply because you want to ensure that your man is happy and satisfied.

However, without a little bit of relationship guidance, you could end up falling into a boredom rut, leaving both individuals in an unhappy relationship where the line between testing the waters and simply looking becomes very blurred.

If you don’t focus on your own happiness, you’ll lose out on the full potential of the relationship. If you can’t figure out how to make yourself happy, you sure as hell won’t know how to make him truly happy in the long run.

You’ll both end up seeking a sense of happiness elsewhere. Thus, when it comes to figuring out how to keep your man happy, you may want to keep the following tips in mind.

1. Learn To Twist Like A Pretzel.

Being willing to try new things in the bedroom will certainly tickle his fancy. Show that you’re willing to go the extra mile by making your sex life just as exciting as his wildest fantasy. Practicing your flexibility and finding naughty sex moves to surprise your man will definitely help you in this particular department. Avoid being shy. It’s time to turn yourself into a seductive and supple sex goddess!

2. Prepare A Home-Cooked Meal.

Whether it’s the sight of you in an apron (and nothing else) or the fact that you can be domesticated and cook a delicious meal, preparing a homely meal for your man will open his eyes to new possibilities. As much as we’d like to deny it, knowing how to keep your man happy and satisfied starts with food.

3. Talk Dirty More Often.

woman talking dirty to a man

This includes a solid dose of flirting when he least expects it. Remember, a man wants to feel wanted. Thus, talking dirty in bed, over the phone in the privacy of your office, or even in public for the world to hear will get his blood pumping – allowing him to see a different, more risqué side to you that he may not have seen for a while. Remember, as awkward as you may think it sounds to you to him, it’s a massive turn on.

4. Send Random Sexy Pics.

Early on in your relationship, you may have exchanged sexy photographs more often. However, as the relationship has matured, life seems to have got in the way of your need to show it all and a busy, everyday schedule. However, nothing beats the effectiveness of a random, sexy pic to show him what you’ve got going on beneath the surface.

5. Opt For High Heels.

Not only do high heels accentuate your legs and bottom, but they also add to your confidence and overall sex appeal. Men love women who are confident and proud of how they look, not to mention the fact that men simply can’t resist a woman in heels. In which case, it’s always good to add a few sexy pairs to your closet.

6. Wear A Sexy Dress Ever So Often.

woman in a sexy dress

There’s nothing more seductive and sophisticated than a woman in a skin-tight, below-the-knee dress to show off an amazing figure – even if your curves seem to be a bit more voluptuous than you’re used to seeing in magazines.

However, if you want to know how to keep your man happy, seduce him without revealing it all by knowing how to wear a sexy dress.

7. Offer Manly Compliments.

Men can also be somewhat self-conscious at times, finding things in the mirror that they may not be all that happy with. However, as his woman, you need to be able to tell him how handsome he looks in a certain type of outfit, or how sexy you think he looks naked. Men need to feel supported and uplifted as well, especially on bad days.

8. Have His Back At All Times.

When you’re in a relationship with someone, you need to be supportive of one another. In a world full of instant communication, it’s ironic that we often feel quite lonely, which is why you have a partner to have your back when no one else seems to.

Thus, it’s important to build trust in your relationship by letting him know that you have his back in moments when the world seems too much.

9. Let Him Watch.

Making ‘me-time’ for yourself is important – allowing you to connect with yourself in a more personal way.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with having a few ‘helpers’ in the bedroom to get things going when you’re on two different wavelengths. However, there’s nothing sexier to a man than observing a woman taking charge. Let him watch whilst you enjoy the ‘pleasure’ of your own company.

Bonus tip: Pet his puppy.

Whether you’re dealing with a Great Dane or Pomeranian, showing a little bit of love in that department will leave a smile on his face and a few fond memories to think about for years to come. It’s all about knowing how to stroke in a way that excites him, making him come back for more. Of course, adding a few wet kisses won’t hurt. Remember, knowing how to turn a guy on is half the battle. Putting your knowledge into practice will blow his mind!

Let’s face it, we all have needs, but making your relationship work is all about finding out how to keep your partner happy and satisfied without compromising your own wants. At the end of the day, love makes you do weird and wonderful things in order to make the relationship work.

Whether you’re willing to peek out of your comfort zone to talk dirty in bed or endure the discomfort of wearing high heels in the hopes of making him look twice, you can’t go wrong by incorporating the above-mentioned tips for complete relationship success.