How To Have Sex In Public And Not Get Caught

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Keeping your sex life satisfying and fun can be a quite a challenge.

Most of us, especially those in long term relationships, can fall into a sexual rut for various reasons.

Whether it’s work or personal issues to deal with on a daily basis, things seem to get in the way all too often.

Add the fact that you usually grow to be too comfortable together and the result can be a boring and predictable sex life.

If this sounds too much like you, here’s an exciting suggestion: try having sex with your boyfriend in public.

Satisfied and Safe Public Sex: The Ultimate Guide

Whether or not you’re currently in a sexual rut, chances are you’ve thought about having sex with your boyfriend in public. And why not?

There’s something so exciting and hot about making love with your man in public. The idea that you’ll orgasm when the possibility of getting caught is high is enough to get any woman’s heart racing.

Despite the risk, public sex is definitely worth a spot on your bucket list. The following are ten useful ways to have sex in public without getting caught.

1. Strategize about the when and the where.

It may be tempting to want to hook up with your man on a Sunday morning in a public park, particularly if you’re into exhibitionism.

However, there’s a huge chance that people could see you in action if your choice of location and time isn’t appropriate.

To be on the safe side, choose a place that isn’t frequented by people and choose a time during the night.

2. Forget your undies.

When it comes to having sex in public, remember that every second counts. So to avoid wasting time, ditch your undies. It’s best to wear a skirt so he can have easy access to you.

Another benefit is that the mere thought that you’re not wearing panties is enough to get him in the mood.

3. Skip the foreplay.

Foreplay’s great for when you’re getting it on at home. But since you’re anywhere but home, getting straight to the main event is best.

No, it’s not forbidden to engage in fondling. You can even give your man a blowjob but keep it brief.

On the flip side, if you’re not that adventurous yet, you can get each other ready by building up the foreplay beforehand. Learn to talk dirty with him.

4. Keep your mouth shut…

Yes, I know it feels good and you can’t help but moan. However, even a soft sound could attract the attention of someone passing by. You don’t want them to investigate so bite your lip.

5. …And your clothes on.

The fewer clothes you take off, the faster you can escape from the “crime scene”. And if anyone sees you, at least you won’t look like you’re up to something dodgy, right?

6. Wear black.

Opt for a sexy black outfit so you can get your man turned on just by looking at you. Since you’re somewhere dark, it won’t be as noticeable. This lessens the chances of you being seen.

7. Keep an eye on your surroundings.

Being aware of your surroundings while engaging in public sex is crucial to reduce the chances of getting caught. So if you hear something suspicious, you’ll probably want to hit pause.

You can always hit play again anyway once you’re positive that no one’s watching. And if a passerby seems to be hanging around the area intentionally, go somewhere else.

Or you can postpone your public hookup session indefinitely if you think it’s too risky. Remember, there’s always next time.

8. Balance is key.

Unless you’re doing it on the beach under a starry sky, then know that you’ll most likely be having sex while standing up.

To avoid losing your balance, find something you can hold on to for support. It could be the back of a car, a tree, or a wall.

This way, you can focus on the act itself (and on getting off) and not on avoiding a fall.

9. Aim for a quickie.

While it’s very tempting to go all out when making love in public, the risk of getting caught is higher if it takes you longer to finish. For this reason, decide to have a quickie only and stick to the plan.

Remember, the goal is for at least one of you to get off. If both of you climax, that’s a bonus!

10. Prepare a good excuse.

In spite of the amount of effort, you’ve exerted to make sure you can have public sex and get away with it, sometimes someone will see you.

If this happens it’s always useful to have a good excuse at the ready. You don’t really have to explain yourselves if it’s just an ordinary passerby who’s caught you being naughty but if it’s an officer of the law, you may have to get creative.

Important Warning

After having read all of this, I suspect you’re wondering, “will I get arrested for having sex in public?”

Getting caught having sex in public is illegal in many states. There are some jurisdictions that punish people severely who engage in indecent exposure and lewd acts.

Getting caught can lead to lasting legal repercussions.

So before you say yes to having sex in public, do your homework. Consider the pros and cons of this kind of sexual activity. Do your homework and be prepared.

And always talk things through with your partner.

There’s nothing more thrilling than having sex with the man you love in public.

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