The Ultimate Guide To Great Sex In Marriage

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Once married, many couples start neglecting sex and sometimes even stop being intimate completely. You start to wonder just how to have great sex in marriage again. Many couples give in to stress, hectic schedules, lack of time, and the situation gets even worse once the kids arrive.

Intimacy is one of the key elements of every relationship and it needs to be nurtured if you want your marriage to succeed.

Today, I’m going to reveal the crucial tips for keeping the passion alive and having great sex even after years of marriage. 


couple on grass talking happy

One of the major causes of fights and relationship problems is a lack of communication. So, if you want to keep the spark alive, you will need to start talking to your partner.

When it comes to sex, communication is also super important. Just because you’re married, it doesn’t mean that you know everything about your partner’s sexual fantasies and desires. In fact, there may be a lot he hasn’t revealed yet.

Encourage your partner to share his fantasies and lead by example. You’ll be surprised at how much pleasure you have yet to discover once you become completely open with your husband.

Remember that your home is your safe place. What better time to try out all those things you always wanted to do now that you’re with someone you fully trust? 

Add Some Romance.

Now that you’re married it’s time to forget about romantic gestures, signs of affection and cute one-on-one moments, right? After all, you both have busy lives, you need to focus on the children and all this romantic stuff only sounds like a waste of time.

Wrong. You should always find time for romance, no matter how long you’ve been together and how hectic your lives are. Romance keeps love and attraction strong.

If your hubby has forgotten the importance of romance, you’ll need to remind him. Organize a romantic evening just for the two of you.

Send the kids to grandma’s house, light some candles, bring out strawberries and chocolate and treat yourselves to a lovely, intimate night every now and then.

Be Spontaneous.

If you want to know how to have great sex in marriage, romance is one key element. Spontaneity is the other.

When couples get married, most of them get stuck in a rut. Get up, drive kids to school, go to work, come back from work exhausted, go to sleep. Unfortunately, this is the reality for most couples.

If you’ve recognized yourself in this description, it’s time to change something urgently.

Remember how you were when you first met your husband. You probably couldn’t keep your hands off each other. You didn’t care about the time or place. Try to bring some of that spontaneity back.

You don’t need a lot of time for it. Reintroduce quickies, try a new move in bed or swing by his office to give him a little surprise.

Dress Up.

For great sex it’s essential you feel good in your own skin. That doesn’t mean you should exercise every day or look like a supermodel. What matters is that you feel confident in your body.

But that doesn’t mean you should let yourself go either. Walking around the house in your sweatpants is completely fine, but sometimes you need to switch things up and dress up for your man.

Imagine that one day you welcome your husband home in a tight dress, high heels and full makeup. Trust me, no matter how tired he is, he will probably get the urge to ravage you right away.

couple dress happy kitchen sexy

Don’t Forget The Blowjobs.

Guys love blowjobs. It’s a simple truth. Some even prefer one to actual sex. The thing is, a lot of women don’t enjoy performing oral sex, which is why blowjobs are a rare treat reserved only for special occasions.

But it shouldn’t be so. If you love your man, you shouldn’t treat a blowjob as a chore. And you should try to throw it in as often as possible.

Let me tell you a secret: a blowjob is one of the best weapons for a wife who wants to keep her husband happy. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to drive your man crazy with your skill. Plus, if you do it right, he will definitely want to return the favor.

Try Something New.

After years of marriage, chances are you have a couple of tried and tested moves that always work, and you don’t really experiment much. This is how sex gets boring, which is one word you never want to have to use to describe sex.

If you want to know how to have great sex, the best answer is to try something new every once in a while.

Explore a sex position you’ve never tried before, buy some sexy new lingerie, do it somewhere new or even try something a little risky like sex in public. Trust me, these sexy experiments, no matter how small, will incredibly improve your sex life.
Couple kitchen sexy play happy

Introduce Games And Toys.

Who says games and toys are only for children? In fact, for the ones I’ve had in mind, you will want to send your children for a sleepover somewhere else.

Play some of our favorite naughty games. These include a lot of teasing, sexting and fun for a sexual experience neither of you will ever forget.

Or, go adult-store shopping and find some kinky toys you’ve always wanted to try in the bedroom. For this one, you’ll need to talk to your husband first and see if you’re both up for the idea.

Being married doesn’t mean you should give up having great sex. Maintaining a good sex life in marriage is more than possible. But you’ll both need to put some effort into it.

Challenge yourself to cover as many items on this list as you can. Only then is fantastic sex with your hubby guaranteed for years to come.