How To Get Over Being Cheated On

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Having your trust betrayed by infidelity is one of the worst feelings in the world. Oftentimes, you may not know how to get over being cheated on.

It hurts. It’s a pain that aches in ways physical pain can’t even get close to. Wanting to get over that feeling and forget all about it is normal.

You don’t want to feel that way anymore.

Thankfully, with some tips and the right attitude, you can learn to let go of that person and those toxic feelings that’ll do nothing but thwart your chances of a happy love life in the future.

These are the best ways you can learn to get over being cheated on. Keep in mind that something like this takes time but with consistent effort, it is possible.

1. Remember That You’re Never The Problem

This will be the hardest pill to swallow, so to speak. When we’re cheated on, most of us think it was our fault for whatever reason.

We weren’t active enough in the bedroom, we were too demanding, the list could go on.

The fact is, cheating is the cheater’s problem. It’s never yours. If they can’t be faithful and keep their actions in check, that says nothing about you.

It’s their own fault. They couldn’t speak up and tell you they were unhappy or they’re just a piece of garbage that has no respect for you.

That’s on them. Not you.

2. Confide In Your Friends

Chances are, your friends have been there or experienced something just as difficult before.

They can help you get through the tough aftermath of being cheated on.

So open up to them. Let them know what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling.

Not only can they help you feel better, but they can offer insight you may not have thought about based on their own experiences.

If they’re good friends, they’ll want you to feel better and get over it.

3. Stop Dwelling On The Good Times

Every relationship has happy moments. That’s why you were together in the first place.

It’s hard not to think back on all the good things you had when something tragic happens.

But it’ll only make you feel worse. When you dwell on those great things, you forget about the problems you had.

And if your partner cheated, he had major issues on his own.

Yes, great things happened. Those are powerful memories, but don’t let them make you long for a partner who doesn’t respect you. You deserve better.

4. Get Rid Of His Stuff

You just have to do this. You can’t hold on to things that remind you of him because it’ll just be harder.

The more you have to see his belongings, the more you’ll think of him. When his face crosses your mind, you’ll get upset all over again and start to think about how he cheated.

You have to either give his stuff back or throw it away if he doesn’t want it.

5. Stay Busy With Friends

This will really help the most. The less time you have to spend with your own thoughts after getting cheated on, the better.

So go out with friends as often as possible. You’ll want to curl up in bed and sleep the day away, but don’t. Get out and get distracted.

After a while, you won’t even think about the loser who cheated on you.

6. Stay Busy With Hobbies You Love

It’s all about keeping your mind occupied. The reason hobbies work so well is because you thoroughly enjoy them.

The more time you spend doing stuff that makes you happy, the less time you’ll think about something as toxic as being cheated on.

That distraction will help you get over it a lot faster because you won’t dwell on it.

Plus, you’ll then resist the urge to get back together. Nothing good can ever come of getting back with a cheater.

7. Seek Professional Help

Having your partner cheat on you is rough.

Your mental health can take a huge decline if you’re not careful and if that happens, sometimes you just need a professional to help you out.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking help from someone who knows exactly how to help you.

If you can’t figure out how to get over being cheated on by yourself, it might be your best option.

8. Focus On Building Up Your Confidence

Your self-esteem can be severely damaged when you’re cheated on.

The truth is that no matter what anyone says, people have a habit of blaming themselves. It’s not right, but it happens.

We feel at fault and that means we wonder what’s wrong with us. Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, it’ll be hard to stop feeling that way.

So work on building up your confidence. Do stuff that makes you feel good, be active, and stay healthy.

Focus on thinking positively of yourself and it’ll make getting over being cheated on a lot easier.

9. Give Yourself Time To Feel Sad

If you try to shut out every harmful emotion right away, it’ll only make it harder.

It’s okay to feel sad. You can give yourself time to be upset. Cry and throw things out of anger.

Yell at him and make him feel bad. You can feel upset for a short time and that’s perfectly fine. Just don’t let the sadness carry on for too long.

Normally, feeling sad for a week is fine. Any longer and you’ll struggle to pick yourself back up again.

10. Move On And Halt Toxic Thoughts

This will be difficult. You’ll want to think bad things about yourself and that person, but stop it. Once you’ve had your time to feel sad, you can move on.

Pick your head up and focus on positive changes. Think positive thoughts and shut down every negative thought you have about yourself and anyone else.

Then move on and forget the person who disrespected you in such a horrible way. They don’t deserve your thoughts.

Knowing how to get over being cheated on isn’t easy for anyone. Your self-esteem really takes a blow and it’ll be difficult for you to regain your footing.

Following these tips can help you let go of the fact that you were cheated on so you can move on and find happiness in your life.