7 Great Ways To Get A Guy To Like You

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You’ve met up with him.

He’s attractive, funny, smart.

You don’t want to let this one slip away.

Men like this are so hard to find.

So you’ve got to learn how to get this guy to like you and keep liking you.

And make him yours forever.

But before you start trawling around the internet, read on…

I’ve collected the best tips for you, right here.

Get Caught Checking Him Out

Guys know that feeling as much as girls. Do you know what I’m talking about?

That feeling of being looking at with lusting eyes.

It makes us feel sexy in our own masculine way. It makes us feel appreciated.

Especially if we work hard in the gym, making our bodies trim and hard for the ladies in our lives.

It boosts our confidence too. You’ll feel this extra intensity when you’re alone with him.

He’ll become addicted to that feeling of being attractive in your eyes.

And a gentle squeeze of his ass is another great way to show your sexual interest in him.

But just don’t overdo it. Like with everything, be subtle and classy.

Be Interested In Him

girl listening to a guy

Do you know what else men love?

The feeling of being listened to.

But it’s not just men who love this. It’s all people.

Yet how often do you practice this in your life?

How often do you interrupt him, or let your thoughts wander while he’s explaining something dear to him?

Guys can sense when you’re not paying attention.

And it turns us off.

We’ve created some great questions to ask him. Your conversations will flow naturally and you’ll learn things about him that he hasn’t shared with any other girl.

And when you get him talking, he opens up to you. He shares himself with you.

This makes him feel like he’s invested in you. He starts to build trust with you.

And, please, put your phone away while you’re spending time with him. What’s more important to you?

Don’t Try To Change Him

This is a serious pet peeve of mine.

If you don’t like him as he is, why are you wasting your time with him?

Not only are you wasting your precious time, but you’re also going to make him feel resentful.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are things in everybody that need to change.

But these should be small, relatively inconsequential habits and quirks. Not fundamental personality traits.

The thing is, men recognize things in women that they don’t like too. But at least most of us prefer to accept these inadequacies, and not obsess over them.

If you feel yourself becoming bothered by some of the things he does, you’ve got to ask yourself if this is something you can deal with, or if it’s a deal-breaker.

Find Out What He Likes

And do it.

Us guys are not really that complicated. We operate our lives by some general principles and rules.

So if you can figure out how we are, you can learn to predict our behavior pretty easily.

Girls are different. You’re always changing because you base your perspective on how you feel.

And how you feel is always changing.

So if you want to know how to get this guy to like you, make an effort to learn about his likes and dislikes.

And do what he likes, and avoid what he dislikes. Simple.

Now you’re taking your relationship skills to the next level.

Connect With Him Sexually

sex in the shower

And speaking of next levels, this ability will take you (and him) to the moon.

Can you get inside his head?

Can you learn to push the buttons of the largest sex organ in a man?

(His brain)

Not only is he going to like you, but he’s also going to become addicted to you.

The most important thing here, though, is, to be honest. Honest about what you like, and what you’re comfortable doing.

And when you share each other’s interests and fantasies, you can really activate the deep wells of his sexual desire.

Of course, this will take a little time.

But we’ve made it easy with our exclusive Dirty Talking Guide.

Don’t wait around, wondering what if.

You can thank us later.

Respect Him

You know the times he defers to you?

How it boosts your self-esteem to know that he believes in and trusts your judgment?

Intelligent men know that women are just better at some things.

And intelligent women also know it’s plainly obvious that men are better at other things.

So cast off the feminist mumbo-jumbo and free your mind from its unnatural nonsense.

Recognize when he knows better and defer to him.

He’ll sense how you, in turn, are respecting his judgment.

And he’ll love you for it.

When a woman respects a man, he feels full of confidence. He walks tall and acts strong.

Men spend their whole lives trying to be respected.

Be that person for him.

But it goes without saying that he won’t respect you if you defer every time.

We want a woman with a backbone, not a pushover.

Wrap Him Around Your Finger

There are some things that can seem surprisingly obvious.

And others that can only be shared based on experience.

But make sure your intentions are good.

Because you can use this power over men to good and bad ends.

However, I feel that someone like you just wants to know how to get a guy to like you.

So use what you’ve learned here, be yourself, and go get him!