How To Flirt With A Guy: 19 Rules You Must Know

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When you’re around friends, you’re funny, charming and charismatic. But then suddenly, when you’re with a guy you really like, you become weird and awkward, like an entirely different person. You think you know how to flirt with a guy but should you?

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. A lot of girls (including me) suffer from this mysterious syndrome.

When we’re around somebody we like, we feel the pressure to be flirtatious, fun and cute and get this guy to like us. But instead, we become either pushy and awkward or so shy that we can’t even speak normally.

But, guess what? Flirting is not as difficult as you think. You just need confidence and some practice, and you’ll be able to get any guy you want.

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Here are 19 flirting rules that are guaranteed to lead to a first date.

How To Flirt With A Guy Without Being Obvious

1. Feel good in your own skin

Ok, so this maybe isn’t a straightforward flirting technique, but it’s the basis for every other form of flirting. I’m talking about confidence.

When you look good and feel good about yourself, it’s irresistible to men. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the office, in a club or just walking your dog in the park.

That doesn’t mean you have to exercise four times a week and have a full face of makeup whenever you leave your home. You just need to feel good about yourself no matter where you are and whom you’re talking to.

2. Smile

A smile is your best weapon when you’re around somebody you like. A smile radiates confidence and positivity and simply draws people to you.

I’m not saying you should go around faking a smile even when you don’t feel like smiling. But, whenever you can, try to relax and enjoy the moment.

You don’t have to be a pro at flirting. Just putting on a warm, friendly smile will show this guy he can relax when he’s with you and give him the green light to talk to you if he already likes you.

3. Look him in the eye

Next time you’re talking to the guy you like, make sure you keep eye contact. This will captivate him and maybe even confuse him a little, but it will definitely tell him you’re interested in whatever he’s saying.

Now, you need to be careful with eye contact or else you may even come across a little creepy. Don’t just stare into his eyes without blinking.

Move your gaze across his face occasionally, look at his lips every now and then, and show him you’re actually listening by nodding, smiling and participating in the conversation.

4. Play with your hair

You’ve probably heard this already but trust me, it totally works. For some reason, guys love beautiful hair on a woman. The longer the better. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received compliments from guys just about my hair.

Well, since they love it so much, why not use it to our advantage? Guys have their own little telltale signs when they’re flirting.

While you’re talking to him, run your fingers through your hair every so often, tuck your hair behind your ears ever so charmingly or playfully fix your ponytail. He will watch like hypnotized.

5. Touch him

I’ve always wondered how some girls have men all over them wherever they go without even being that funny or charming. It turns out they’ve mastered the art of casual touching.

You’ll need some practice to pull this off, but once you do, you’ll realize that it works like a charm.

While you’re talking to the guy you like, casually touch him on the arm, lay your hand on his shoulder, playfully hit him on the forearm or make an excuse to feel his hair. You’ll make him melt whenever he’s around you.

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How To Flirt With A Guy At Work

6. Be good at what you do

There’s nothing sexier than a strong and capable woman who enjoys her job and does it well. Asserting yourself as that woman should be the basis of your flirting strategy at work.

Slacking off and complaining about your job isn’t attractive. Maybe you think that gossiping about your boss will be a fun way to connect with this guy, but that may even get you in trouble.

But if you’re a badass at the office and genuinely enjoy your job, you will gain his respect and be much more fascinating to him.

7. Chat online

Most workplaces nowadays use some kind of a chat platform where company members can communicate without leaving their desks.

It’s meant for work talk, but let’s face it, we all use it to catch up with our coworkers about all kinds of nonwork-related topics.

Before you dive into anything serious with that guy from work you like, you can test the waters on chat.

Follow up on something you talked about over lunch, send him a meme you know he’d like and observe his reaction. If he starts pinging you back, you’re on the right track.

8. Compliment him

Flirting at work is a little tricky. You need to be careful not to cross any boundaries, respect your office policies and try to avoid nasty gossips. But complimenting always works.

Since you’re working together, it’s best to start with work-related compliments. Make him feel good about himself by complimenting a great idea he’s had at a meeting or be the first to congratulate him on the raise.

That will show him that you’ve noticed him and that you respect him professionally, which is an important foundation for a relationship.

9. Crack a joke

A good sense of humor is super important and it naturally drives us to people. However, it may be a little difficult to showcase your sense of humor at the office.

Still, you should use every chance you get to give this guy a glimpse of who you are outside of work. During lunch or a coffee break, crack a joke and show him that you can be both serious and fun to be around, depending on the situation.

You will blow his mind, especially if he hasn’t had the chance to see that side of you yet.

How To Flirt With A Guy Online

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10. Share a common interest

Just the other day, a guy I like posted that he was watching the new Avengers: Infinity War movie. Funny enough, it turned out we were watching it at the same time!

For me, it was a perfect conversation starter.If you want to start a conversation online, start it casually.

You don’t need any advanced flirting techniques, just ask him about a movie you both watched, tell him that you also love that song he posted or follow up on something you talked about earlier, if you already know each other.

11. Tease him

This is one of the online flirting techniques that’s worked best for me so far. Guys love to chase girls, but what really throws them off their game is when they meet their match, somebody who challenges them.

Use your sense of humor to tease him and you will drive him wild. Keep the conversation fun and light-hearted and stay away from serious or divisive topics. This playful banter will make him want to keep talking to you for hours.

12. Be confident

One great thing about flirting online is being in full control of how the other person is going to perceive you.

So, even if you are a little shy and clumsy around guys in real life, chatting online will give you enough time to come up with a perfect response and sound relaxed and confident.

Use this opportunity to joke, throw in some sexy ambiguous lines that will leave him wondering and show him how lucky he is to talk to you. And if you see the conversation’s going great, don’t be afraid to be direct and ask him out on a date.

13. Leave him wanting more

I have a rule when chatting with a guy I like: always be the first one to leave.

I know, sometimes the conversation is so much fun that it goes on for hours and you just don’t want to say goodbye. And you may feel like you’re a little too old to be playing these games. But don’t you hate it when in the middle of a great convo he says he needs to leave?

Be the one who says goodbye first and leave him wanting more. You’ll feel more in control and you’ll drive him crazy until the next time you talk.

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How To Flirt With A Guy Over Snapchat

14. Take a great selfie

What’s the purpose of social media if not to help us present ourselves in the best possible light.

And what a better way to do that than by taking a great selfie that has everyone’s jaws dropping, your crush included.

15. Send a private snap

What’s great about Snapchat is that it allows you to create public stories and private snaps. If you’re more of a shy girl, you can post a public story where you can mysteriously hint who your snap is actually meant for.

Or, if you’re bold enough, just go ahead and create a private snap and send it to the guy you like. Snapchat is all about the playful back and forth, so make sure to keep the snaps fun.

Once you’re comfortable, slide into his DM and maybe even play a few games over text.

16. Show off your skills

Snapchat format doesn’t give you much freedom to introduce yourself to the guy you like, at least not in a traditional sense. But you can still show off some of the skills you’re proud of.

For example, you can post a snap of a delicious meal you’ve made, show off your dance moves or subtly brag about a hardcore workout you just finished.

How To Flirt With A Shy Guy

17. Be subtle

Flirting with a shy guy goes in a completely different way because you need to help him open up to you. Confidence and teasing will scare him off, so you need to be subtle and patient and let him take his time.

Don’t mistake his shyness for indifference. Sometimes a guy can be so shy and introverted that you might start wondering if he even likes you. But if you go slow he will gradually relax and start showing signs of affection.

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18. Get him alone

A shy guy will feel intimidated if you start coming on to him in front of his friends, especially if he doesn’t know you that well. Besides, he will probably feel incredibly embarrassed to flirt back, so you may get the wrong idea.

So, try to get him alone before you get your flirt on. He will feel much more comfortable to open up and be himself if it’s just you and him.

19. Ask him questions

When it comes to talking to a shy guy, you can forget playful banter and sexy moves. He can like you but still feel self-conscious and too shy to show it. That means that you have to take the lead.

Start a conversation and ask him a few questions. Make sure not to throw questions at him like you’re attacking him.

Listen to what he says, ask follow-up questions and give your own opinion to encourage him to talk.

As you can see, flirting is not rocket science. These are all things that you already know, you just need to be confident and go for it. Believe me, guys are tired of having to take the first step all the time and they love to see a woman who has the courage to show what she wants.

If you still feel like it’s not working well for you, I got a secret weapon for you.

Something that men cannot resist if it’s done the right way and in the right timing.

You see, men’s brain is not that complicated and they know it. by learning how they think and what they like, you already have the upper hand without them even knowing it.

Dirty talking combined with understanding men’s psychology gives you not just the upper hand, but it allows you to become a strong puppetmaster that is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

It’s a proven method that many women out there discovered.

If you haven’t done it before or tried but it went bad. Don’t worry, I got you covered with the best secrets and tricks for dirty talking to any men out there.

Beyond that, you will learn how they think and how to press the RIGHT buttons at the RIGHT timing by using the words you are about to spice up.

Follow these rules and you will know how to flirt with a guy you like and sweep him off his feet in any situation at any given time. Needless to say, he will never be able to leave you after adding that new flavored language and energy after putting all of it into practice.

You got this girl.