Here’s Exactly How To Behave After Sleeping With A Guy

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For the unaware, post-sex bedroom activities come with their own etiquette. I know, right?

Who says romance is dead?

Jokes aside, today I’ll discuss the do’s in the bedroom once you’ve done the hanky-panky.

(Okay, last bad joke, I promise)

It’s not as bad as you may think. There are no strict rules, and no breach of said rules will earn you a swift kick out the door.

These are merely guidelines to help you end the night with a very alluring and memorable epilogue.

But before we get on to the juicy details, one thing has to be set straight:

Whose turf are you on?

There’s a reason I’m sounding like a National Geographic documentary here. When it comes to sex, we turn into animals. The afterglow is no different.

When in a man’s bed, you naturally feel the urge to follow his lead, and initiate any kind of new behavior with caution.

Whereas, in your own bed, you become the alpha female, which grants you more liberty in setting the ground rules for bedroom behavior.

All things considered, how should you behave after sleeping with a guy?

Observe his behavior

First and foremost, watch how your man reacts.

Does he get up immediately? Does he lounge in bed and stretch into forever? Does he turn on the TV and act like you’re not there?

Give the man who acknowledges you in bed the pleasure of fun, alluring company such as your good self.

Don’t fall asleep

This is imperative, self-evident and I won’t elaborate more on it.

The afterglow is the only time you actually get the opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Don’t waste it.

Lounge between the sheets

Use the opportunity to relish in the act that had just occurred (granted, only if it was good).

Even better, stretch and lounge very gracefully and show off your sensual, feminine side.

Leave a lasting impression in his mind before you take off.

Sometimes, the afterglow stretch of a gorgeous woman in his bed is what he remembers, rather than the wild sex.

Don’t run to your phone

It might be tempting to check on the latest news, Instagram or the text your friend sent a while ago, but keep your hands off the phone when you’re still in bed with him.

Refusing to do so will make you look like an airhead.

It will also make him feel like he’s not worth the time of the day after you get what you want.

Take a shower or a bubble bath together

If you really dislike the thought of staying any longer on your sexed-up sheets, try this.

Jump into the shower together or even suggest a bubble bath.

It can also be used as the perfect bonding moment.

Just watch out, there are several things you might not want to happen.

Be humble

Nobody likes a braggart, especially in bed.

While you should throw a compliment his way, doing so for yourself might come off as being conceited.

Instead, you can offer an off-handed remark on your performance and try to make it sound humorous, rather than self-indulgent.

Or, better, avoid saying of this nature at all. Actions, words…

Add a dash of flirty humor

Along with the above-mentioned, try to relax.

Don’t worry so much over the little things, and whether you should look or say the perfect thing out of fear of suddenly making him lose interest.

Ease your tension and break the ice with some flirty humor.

It will both do you good in breaking up awkward post-sex silence, if you feel it arising.

And if he’s the talkative one, it relieves some of the pressure, and you can keep it going.

Be spontaneous

Now, this largely depends on the guy.

Sometimes, ordering a pizza or nachos to eat in bed is what knocks a guy off his feet.

If you know him well, or you picked up on the fact that he is the kind of man who respects that in a woman, then all the more power to you!

Enjoy well-deserved calorie-ridden deliciousness together. I know I love to.

Cuddle with caution

Depending on how well you know the guy, you’ll want to be cautious with your cuddles.

It’s okay to start some light, carefree contact, but you shouldn’t cling to him like a barnacle.

Test the waters with some gentle strokes up and down his arms and back, then lay your palm flatly against him.

See how he reacts and move in for more cuddle-contact if he doesn’t shy away.

Know the right things to say to him

Talking dirty always works, Always.

Although, when you’ve already gotten down and dirty, you might want to try twisting the word game a little.

There are a few things that you can say to help take you and him to the next stage of your budding relationship, if you so please.

Slip a few words into his ears and you’ll become irresistible.

Work your way towards making the best of the afterglow.

As I said early on, you should relax; it’s a special moment for both of you. But you should also know that there is a certain etiquette you should respect.

Follow some of these advice and you’re bound to leave a lasting impression.

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