How To Be More Feminine In 7 Easy Steps

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When the word “feminine” is mentioned, who’s the first woman that comes to your mind?

For me, it’s Diana, Princess of Wales.

It’s been two decades since her untimely passing but she’s still alive in the hearts of the people captured by her powerful charm and beauty.

Her kind heart, grace, and strength of character made countless people around the world admire and respect her.

No wonder so many look up to her and see her as the epitome of femininity.

And if she and other women like Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and lawyer Amal Alamuddin-Clooney can do it, so can you.

Femininity: Be More Feminine in 7 Easy Steps

Here’s the thing: Men gravitate towards women who exude femininity naturally.

Femininity is what distinguishes you from the opposite sex. It’s a powerful commodity, and men are unthinkingly drawn to it.

So if you want to get his attention, there’s no better way than learning how to be more feminine.

And don’t forget: faking it until you make it is perfectly acceptable.

Following are seven easy steps to follow straightaway:

1. Wear your hair in a feminine manner.

They say men prefer women with long hair but that doesn’t mean that you should grow your hair long just to look more feminine.

Remember, it’s not about the hairstyle; it’s about how you carry yourself while embracing what works for you.

So if your hair is short, look more feminine by wearing hair accessories like headbands, clips, or pins.

Make sure they’re a good match to your outfit so you look more put together.

If you have long tresses, wear it down or tie it up depending on what style you can keep up with.

2. Smell good.

Smelling good is good for you. It’s because fragrance is a way of attracting the opposite sex.

Wear your signature fragrance every day but don’t be afraid to experiment when necessary.

Try varying fragrances until you find the perfect one that gets you compliments from the people around you.

3. Prioritize grooming.

Your personal hygiene says a lot about who you are as a person. To be perceived as a more feminine woman, you should groom yourself well regularly.

These are important body parts to pay attention to when grooming.

· Hair

· Face

· Skin

· Eyebrows

· Teeth

· Fingernails

· Toenails

· Underarms

· Feet

· Vagina

By following this simple checklist, you’ll always look and smell your best and make men obsessed with you in the process.

4. Apply makeup that flatters your face.

Makeup is useful but only when it’s applied to your face correctly.

You don’t necessarily need to be a makeup expert but you should aim to have basic knowledge about how you can use makeup to draw attention to your best features.

Start the learning process by watching makeup video tutorials on YouTube.

You can also get easy makeup tricks from online magazines or from girlfriends who already know a thing or two about how to enhance your natural beauty using makeup.

5. Keep your body healthy.

“Healthy” is a simple word that can be quite complicated at times. This is because it means different things to different people.

To make sure you’re as healthy as you can possibly be, it’s best to consult a nutritionist.

He or she will help you manage your weight through a balanced diet that works for you. With consistency, you’ll be on your way to maintaining your healthy and womanly curves.

6. Dress as a lady would.

It’s not wrong to wear your favorite jeans or go for an androgynous look when you feel like it.

However, if your goal is to be more feminine, it’s best to stick to wearing dresses, skirts, and other figure-hugging types of clothing.

Don’t wear clothes with colors that don’t complement your skin tone and hair color either.

And, importantly, invest in quality lingerie. The man you’re eyeing may not see it just yet but when you wear bras and undies that fit you well, you look better and feel better too.

By looking more feminine and alluring, you’ll make it easier to get him to like you.

7. Be a woman of class and grace.

Classy women don’t only look more feminine: they’re generally regarded as women of high value.

This is one of the major reasons why you should embrace your femininity. Below are the ABCs every classy lady lives by.

· Avoid ranting in social media.

· Bestow your politeness on everyone.

· Compete only with yourself.

· Display dignified confidence.

· Exude a positive aura by having a sincere smile in your face.

· Feigning intelligence just to impress someone is a big no-no.

· Generosity should be observed when tipping.

· Help people in need.

· Inspire everyone you rub shoulders with each day.

· Judge someone on their character, not on their outward appearance.

· Know how to give a genuine compliment at the right time.

· Learn how to handle both small-talk and deep conversations.

· Maintain your strong sense of self regardless of your relationship status.

· Never judge and engage in pointless gossiping.

· Own your personal growth.

· Promises given should be kept so you’ll be considered as a woman of your word.

· Quitting is never an option.

· Refrain from using swear words and vulgar language.

· Set your standards and stick to them.

· Treat everyone with respect, regardless of their status in society.

· Understand that men should be the ones pursuing you, not the other way around.

· Value everyone’s time.

· Work out both your body and mind.

· Exhibit proper decorum.

· Yawning in public should be avoided at all times.

· Zip your mouth and don’t get into arguments.

Femininity Is Strength

Women may often be regarded as the “fairer sex” but that doesn’t mean we’re the weaker sex.

Embracing your feminine side each day isn’t a weakness but rather a strength that will make men desire you more.

And while these tips will get you started on your journey towards alluring femininity, be sure to check the complete guide we tailored for modern women. It’s all about teaching you how to speak in a way he can never stop wanting more.

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