How To Be Irresistible To Men

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These days, it’s crazy how some women will do anything to get the attention of the men they want.

Many spend big money on perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, and sexy clothing all in the hopes of getting his attention.

Some go as far as becoming someone they’re not.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with spending money on looking good while attracting the man of your dreams in the process.

There’s nothing wrong with tweaking your personality a little so you can capture his attention.

8 Things Men Find Irresistible In a Woman

While beauty is appealing to all men, there are many other things beyond it that men find irresistible in a woman. And no, it’s not about having large, full breasts, a well-rounded derrière, or sexy legs.

So what do men find attractive in women?

1. Genuine smile

Whether you believe it or not, men find a woman who flashes a genuine smile more attractive than one who doesn’t. The reason behind this is simple.

A smile indicates you’re open. If your smile is directed at him, it makes him feel good and helps him gather up the courage to approach you.

2. Being approachable

Being approachable is far different from being easy. No man wants easy and if you’re perceived to be that way, you’ll attract the wrong kind of men.

I know that’s the last thing you want to happen. So it’s important to learn how to strike a balance between looking approachable but not appearing as easy. Here are the ABCDE’s to keep in mind so you can be successful at this:

Always reflect a positive aura.

Be down-to-earth.

Cut down on overly fancy makeup, jewelry, and expensive clothing.

Don’t act like a diva.

Expect mishaps along the way and then handle them with grace.

3. Being easy to be around with

If you know you’re a drama queen, it’s high time to stop being one.

Men have enough stress to deal with in their lives and being with someone who makes a mountain out of every mole hill is not something they find attractive.

Maintaining a cool and easy going attitude matters.

4. Laughter

Men are naturally drawn to women who enjoy their company. Your laughter is normally one of the ways he’s able to tell that you’re having a good time with him.

When he sees that he’s able to make you happy, his confidence increases. When it does, his interest in you and his desire to please you even more grows. So go ahead and laugh at his jokes as the sound of your laughter is music to his ears.

5. Femininity

Today’s society wants women to be bold, independent, and tough. While being this kind of woman isn’t wrong, sometimes too much of this can make the man of your dreams see you as more of a man than a woman.

To avoid this from happening, tap into your feminine side when necessary. Be strong but embrace your gentle, graceful, caring, and nurturing side as well.

Make your man feel that you need him and that you want to take care of him at the same time. When he feels that he’s needed and he’s being taken care of while providing for your needs, he won’t want to let you go.

6. Being comfortable with yourself

Yes, you may not be the sexiest, most beautiful, and smartest woman in the world. You may not even be the type of woman he likes at first.

But if you show him how confident you are in your own skin, how at ease you are with your own strengths and opportunities as a woman, it’s likely that he’ll start to find you irresistible.

This is because such a trait tells men that you know who you are and what you’re capable of.

7. Good grooming

Let’s face it. No matter how sexy and pretty you look on the outside, and no matter how awesome your personality is, if you forego good grooming, you won’t be irresistible in his eyes at all.

Yes, he may glance and take a second look at you but once he observes that your hygiene isn’t excellent, he’ll be turned off.

So take care of yourself. Look and smell good. Make an effort to look appealing by getting your hair, nails, and makeup done properly. Look well-dressed even when you’re stressed.

8. Kindness

No man can determine whether you’re a kind-hearted person at your first encounter. So how do you make him feel that your heart is large and that you’re a woman of integrity?

It’s as simple as being respectful. By showing him that you don’t think you’re above anyone else and giving him and everyone else the respect that they deserve, you’ll make him want you more than anyone else.

He’ll also realize you’re a woman worth spending his time with.

Being irresistible to the man of your dreams isn’t that easy. But it’s not impossible either. With patience, consistency, and a little time, you’ll get there.