How Long Does The Average Marriage Last? The Numbers Are Not Good

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In the last few years, we’ve heard and read from a variety of sources about how half of marriages end up in divorce.

As a woman who came from a broken family, such statistics scare me to death.

It used to make me feel that spending “forever” with a special person is nothing but a far-fetched dream that would never become a reality.

But alas! As the years pass by, recent reports show that the divorce rate is going down.

If this trend continues, those of us who aspire for our own “happily-ever-after” may actually have a chance at finding true love.

What Is The Average Length Of Marriages In Different Parts of the World

In 2015, Hopes and Fears looked at how long the average marriage lasts in ten of the world’s major cities.

They’re shown below in descending order, to help you easily identify which cities have the strongest marital prospects to those with the least.

10. Doha, Qatar: 5.5 years

9. London, England: 4-8 years

8. Sydney, Australia: 8.7 years

7. Cape Town, Africa: 11 years

6. Tokyo, Japan: 11 years

5. Mexico City, Mexico: 12 years

4. New York City, USA: 12.2 years

3. Paris, France: 13 years

2. Ottawa, Canada: 13.8 years

1. Rome, Italy: 15-18 years

I’ll bet, regardless of which city you currently live in, you’re surprised by how long these marriages last.

If so, keep reading. It’s been two years since this sobering data, sourced from nationwide censuses, came out. A few things have changed since then.

More importantly, it’s not about what the divorce rate really is.

It’s about how much effort you and your husband are willing to put in together so you can make your marriage last forever.

Top 8 Secrets To Making Your Marriage Last Forever

The moment you say “I do”, you’ve sworn to God and to the people who’ve witnessed your wedding that you’ll be in this union for the long haul, through thick and thin.

I don’t know where you’re at in your marriage right now.

But what I’m positive about is you’re on this page because you want to make your marriage divorce-proof, no matter what it takes.

If so, here are eight solid marriage secrets to help you make your marriage stand the test of time.

1.Make marriage your number one priority.

Your marriage should be on top of your priorities, along with your children, if any, and followed by your professional life and friendships.

If you set your priorities in this order, you won’t have a hard time performing your parental duties.

Your harmonious relationship with your husband will help you deal with your children in a way that will help them grow every day.

The same goes for your career. If your interpersonal relationships at home are doing well, you’re more inspired and motivated to perform at work.

Now, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be challenges in any of these areas down the road.

There will be, for sure. But when your priorities are set in this order, overcoming any obstacles as an individual, as couples, and as a family won’t be impossible.

2. Be best friends.

Many couples were friends before they became husband and wife. But that could be why some marriages don’t work.

If your friendship ends after you say “I do”, it becomes harder to deal with life’s difficulties.

So if you think you’ve stopped being each other’s best friend and number one fan, go back to the day when you were the best of friends.

Do the things you did back then to try to rebuild the friendship that disappeared when you entered into the marriage stage of your relationship with each other.

3. Never fight about money.

It’s easier said than done, I know. It becomes harder when you’re faced with unemployment and an insurmountable debt.

But here’s the thing: You don’t want your marriage to deteriorate over something as petty as money.

Being financially honest and responsible with each other will help you deal with money-related issues the right way.

And, importantly, don’t point the finger; casting blame on one another doesn’t solve the problem. It only makes it worse.

4. Make date nights a must.

Go out as a couple. It can be as often as once a week or as little as once a month, depending on your schedule and budget.

But never bail out on date night. If your kids are too young or nobody can look after them while you’re out, take them with you.

Having date nights as couples (and being consistent about them) will help you stay closer and connected to each other.

5. Take trips without the kids.

Some people will judge you for leaving your children with your parents while you’re both out on a vacation.

Let them. Quality time together is crucial in building trust and intimacy in your marriage.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be an expensive getaway. It can be as simple as driving out-of-town and spending the night outdoors, by the beach, or in a hotel room.

6. Don’t neglect me-time.

Spending time together is equally important as spending some time apart. So give each other the chance to have some space.

Encourage your husband to hang out with his buddies. Allow him to pursue and explore his interests outside of the house.

Support him and his dreams so he can grow as an individual throughout the various phases of your marriage.

He should do the same for you so you can both be stronger as independent people and as partners in life.

7. Talk often and have sex.

No matter how hectic your schedules are, find time to eat at least one meal together each day.

If that’s not possible, use technology to stay in touch with each other. Send sexts, flirt, call, or do Skype video calls in between breaks at work.

Doing this will help you stay excited and intimate with each other, in spite of the distance and other challenges.

More importantly, find time for making love and explore the unknown by trying new things in bed.

By adding spontaneity, you’ll break the monotony in your relationship.

8. Perform acts of kindness on each other.

Kindness goes a long way, especially in marriage. So focus on “What can I do for my husband to make things easier for him?” instead of “What’s in it for me if I do this for him?”

Practice gratitude. Appreciate and acknowledge all things, from the smallest to the grandest gesture of love.

By being selfless, you’ll be surprised how it can make your relationship better or turn it around if it’s strained right now.

Win each other over every single day, be kind and communicate your feelings. Statistics don’t mean crap when you put in the work towards a healthier relationship.